100+ Best Affiliate Marketing statistics: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about 100+ Best Affiliate Marketing statistics, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

As you all know, Affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based revenue generator program. An Industry where you are promoting someone else’s product to get profit share on that. Now, this profit share varies from brand to brand, its networks, renowned, its base customers, and also which niche it belongs to. 

The most common example you can take from the biggest video platform,i.e, YouTube. You may have seen many creators making mobile reviews, laptop reviews, and whatnot. In the description, they put down the link and viewers who are interested via that link. So on each sale that particular content creator gets a commission. So a content creator with millions of viewers can generate how much you can imagine via a link through Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing statistics

So, without wasting any time, let us quickly get complete information about 100+ Best Affiliate Marketing statistics. come on.

100+ Best Affiliate Marketing statistics:

This industry has no limitations on age limits any age can join at any given time. You can work for an individual, or company or randomly join an affiliate program. Affiliate Marketing comes with a lot of niches, so choose your niche wisely. The niche matters a lot in Affiliate Marketing. 

Once you have joined the program and start selling it,i.e, start generating leads. You’ll get some commission on each sale as fixed by your company or the affiliate program. You can redeem via different methods. Generally, payment methods vary from company to company. It may be through PayPal in one and bank transfer in others etc. 

A lot of business owners now are moving to Affiliate Marketing to increase their revenue rate. All of them want to build their brand and generate more and more leads. To meet their lead requirements, each of them is launching Affiliate programs. Once these programs gain popularity automatically a lot of leads and ultimately sales get added to the company statistics. Many of these owners hire influencers or experts in the field and launch through them. This they do in order to create a base of users and then an ultimate rise will be shown if properly done. This rise can increase companies’ revenue by 30%-40% or even more than that, depending upon the demand for their affiliate programs.

Affiliate Marketing has now become one of the biggest industries and has the most effective strategies to increase sales and build a great network. Its growth rate is very high in recent years. Businesses are shifting to this and most of them use Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Blog, and Influencer Marketing to make their affiliate renowned and the best ones. Though it takes time for an Affiliate program to get a lot of leads and hold a firm on market and see regular growth.

Below mentioned are the top statistics or researches of Affiliate Marketing that every affiliate should be aware of : 

