Milesweb Review

True Milesweb Review, and why you should use it!

Today I am going to give Milesweb Review? Which is an Indian Web Hosting Company. Why you should use it And what features will you get? Let’s know about it.

As you all know, it is also necessary to have a good hosting to create a successful website. Which can provide you good hosting with good server. So now there is only one Indian company. Which is becoming more popular. Which is named Milesweb?

I have been hearing about this good hosting company for a long time. There are very good reviews and satisfaction about it. It is being said that it is a cheap hosting company. And let me tell you, this company is providing a good hosting service daily. So today I am going to give True Milesweb Review? Why you should use it.

Milesweb Review

Let me tell you, this is not a promotional review. This is my own experience. Based on which I am going to give you a review about its Milesweb hosting company. So, without losing time, we get complete information about this entire review.

True Milesweb Review!

First of all, let me tell you that Milesweb‘s full name is MilesWeb Internet Services Pvt Ltd. Which is an Indian hosting company. And has headquarters in 3rd Floor, Soham Elite Opposite Children Traffic Education Park, Tidke Colony, Nashik, Maharashtra, India.

Here you can find domain, hosting, ssl, email, shared hosting, vps hosting and wrestler hosting. So today we are only going to talk about Milesweb Hosting. Why you should use their hosting

Pricing plans!

Their pricing is much less than other hosting providers. And it provides you hosting in three plans.

Milesweb Review

Free Domain!

Milesweb offers you free domain in all three plans. And now it is also giving two domains free on some plans. Meaning other hosting providers never offer free domains with such a cheap plan. But milesweb is giving in for free. You can see this screenshot below in this miles web review.

miles web review

Unlimited Bandwidth!

MilesWeb Internet Services Pvt Ltd The company offers you unlimited bandwidth in every plan. Which gives your survey unlimited data to your user. Other companies provide you with limited bandwidth. Which brings request to your website. But due to bandwidth limited user data is not received. And then the user goes back. Which increases the bounce rate. So Millesweb offers you Unlimited Bandwidth.

Free Email Accounts!

By taking hosting from this company, you get free email accounts in every plan. You can use it for free. Which is accompanied by an Attachment Limit of 50 MB / Email. And you can send 300 emails in an hour. For which you get free email storage from 500 MB to 5 GB. Which is good.

Free SSL Certificate!

This company offers you a Free SSL Certificate in every plan. So that you can come and secure the website for free. Other hosting providers do not offer Free SSL Certificates. They ask you a lot of money for this. But in Millesweb you get Free SSL Certificate. That too until your hosting expires. Hopefully, you must have liked Milesweb Review.

Free Website Migration!

If you have previously taken hosting from another company. And that plan has expired. Or it is going to happen, and now you want to get hosting from MileSweb, MileSweb gives your uploaded data on that old server by migrating it to your Millisweb hosting server for free. Which hardly any company would do. But your millsweb company gives this service free.

Global Data Center!

MilesWeb Hosting Company offers you a center in USA, CANADA, UK, India, SINGAPORE, & AUSTRALIA. Which makes your website very fast. Suppose traffic comes from India on your website, then you can use the Indian server. Or where the traffic comes from. Using the server center there, you can fast website. And this feature is not even in godaddy.

Free Malware Scan & Removal!

MilesWeb scans Malware in your hosting for free. And if they are, it gives them a removal. Which provides none other than bluehost and millsweb. Hopefully, you must have liked Milesweb Review.

Automated Backup!

If you get hosting from Milesweb, you do not need to back up the files uploaded to your server yourself. Milesweb himself keeps taking Automated Backup. So that his customer has no problem.Which is a good thing.

24/7 Support!

MilesWeb Best Hosting Company provides you free 24/7 instant support by expert team. Which you can get through phone, email and live chat.


Free Domain?

MilesWeb offers one domain free for every hosting plan.

Free Professional Email?

MilesWeb offers at least 10 emails for free on every hosting plan.

Free SSL Certificate?

MilesWeb offers Free SSL Certificate in each of its hosting plans. As long as your hosting expires.

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So friends, hope you liked our milesweb hosting review. So if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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