5+ Best B2C Digital Marketing Trends: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

If you are a digital marketer, then I am going to tell you about 5+ Best B2C Digital Marketing Trends, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about this, so let’s start.

As you all know, Business marketing today is conducted chiefly directly with consumers (B2C), which has changed significantly over the years. In earlier decades, companies distributed coupon books through mailings. It has changed to incorporate new technologies in a way that offers businesses massive profits. 

Although these methods are now largely outdated, some struggling businesses still rely on them – much to their ongoing detriment. Often, companies directly target customers with coupons or calls to purchase action that appear on cellphones or as an in-game purchase option, such as buying extra lives or bonuses within a game app when someone might already be spending significant time crushing levels or collecting coins, for instance.

Regardless, the ongoing evolution of marketing techniques will not stop. As a result, whatever single strategy you use to reach new customers, please old ones, and satisfy current ones today is likely not the one you will use tomorrow.

B2C Digital Marketing Trends

So let’s get all the information about 5+ Best B2C Digital Marketing Trends without wasting any time, come on.

5+ Best B2C Digital Marketing Trends:

As you know, B2C i.e. direct-to-consumer or business-to-consumer is a business model of selling products directly to any customer. And thereby bypassing any third-party retailers, wholesalers, and any other middlemen. That is why today I am going to tell you about 5+ Best B2C Digital Marketing Trends, which you should follow.

1. Immersive Experiences

B2C marketing will be immersive, engaging, and exciting for specific industries. As graphic quality increases and the need for robust desktop computers decreases, businesses can increasingly connect with customers’ hearts in ways that translate into immediate sales and loyal followers. For instance, real estate agents have connections with potential buyers and sellers via 360-degree videos that allow for a complete tour of an agent’s portfolio. The trend is that virtual tours will take place on an estate or city scale.

2. Attention Span

It’s best to give shorter Content to websites like YouTube because people are quick to skip anything too long. Some companies have tried to limit the time of their advertisements to less than thirty seconds on TV. When you do this, companies can share a complete message even if their audience only has short attention spans. 

Short Content has also become popular in many online publications. TLDR or “too long didn’t read” is becoming more common for those who go through multiple articles daily and want them condensed into a few sentences explaining the information.

It is a challenge for companies to reach customers via video; however, If a digital marketing agency Melbourne wants their viewers to engage with the content they produce, then brief videos that are short and to the point will help them connect to the audience more effectively. Long-winded videos won’t keep viewers’ interest and may be more expensive in lost advertising opportunities.

3. Influencer Marketing

By 2022, 60.6% of B2C marketers plan to tap into the power of influencers in their marketing strategy. It’s their third-most-prioritized trend behind short-form video content and inbound marketing. Because in 2021, it provided B2C brands the highest returns when asked to select their top ROI driver from a list of 27 tactics. More specifically, 11% chose influencer marketing. But what might have changed by 2022 is the type of influencer they decide to work with. 

Influencers have significantly impacted social media marketing, and it seems they’ll continue to do so. Some influencers even have managed to get brands to pay them or provide complementary products or services in exchange for publicity and promotion.

 However, not every influencer is created equal: Smaller influencers with as few as 10,000 followers can be more effective than higher-profile individuals with millions of loyal fans because they tend to focus on niche activities and interests within the hobbies or activities they cover. 

Therefore, while the validity of this strategy has been called into question, one thing is sure: Influencer marketing isn’t going away, but how new technologies like blockchain will affect the space remains a mystery.

4. Audio Content will take the front seat

Video is the king of content marketing and will remain at the top in 2022. However, podcasting is also on an upward swing, and it’s clear that this medium isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. According to Statista, only 19.1% of B2C marketers used podcasts in content marketing efforts in 2015. 2016 saw a 33.9% jump aboard the bandwagon, and now we find that another 43% plan on increasing their investment in podcasts despite 37% not considering them helpful for their target demographic or market niche, according to an August 2017 survey by KPMG International. Most brands have found success with adding this form of audio Content to their strategies because 43% plan to increase their podcasting budgets while only 6.7% are ready to cut back on spending!

Data suggests that audio Content is slowly creeping into more playlists. According to the survey, only 19% of B2C marketers use podcasts or other forms of audio content in their marketing. One-third (34%) of those who utilize it say that audio is one of their most effective trends. The data suggests that despite the low percentages (19%), we can also expect adoption to become more common over time. Within the next couple of years, 43% plan to increase utilization, while an even more significant number (38%) will keep it at the same pace as they do now, which seems a bit low, considering how effective it appears to be!

5. Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots are a rising star in the software development arena! They can offer prompt answers to customer questions, anticipate your client’s needs and even help them solve problems. What’s more, with AI technology surpassing human conversation abilities, there is more significant potential for chatbots to be entertaining when programmed properly! Chatbots are also proving popular as 24/7 live agents in some specific verticals.

6. Customization

As 2022 approaches, companies are beginning to understand that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all regarding products and services. People differ in their requirements and tastes, so they all need something different. Digital marketing via websites where customers can choose and preview multiple options is essential if companies can outcompete rivals; this trend is coming into its own within bespoke industries of all types.

7. Instant Messaging

One of the best ways to reach out to customers is via connecting with them on social media. Social media sites, particularly Twitter, are famous for being easy to use and allowing everyone a chance to connect with interesting people over short messages and, therefore, to the point. 

Many businesses and marketers take advantage of this fact as they post quick messages on Twitter that prompt their followers to respond and act based on the Content they see there. For example, you can ask your readers if they have any questions about your business, tell them about special offers or discounts, or advertise upcoming events through microblog posts, and many will likely respond!

8. Gamification

It makes sense that in-game purchases work well within the gaming environment. But they can just as quickly be put to great use as in books and movies. Companies who gamify their apps also enjoy higher returns on their advertising campaigns and can convert a surprisingly large number of customers through their opt-in for an advanced, pro version of an app that includes in-app purchases.

Top B2C Statistics for 2022

1. Gen Z: The Digital Generation 

The behaviors of Generation Z are different from those of previous generations. So much so that they now outpace Baby Boomers regarding their buying power and influence. Many factors contribute to this, but what’s clear is that Gen Z spends an average of 15 hours per day using technology in one way or another – whether it’s surfing the web or doing something else.

2. Online Video

When it comes to marketing, make sure your product is approachable and available to the masses by making brief videos. Well-known platforms like YouTube make it easy to reach out to viewers globally – perfect for today’s technologically-savvy consumer. Of the 80,000,000 millennials online, 77% watch online video content with their friends. This translates into a potential 67,760,000 regular viewers per platform!

3. Newsletters

Older people still love reading their newsletters instead of using any other form of digital marketing. E-newsletters remain the favorite method for reaching out to older customers despite the fast expansion of messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat, which have taken over younger demographics. And when it comes to ROI, however, WhatsApp and Facebook currently hold the top spot, followed by organic traffic and then search conversion.

4. Teleconferencing

From 2012-to 2020, the teleconferencing industry thrived, growing at 72.5% each year. Large and small companies are jumping on board as more enterprises turn to it to ensure public and private confidence in their products. Teleconferencing continues to be popular, eating away at market share, a number that is predicted to continue growing into the early 2020s.


Marketers have a busy year ahead between publishing regular video/audio content on social media and developing a solid inbound marketing strategy. Don’t you know what trends will take off in 2018? That’s certainly not an excellent way to be. Some valuable tips you can take away from this blog post might help you develop some ideas and make better decisions.

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