  1. Google search for “affiliate marketing” showed a great leap from 2016 and it’s still increasing at a good rate.
  2. The craze of AM has increased so much that Affiliate marketing now has a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.
  3. Various predictions after looking at current and past year stats say that the market cap Affiliate Marketing will show a greater leap than ever in the upcoming five years.
  4. According to researchers, Affiliate Marketing is being run by 8 out of 10 brands which are around 80% of the existing brand.
  5. Affiliate Marketing has a great market, it gains around 16% of total eCommerce sales from the US and Canada only. 
  6. In recent years a lot of publishers have moved to Affiliate Marketing.
  7. The top affiliates have more than 1,00,000 networks.
  8. Product choice is an important factor for Affiliate Marketing, as believed by Marketers all over.
  9. The most money-making affiliate program is Web Hosting, according to research.
  10. The top niches in Affiliate Marketing are the Fashion and Wellness brand with the highest number of affiliates. 
  11. According to research conducted by Publisher Discovery, Awin has the highest number of publisher links, which is around 30% of the total.
  12. Cost per Sale or Pay Per Sale is the most common payment model in Affiliate Marketing.
  13. On average, a publisher can earn around $51,000 annually from Affiliate Marketing.
  14. The conversion rate of Affiliate marketing ranges from 0.5% to 1%.
  15. Websites with adjustable layouts especially made for mobile phones are leading.
  16. The blog is used by a lot of Affiliate Marketers for generating traffic.
  17. Social Media has been a great source of potential customers, as used by more than 65% of publishers.
  18. In the Affiliate Industry, the number of female employees is less than the number of male employees.
  19. Of the total Affiliate Marketer population, most of them belong the age between 35 yrs and 44 yrs. 
  20. 100,000+ active employees are there in the leading Affiliate Marketing companies.
  21. Before purchasing an Affiliate program, 85% of people search on google for its reliability.
  22.  Average Order Value shows a great leap during holiday shopping season drives which results in higher payouts for affiliates.
  23. Most of the affiliates around 81.4% of the total promote Business 2 Consumer products or services.
  24. In the U.S 40% commission of affiliate publishers is generated through blogs and content.
  25. More than $1 billion is generated by large coupon affiliate websites.
  26. On average Organic Search contributes around 53% of traffic across Affiliate industries.
  27. Affiliate Marketing through smartphones has increased by around 49% in one year.
  28. The total commission of the Awin affiliate was around $1.3 billion last year.
  29. $20000 is generated by 35% of affiliates annually.
  30. 5%-25% of online sales of the world’s biggest brand come through Affiliate marketing.
  31. Amazon’s affiliate marketing network was the world’s biggest network but it lost its popularity because of changes made in payment schedules and others. 
  32. After Amazon, ShareASale has the largest number of affiliates which is more than 700,000 affiliates.
  33. The United States is the largest affiliate marketing country in the world.
  34. The United States affiliate marketing cap covers around 39% of the total affiliate market share. 
  35. After the United States, the United Kingdom covers a good percentage around 13% of the total Affiliate Marketing cap. 
  1. Predictions say spending in the U.S. on affiliate marketing will show a great leap by around $6 billion in 2022.
  2. Affiliate revenue has the highest share of affiliate marketing revenue.
  3. The Fashion Industry has the most affiliate programs which are almost a ¼ th of 100. 23.3% to be precise.
  4. After the Fashion industry, the Sports Industry covers around 18.2% and it is followed by Wellness Industry covering around 13.8%.
  5. Social Media has been used by a lot of affiliate marketers, around 64% of total affiliates, to connect with their customers 
  6. The largest Traffic source for affiliate websites is Search Engine Optimization.
  7. For making purchases online 74% of digital users trust social networks. 
  8. A lot of affiliate programmers use influencer marketing to expand their networks.
  9. Of the total number of affiliates,68% of affiliate influencers use social media platforms to promote their respective products or programs.
  10. Of the total YouTube videos available, 0.7% of them have at least one affiliate marketing link.
  11. Only on a tweet of influencers, 40% of Twitter users have purchased programs.
  12. More than 2500 active affiliate marketing groups are present on LinkedIn.
  13. On LinkedIn, 336,000 people have a job title as Affiliate Marketing.  
  14. Affiliate marketing comes with the best sales strategy. 
  15. Affiliate Marketing is growing continuously over the past few years and predictions say it won’t stop here.
  16. Affiliate Marketers reach out through email marketing also.
  17. Pat Flynn is the top affiliate who uses affiliate marketing as passive income.
  18. To date Affiliate Marketing has more than 7 billion clicks and 200 million transactions.
  19. No age limit for Affiliate Marketing, anyone can do this.
  20. For increasing leads and networks, 94% of publishers use more than one network to connect.
  21. 10% of the total marketing budget is for Affiliate Marketing, says research. This is preferred by 80% of advertisers all over.
  22. Affiliate Marketing contributes around 18% of total revenue generated from the digital media industry.
  23. Each affiliate gets listed within dashboards, which is updated on a frequent basis.
  24. Many publishers encountered affiliate marketing as a revenue generator for Google AdSense.
  25. $20000 or even less is the average annual salary of most affiliate marketers.
  26. The world’s biggest tech brand has an affiliate program called Performance Partners Programme.
  27. To generate good revenue from Affiliate Marketing it may take around six months to understand the market.
  28. eBay offers 50-70% commission on sales.
  29. The search for “Affiliate Marketing” doubled within these five years.
  30. How To Create Content for Affiliate Marketing” is one of the most searched content on Google in recent times.
  31.  The Toy Industry showed a great leap last year with an increase of 109% Growth in Affiliate Marketing.
  32. Most Affiliate Marketers focus on Seasonal Sales for bulk leads. 
  33. More affiliate programs are getting launched based on subscriptions.
  34. Almost half of the total Affiliate Marketers work remotely,i.e, from home. 
  35. Amazon shares 46% market share of companies using their affiliate program.
  36. Very renowned web hosting platform, Bluehost paid over $5M in commissions last year.
  37. 47% of publishers think affiliate marketing can increase their revenue.
  38. Widely known Lawrence Systems makes about $2,700 per month with YouTube affiliate marketing.
  39. Sites like match.com and cougar life give 80% commissions per sale. Both are dating programs.
  40. Around the globe, there are around 60 companies that produce affiliate network technologies.
  41. Research says that fraud in the name of affiliate marketing is around 9%.
  42. Due to the fraud in the AM field, advertisers face a huge loss which is estimated to be around $100 billion by the end of 2023.
  43. The most popular affiliate marketing scam is Typosquatting. Moreover, it is getting popular nowadays. i
  44. The market cap of the AM field is so great that the money invested by Japan has tripled.
  45. Experts say that Affiliate marketing can grow any business revenue in the range of 30-40%.
  46. In the upcoming years, Affiliate Marketing could be the top business field in the world.
  47. It is expected that it would be the field from which most millionaires would be aroused.
  48. Nowadays affiliate marketing is taking place in youths’ minds also.
  49. A lot of students around 18-20 years of age have also been seen selling affiliate programs 
  50. The youth between 18-25 comprises 27% of total affiliates.
  51. The percentage of youth is expected to jump to double of current value by 2025.
  52. More companies are getting involved in Affiliate Marketing to generate revenue.
  53. Germany holds 11% of total revenue generated through Affiliate marketing.
  54. Scope in Affiliate Marketing has increased a lot in recent years.
  55. Many influencers are getting involved in this, using their social media accounts for leads.
  56. Facebook ads have become a good option for users to generate leads.
  57. Only 1% of people in Affiliate Marketing have a 6-figure income.
  58. The average commission of an affiliate program varies between 5%-30%.
  59. Statistics estimate that by the end of 2022, the Affiliate Marketing industry would be worth $8.2 billion.
  60. Experts suggest if one wants to become an expert in Affiliate Marketing then he/she should stick to one niche.
  61. No tax to pay on revenue generated, except self-employment tax.
  62. Affiliate Marketers make use of Google Ads to generate a good number of leads.
  63. The United States single-handedly has more than 12000 affiliate programs. 
  64. High ticket affiliate programs allow affiliates to earn more. The commission of the high ticket program ranges from $500-$1000.
  65. More than 95% of newbies fail to do Affiliate Marketing with success and quit.

These statistics will surely help you a lot to have knowledge about the latest trends in Affiliate Marketing. Moreover, the newbies in the field will get a lot of help through this. They will learn a lot of new things in Affiliate Marketing. Hope this information is worthy for every affiliate and the newcomers too.

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