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India's #1 Digital Marketing Institute & Company

Oflox, India is # 1 Digital Marketing Institute & Company. Which helps your business grow using Digital Marketing & other services.

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If you want to know about Oflox India's # 1 Digital Marketing Institute & Company, let's know about it.

Oflox is not a name but rather

India's # 1 Digital Marketing Institute & Company.

Oflox is a well-known Digital Marketing Institute and Company of India. Who has worked with many brands in the IT field for many years?

And still working with a lot of company. In addition, Oflox continues to provide Information on its Official Facebook and Instagram Page related to Digital Marketing. The people who are being used to promote their business and skills.

Creative Design

Oflox offers Creative Design to all its customers' websites, applications, and graphics, etc.

24/7 Support

Oflox Company offers 24/7 support in Hindi, English & Urdu languages to every customer.

Trusted platform

Oflox is a well known and trusted Digital Marketing Institute and Company of India.

Become a part of Oflox bussiness community today.

Hey, if you want to be part of Oflox Digital Marketing Institute & Company's business community. Or if you are thinking of becoming, then contact us.

Get Our Excellent Services

Oflox company offers these services to every customer. And contact us to find any information related to these services and their orders.

Graphic Design

We do the Creative Graphic Design of Flyer, Poster, Logo, Infographic & Custom Dimensions as your need.

Unlimited Color

You can change the color of any website, app, & graphics according to your wish by Oflox Company.

Media Marketing
Media Marketing

Now you can market your brand and product through Oflox, Facebook and Google, etc.

Web & App Design

If you want to design & develop any type of website, application, script & template, So Oflox is the right place.


Search Engine Optimization matters the most in the Digital Marketing World. Our team is the best in the field.


We can rank your website by providing Backlink from High DA, PA, BL & Different Pop website.

Video Marketing
Video Production

We make Professional Video & Animation for our customer's brand. Because the video is Future.

Play Store
Play Publish

Now you can publish your any type of App & Game through Oflox on the Play Store.

Fake Number
Fake Number

Oflox offers you a multi-feck number for online marketing. Which is completely legally correct.

Our Work Process

Oflox Company has 3 Processes to Complete Any Work. Research & Developing, Testing & Launch? Let's know about them.

 Work Process
Research & Developing

First of all, we do research before designing and developing any websites, applications, graphics, templates, and scripts. And then they design or develop that product.

Testing Product

After that, we test that product with our testing team and customer. And if any bugs are there, we solve them immediately. And in the same way, we keep testing him many times.

Launch Your Project

And when the testing is completed. So once again we have to analyze that product. And after Then We Deliver or Launch the product to the customer.

Our Awesome Work

Oflox Team Work With Some Brand And Company? Which is still satisfied of Oflox, So let's see.

Video Presentation

A small presentation about Oflox India's #1 Digital Marketing Institute & Company Which will probably see at a time.

Logo Policy & Feature

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Fast Delivery

Oflox gives Fast Delivery to every customer. Do not waste time on the customer and he can launch his own product Soon.

Payment & Invoice

Oflox 50% is paid as a security reason before any work, and the rest of the payment is taken before delivering the product. You can also take an Invoice.

Refund Policy

If you have canceled your order within 24 hours. Then your payment will be refunded within 72 hours. You must take the invoices.

24/7 Support

Oflox provides 24/7 support for every customer in Hindi, English, and Urdu. And Check the client's problem & be solved.

Responsive Design

Oflox provides whatever Website, Application, Template & Script you have. She is completely responsive. And almost all of the selected devices support.

Secure Idea

If you have shared an idea with Oflox, then it is completely safe and private. Who will never be sold nor shared to anyone? So do not worry about that.

Our Satisfied Client's

This is the customer who uses Oflox services. And still, thank God Oflox. Check yourself for more information.


Why Choose Us

We are work for any types of business.

Oflox and his Expert Team are so expert, that he is now ready to work with any Business, Company, and Niche. Because he has worked with several companies and customers in this field for many years. That's why we can work with any brand today.

And these are the benefits of working with us. Our team works on the customer's thinking. And then according to that, the product is made.

About Us

Our Team

Oflox and his Expert Team have been working continuously in the Digital Mercanti on Field for many years. And this is our team.

Mr Rahman
Mr Rahman

Founder & CEO

Team 2
Abhishek Kumar

Web Designer

Team 3
Harendra Singh Negi

UI/UX Designer

Priyanshu Purohit

Management, Graphics Designer

Our Pricing Plan

Hey, Before building any kind of website from Oflox, pay attention to these Pricing Plan and Feature? Term & Condition Apply*

Basic Plan

₹ 3999

  • Static Website
  • ₹3999/ Year

This Plan is a Basic Plan. Who is doing his startup?

100 GB storage

Unmetered bandwidth

Basic Graphics

1 Free Business Email

1 Free domain

24/7 Support

Pro Plan

₹ 6999

  • Dynamic Website
  • ₹ 6999/ Year

This Plan is a Pro Plan. In which you will get some extra features?

Unlimited storage

Unlimited bandwidth

Advance Graphics

Basic SEO

Access cPanel

24/7 Support

Premiume Plan

₹ 9999

  • Economy Website
  • ₹ 9999/ Year

This Plan is a Premium Plan. In which you will get Unlimited Feature?

Unlimited storage

Unlimited bandwidth

Premium Graphics

Advanced SEO

Admin cPanel

24/7 Support


Working Hours


Completed Projects


No. of Clients


Earn Customer

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