10+ Best Website to Register a Company: The Beginner’s Guide!

In today’s article, I will tell you about 10+ Best Website to Register a Company, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article completely. Because I am going to provide you with complete information about this, so let’s start.

No doubt in recent years India has developed a lot in any terms. If considering the business sector, India has outstanding developments, leaving many countries behind. A lot of entrepreneurs have established numerous start-ups which have been successful throughout. What’s the first thing they have done when getting their business established? Read below.

The foremost thing required to establish a business is to register it officially before offering any public service. Now you’ll think, why is this required?

The simple answer to this is to get established you should be listed officially under govt. Moreover this is required to ensure that your firm is free from all kinds of illegal activities or is safe for individuals. Registration of a company allows you to raise funds for your firm,offer services publicly, and ensures that your name exists. The foremost necessity of  registration is to ensure that a company follows all the rules and guidelines listed in Companies Act and is free from any kind of unlawful means.

Best Website to Register a Company

Many startups face issues in registering their companies online. They are confused about which website to choose, which is legitimate and trustworthy. To help them we have come with an article for the same. This enlists the best websites to get your company registered online. Moreover we added an overview of the overall process. Scroll down to know more.

What is meant by a company registration?

A company registration is a process which enables a company to establish itself as a legal organization and be ready for a public offering commitment. For this, a company is required to submit the necessary paperwork outlining the specifics of a planned public offering to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Process of registering a company 

  1. Apply For Director Identification Number (DIN)
  2. Apply For Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  3. Get registered on the MCA portal
  4. Filing for Charter Documents such as Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA).
  5. Application For Company Name existence 
  6. Application for PAN and TAN
  7. Register Other Details: This includes registering the company name & address and notice for appointment of directors, secretary, and manager.

10+ Best Website to Register a Company

By the way, you can register your company yourself by visiting the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), but if you want to avoid this hassle. So you can contact these Best Website to Register a Company given below to register your company.


Vakilsearch is a trusted legal advisor providing incorporation of your business. Its charges for registering a company are minimal. Moreover, here you can learn how to register your business.

They promise to take care of all legal formalities and fulfill the compliance requirements as stated and enlisted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. With VakilSearch, after post-approval of the company registration process, you get a Certificate of Incorporation (CoI), along with PAN and TAN. After that, one can open a bank account and begin with his/her business actions.

VakilSearch has integrated with a lot of companies. Once you have registered with them, you can get benefits worth 4 lakhs. Some of their partner companies are GoDaddy, Websites.co.in, PayU, Instamojo, Intellemo, and many others.

Why choose VakilSearch?

  • Complete the online process
  • Registration within 14 days.
  • Expert Consultation
  • DIN and DSC for two directors
  • MoA and AoA drafting
  • Registration fees and stamp duty
  • Company incorporation certificate
  • PAN and TAN are two companies.
  • Current account with no balance (DBS Bank)


Over 6,000 company owners in India rely on LegalWiz.in to register their PVT Ltd companies and maintain their companies’ compliance. With the most reasonable cost, committed account management assistance, and a speedy turnaround guarantee, you may launch your new business registration. Moreover, you will receive step-by-step assistance from a team of knowledgeable CAs, CSs, and lawyers while you incorporate your new business.

Why choose Legalwiz?

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager, Skilled Team of CA, CS, and Lawyers, and On-Call Support 
  • Quick turnaround and affordable pricing 
  • The entire process of full new company registration is online. 
  • Thousands of contented customers in every state in India.
  • Using Secured Technology 
  • Exclusive partner discounts on web hosting, payment gateways, and other services.


To gauge client happiness, they developed the HAPPY CODE system. Their users receive an 8-character, singular alphanumeric code as part of this system. They gauge customer happiness by only requesting happy codes from customers who are typically satisfied with their services. The HAPPY CODE program assists them in determining the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty to their goods and services.

The main reason for developing this system was to focus on customer satisfaction. They have integration with ICICI bank, Paytm, DBs, data, and more.

Why should you use onlinelegalindia?

  • Acknowledged by the Indian Government
  • Timely service
  • Excellent Service
  • Data Security and Trust
  • Quick Response Team
  • ISO Certified
  • More Affordable Than Other Professionals
  • Professional and skilled experts in
  • Over 1 lakh customers in India.


IndiaFilings.com was established in 2014. They aspire to achieve a straightforward goal of assisting entrepreneurs in starting and running their businesses with ease. They expanded to a 600+ member team, all the while being profitable and bootstrapped. They currently have the honor of working with more than 100,000 dependable small company clients and more than 1.6 million users.

Mostly there, youths working at IndiaFilings have graduate degrees in economics, accounting, law, hospitality, engineering, and other fields. They have employees from all over the country, so any language is entertained and you can freely choose them.

Why choose Indiafilings?

  • Premium Quality
  • Affordable Prices
  • Simple and dependable
  • Fair and Respectful
  • Confidentiality
  • Trusted Relationship


One of the fastest-growing legal document portals in India. They produce valid, easy-to-use legal documents. With a good number of clients, they have a commitment to providing Indian citizens with a cutting-edge experience of Digital India using the India Stack technology. Without leaving the house, one may generate, verify, and receive legitimate legal papers with LegalDocs.

Besides company incorporation, they offer services like registered rental agreement, notary rental agreement, affidavits, food license, GST Registration, Gumasta Registration, and others.

Why choose LegalDocs?

  • Affordable Pricing
  • It’s simple to get started.
  • Consultation from industry experts
  • Guaranteed incorporation in 7-15 days


QuickCompany has been used by millions of individuals and organizations in India. The business began as a software nerd’s side project. They empower technology for SMEs, CAs, lawyers, and analysts by developing cutting-edge technologies that enable their users to expand significantly. Their team is a group of highly qualified investors, engineers, accountants, lawyers, and mathematicians.

