Best Toll Free Number Provider In India

(Top 5+) Best Toll Free Number Provider In India, Full Details!

In this post today, I am going to give you complete information about (Top 5+) Best Toll Free Number Provider In India, and toll free number service provider in India, so if you want to know, then keep reading this post today.

As you all know, every business provides good service to all its customers. But still not all customers are satisfied, they still have some question. For which he again contacts with that company again. And if the business is large. Then the company uses the toll free number.

And they benefit greatly from that toll free number. And he is able to support / and help all his customers. & if the customar has any question, then all his queries are also answered through the toll free number.

Best Toll Free Number Provider In India

So let’s quickly get to our (Top 5+) Best Toll Free Number Provider In India, and what is a toll free number. And why and how it is used. Let’s get to know about it in detail

What Is Toll Free Number?

Toll Free Number is a mobile number of 11 digits. Whatever special company offers. This number is provided to make your business professional and help the customer. And you have to buy this number. After which you can use this number.

This number is different from the normal number. A toll free number for quotation is as follows. Like 1800 1234567, friends can call your hundreds of customers simultaneously on this toll free number. Which cannot be done on a normal number. And this is because in the toll free number. Because they are made channels / departments.

Suppose a customer needs some support, then his call will go to the automatic support team. If someone wants help, then he will go to the help department. And it is all automatic. And you do all this by setting up your toll free company.

You can add ads on a toll free number according to the limit according to the department of mobile numbers. And if one of them is busy with a customer on call, then your customer’s phone is automatically transferred to another employee. And who and when you talked to that customer. You can get a morning with his full information recording. So this is a toll free number, and some of its important features.

(Top 5+) Best Toll Free Number Provider In India, Full Details!

As you all know, whenever you start a business or a company, to grow it, you have to take great care of customer orientation along with advertising, quality and quality, because some of you may There should also be a customer who is very satisfied with you or very dissatisfied, if a customer is not satisfied with your service.

So you can talk to him, that is why all the big companies provide their Tollfree Number to their customers, whoever is using your service, it is very important to have confidence in you, so today what is a What is Toll Free Number i.e. Toll Free Number, how to increase business with Toll Free Number, benefits of Toll Free Number, and Best Toll Free Number Provider In India.


As you know, BSNL is a government company, which also provides toll free service in India, if you want to get a toffee number, then you can get this number easy from bsnl, it gives you many facilities. Gives. To get your toll free number from telecom company bsnl, you will have to visit the website of bsnl and there you will get all the other details from where you can buy a toll free number for your business.

2. TaTa Tele

TaTa Tele Company also provides you toll free number, and as you all know, Tata is a good and reputed company. And Tata has a considerable name in the communications industry. So if you want, you can buy a toll free number for your business from Tata Tele Business Services, for more information about it you can visit the website of Tata Tele Business Services.

3. Knowlarity

Knowlarity also provides toffee number to you. If you are looking for a toll free number for your business. So Knowlarity provides the best Toll Free Number for you, it also provides 7 days free trial. Friends, you can watch it for 7 days free by using its service, if you like it, you can also buy it. For more information and trial of this, you can also visit its website.

4. Ziffy

Ziffy is the Best Toll Free Number Providing Company offering one month free trial, it gives you call analysis, call recording, multi user panel, and advance call forwarding. There are many offers on this, due to which you can purchase a toll free number for your business here cheaply.

5. My Opeator

If you talk about My Opeator, it gives you a 3-day free demo as Trial, a company like Lens Cart, Bajaj Capital, snapdeal, Make My Trip also uses its service.

6. Webxion

This is a business audition company in India where you can buy a good toll free number for your company from here.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Toll Free Numbers!

  • A toll free number is a normal number, which starts at 1800, which is very easy to remember.
  • Toll free number is the best solution to increase traffic of any company or website.
  • According to a report, 80 percent people see the toll-free number, then they definitely call on that number.
  • By linking the toll-free number to IVR, you can provide automated service to your customer.
  • A toll free number creates your brand value.
  • A toll free number makes your business professional.
  • You have to pay for every call made by the customer.

How to grow business with toll free number!

Friends, there are many benefits of having a toll free number, but if you talk about increasing the business with the toll free number, then you can make customer determination with the toll free number and build trust in your customer by talking to the customer on your toll free number. Confidence rises on your company.

Along with this, Toll Free Number is a free of cost service for customers, due to which your clients can remove their doubts by calling you without any hesitation, and also share their precious thoughts with you and your product. And get open information about the service.


Toll Free Number Example!

The toll free numbers are primarily a number of 11 digits, something like this. Eg 1800 123 4567

how to get 1800 number in india!

If you want to get a toll free number, then you can choose any company from this list and get a number.

What do toll free numbers cost?

The cost of toll free numbers varies from company to company. Which is around Rs. 10,,000 to 30,000 year.

How can I get a toll free number for free?

There is no way for me to get a toll free number for free. You have to buy a toll free number. But you can get a demo of the company by requesting it

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So friends, I hope that you have now learned about (Top 5+) Best Toll Free Number Provider In India. So if you still have any questions related to it and you are happy, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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