Privacy Policy

Oflox India’s # 1 Digital Marketing Institute & Company. Who has worked with many brands in the IT field for many years?

And still working with a lot of company. In addition, Oflox continues to provide Information on its Official Facebook and Instagram Page related to Digital Marketing. The people who are being used to promote their business and skills.

And before taking advantage of any type of service from Oflox Company, you should read our privacy policy once.

  • Oflox gives Fast Delivery to every customer. Do not waste time on the customer and he can launch his own product Soon.
  • Oflox 50% is paid as a security reason before any work, and the rest of the payment is taken before delivering the product. You can also take an Invoice.
  • Oflox provides whatever Website, Application, Template & Script you have. She is completely responsive. And almost all of the selected devices support.
  • If you have shared an idea with Oflox, then it is completely safe and private. Who will never be sold nor shared to anyone? So do not worry about that.
  • If you have canceled your order within 24 hours. Then your payment will be refunded within 72 hours. You must take the invoices.
  • Oflox provides 24/7 support for every customer in Hindi, English, and Urdu. And Check the client’s problem & be solved.

And if you use our company and any of its services, then you will have to accept our policy. But if you do not believe, and if you still use our company and its services, will we allow it to be your permission?

This policy was last updated 10/07/2019.