Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners | Unique Post Idea?

Hey, are you looking for Blog Post Ideas for Beginners and Unique Post Idea for your blog, I will tell you today. If you want to know, then keep reading this post.

First of all, let me tell you that if you are a beginners blogger. And you want to write the post, but you have no idea. Or you do not understand any idea. So that you can write a post on your blog, today we will tell you some such tips. Using which you can get unlimited post ideas for your blog.

And the tips that I am going to tell you to get that post idea are absolutely free tips. You do not have to pay any money for this, so what is that tips, and how to use them. If you want to know, let us know.

Let me tell you that there are some tips to get a unique post idea. What I’m about to tell you, and it’s great tips. Which we also use, so let’s know.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners?

Guys I am going to tell you 4 tips to get unique blog post ideas for your blog, which is absolutely different. And very powerful too. Which is used by almost all bloggers?

1. Google Suggest?

Often you have seen when you search anything on Google, then Google adjusts you to some keywords. So Guys are the ones who are very powerful. And if you write any post using those keywords, then the chances of its ranking are very high. But before writing the post, you have to do full research about it.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

So in this way you can get a good unique post idea by using Google communication. But right now you will see that the search volume, CPC and competition is visible in front of the Keyword.

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So friends, if you want to use this feature, then it is not a feature. It comes with an extension for Google Chrome. Which you can install on your Google Chrome, this extension is absolutely free. And how to activate it. You will be shown the same screenshot and video. So if you want to use this extension.

2. Google Trends?

Yes? If you have a news blog, then you can get a new Unique Blog Post Idea daily using Google Trends. But for this, you have to write a quick post, because it is a trend.

And how many hours, or how many days can one last the trends. So that’s why you wrote a quick post on these topics and hired On-Page SEO? Hopefully, you will be able to rank.

3. Ubersuggest?

Guys Ubersuggest is one of the free SEO tools by Neil Patel. You can also get Post Idea through this. For this, first, you have to open Ubersuggest Tools. And to go to Ubersuggest you Click Here

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Now you have to analyze any popular website related to your category. And go to its Top Pages.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

And after that when you go to the top pages, this tool will show you the top pages of that website. That too something like this.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Now you have to click on the View All button next to anyone top page. After that, it will give you some Keyword ie Post Idea related to that Keyword. Which proved to be very helpful.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

So this way it will show you the keywords. On which you can write Post. And if you want to see more keyword i.e. POst idea, then you can try it by clicking on the Next 10 button.

4. Blog Title Generator?

But now if you are unable to find any keyword, then you can The topic generator can be used. Which you can generate by generating a blog topic for your blog. So what I mostly use is the blog-title-generator of SEO Pressor
I use If you want to visit it, you can click here.

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Now here, you have to type any one of your Keyword related to which you want to write the post, type it as we have written “Blogging”. After that click on Generate Title….

Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

So in this way, you will come across Blog Post Ideas which is for beginners. And if you want to generate more, then keep clicking on the button to Generate More Title.

So, friends, I hope that you have learned about Blog Post Ideas For Beginners. And if you liked this post, then you can tell us in the Comment Box below. And if you want to know about us, then watch this video.

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