5+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers: A-to-Z Guide!

If you are a blogger & website owner, then I am going to tell you about the 5+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Often there are many people who have low traffic on their websites and blogs. And also they are not able to earn their right due to the right CPC from Google Adsense. So, they keep searching for the best highest-paying Adsense alternatives.

First of all, let me tell you that if you have a small website. Or if there is a big website, then first of all use Google Adsense. Because there is no better Ads Network than Google Adsense.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

But if you have Suspend Adsense Account or fewer earnings due to low CPC. And you want to do more earning or try using this too. So you can use them. But let me tell you, Adsense Alternatives are not for YouTube. This is just for bloggers and websites.

5+ Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers!

Friends, Google Adsense has a lot of alternatives. But today I am going to tell you about some popular, best and top 5 useful and high paying Google AdSense alternatives, which are being used by everyone. Which is similar to Google Adsense like Similar and some better blog ad networks So even now they can be used.

1. Media.Net

It is considered to be the second-largest ad network after Adsense. We are not talking about Adsense here, because it is difficult to get the approval of AdSense for a new blog. Every new blogger dreams of somehow getting AdSense approval.

Google adsense alternatives

But for media.net you do not need a lot of traffic. This is the best option for a new blogger. This is a service of yahoo and bing. It is also a highly trusted company. If AdSense has disapproved then it is the 2nd best option.

In this, you can customize the ads according to the design of your site. Before approval for this, write some quality content and design it properly. There is no traffic requirement. Your blog has less traffic, yet you can use it.

Media.Net Features:-

  1. Ad Types: Contextual Ads, Mobile Docked Ads, In-Content Ads, Display Ads, Desktop Interstitial Ads.
  2. Minimum Payment: $ 100
  3. Payment Method: Paypal and Wire Transfer

2. BuySellAds

BuySellAds.com is a slightly different type of ad network. In this, the advertising company will contact you directly and they will pay according to the traffic of your blog. In this, you get full control over the ads. If we talk about payment, then in this too you get the same amount as AdSense.

Google adsense alternatives

There is some traffic requirement for this also. You need 50,000 pageviews in the blog before applying to it. Below are some of its features.

BuySellAds Features:-

  1. Ad Types: Banner Ads.
  2. minimum Payment: $ 20
  3. Payment Method: Paypal, Check & Wire Transfer.

3. PopAds

PopAds.net is a great option for new bloggers. There is also no requirement for traffic in this. If you have low traffic then this is also a very good option. This company was started in 2010. You will get a good rate on this.

Google adsense alternatives

One of its drawbacks is that payment can be made only through PayPal and Payoneer. It supports all types of websites, including sites with adult content. After creating an account in this, you will get an approval notification very soon. Telling some of its highlights.

PopAds Features:-

  1. Minimum Traffic Requirement: No
  2. Minimum Payout: $ 5
  3. Payment Mode: PayPal and Payoneer

4. Revenue Hits

Actually, of all the ad networks in this list, RevenueHits.com is the most different among them. Because it is based not on pay per click but on pay per action. If a company needs any information from people, then they will advertise in it.

Google adsense alternatives

Meaning that after joining it, you will show its ads on your blog. When people click on ads and submit their details to them, then only you will get paid. You need an audience in this. If you have an audience, you can join it. In this, you will get from $10 to $50 in an action. We are telling more things about it below.

Revenue Hits Features:-

  1. You can get from $ 10 to $ 50 in one click.
  2. Its minimum payout is $ 50.
  3. You can payout with PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer.

5. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser.com is also a very good ad program for new blogs. For this, it is important to have more traffic to your blog. If you have low traffic then you can still use it. It offers very good CPM. This is allowed for all types of websites.

Google adsense alternatives

When you apply for this, you will get instant approval. Its minimum payout is $ 10, which you can transfer via PayPal or take a check.

Bidvertiser Features:-

  1. Minimum traffic required: No
  2. Minimum Payout: $ 10
  3. Payment Method: PayPal and check

6. Google Ad Exchange

Once you start getting 1M+ Pageviews you can start looking for Ad Exchange or AdX resellers. Ad networks have lesser demand compared to Ad exchanges. Google AdX is a marketplace that offers a pool of ad impressions to buyers via real-time bidding. But, unlike AdSense, Google Ad Exchange is a platform that cannot be simply integrated into a website.

So friends, hope that now you can use Google AdSense alternatives on your small and big, low and high traffic website and blog, in addition to Google AdSense, the top 5 highest paying CPC ads. And if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this post, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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