Why choose QuickCompany?

  • Complete the Online Incorporation Process
  • Skilled employees
  • Good customer support


Myonlineca is a platform for legal technology that is in the development stage. but one of the fastest-growing “Legal Service Provider Companies” in India. They aim to lower costs through automation while delivering superior legal solutions. They will assist you with registering your company anywhere in India.

Their main focus is on providing a platform for Indian startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs where they can streamline legal procedures via the development of innovative resources, legal counsel, cost reduction, automation, and organization of the Indian legal system.


Setindiabiz is a well-organized group of skilled CA, CS, and lawyers who are well assisted by a team of legal practitioners and professional accountants. By choosing them, you can leverage a core team member who has more than 18 years of expertise. They offer small companies and startups in India high-quality compliance services at competitive prices. They claim to be experts in LLP and company formation in India.

They have a comprehensive array of compliance services, including accounting, audit, tax planning, and management. Moreover, they help in business licensing and registration applications and have a capable group of IPR experts.

Why choose Setindiabiz?

  • 100% Online
  • All India Service.
  • Quality-affordable services
  • 18+ Years
  • An experienced team
  • Timely Compliance


Startupwala helps busy entrepreneurs manage their complicated startup legalities and documentation. They do this by providing assistance in company registration, trademark protection, ROC filing, Startup India consulting, MSME registration, GST filing, and funding legal help.

Why choose Startupwala?

  • Featured in Modern India Game
  • Changer(Forbes), 2020
  • The highest number of incorporations served
  • 180000 startups were served.
  • 12+ years of experience

E-business India

E-Startup India is a group of highly qualified CA, CS, and lawyers that work to combine technology and traditional methods in order to meet the needs of MSMEs in today’s quick-moving and economically advantageous environment.

Besides this, companies operating in India, provide a variety of online services, including company incorporation, GST registration, ISO certification, import-export codes, MSME registration, trademark, copyright, patent filing, tax return filing, and accounting, legal, and financial compliance.

Why choose E-Startup India?

  • Reliable as integrated with Axis Bank to meet all of its clients’ licensing and compliance needs.
  • Offers loan solutions for commercial purposes with NeoGrowth.
  • Collaboration with ICICI Bank to provide business banking solutions.
  • Tech-driven 
  • Officially approved under the GOI’s Startup India initiative.

Benefits of registering a company in India

I hope, now you must have known about these 10+ Best Website to Register a Company, that’s why I thought why not tell you about the Benefits of registering a company in India. which it is:

  • Limited Liability

Limited liability is a duty under the law for a small number of debts. The face value of the share acquired is the maximum amount for which they are liable in relation to the company’s obligations. If the members have contractually consented to limitless liabilities, it is considered an exception. Note that the terms and circumstances may change. These kinds of organizations are known as “unlimited” companies.

  • Free & Easy Transfer of Shares

Technically, a registered company’s shares may be transferred without limitation. Shares of a corporation are only as many as they were acquired. A shareholder may transfer it to a different individual. The transfer of shares is at the shareholder’s discretion. The buyer of shares would get a signed copy of the share transfer form and a share certification.

Therefore, a shareholder may transfer his shares to whoever he chooses. Securities and other interests in a public limited company or a registered company are freely transferable. Any agreement or contract pertaining to the transfer of securities, however, is enforceable as a contract. The legislation permits private limited businesses to set limits on the transfer of their shares in such cases. There has never been an outright prohibition on shares.

  • Legal Entity 

Any registered company is a real-life, existing legal entity. It is a legal construct with a separate existence from its directors and stockholders. It is a legal entity created in accordance with the Companies Act. The term “juristic person” refers to a legal acknowledgment of a subject as a person. It is capable of bringing and receiving legal action in its own name.

An organization that has been incorporated has its own rights, is responsible for its own debts, and manages its own legal processes. A firm develops a distinct identity upon incorporation. It has more legal authority since it may possess property and accumulate debts without individual company members being held accountable for the debts of the business’s creditors.

  • Existence

The term “perpetual succession” refers to a business that will always exist. It means that a corporation or firm will continue to exist until it is dissolved legally. Permanent succession is a crucial element. It is a distinct legal entity that is unaffected by the death or departure of any member. 

Any changes to its membership, personnel, members or

shareholders cannot influence its continued existence after it has been formed as long as it complies with the Companies Act.

  • Ownership 

This benefit implies that, on its own behalf, a business may buy, possess, use, and alienate property. Given that they are not the shareholders, as they are not permitted to claim their assets, An interest in the firm that arises from the articles of the company’s incorporation and measures a liability amount is all that a shareholder possesses.

Note that the shareholder is not entitled to a portion of the company’s profits. It is nevertheless bound by the agreement stated in the articles of association(the articles of the company’s incorporation). As a result, the company’s property is not a member’s personal property.

  • Legal Action 

A person has the right to file a lawsuit in his or her name. Similar to how an individual can file a lawsuit in their own name against another person, a corporation that is a separate legal entity can as well. This covers rebranding, mergers, and demergers.

  • Dual Relationship

Any individual member might enter into a contract or arrangement with the firm. It is conceivable for someone to assume charge of the business operations while continuing to work for the firm. As a result, a person may occupy the positions of shareholder, creditor, and employee within the same organization.

  • Borrowing Capacity

This implies the ability to borrow money for businesses. They have the right to issue and receive public preferred shares. To provide more substantial financial help, the company often appeals to banks and other financial organizations.

  • Equity Raising

Only a business may assist its promoters in obtaining equity investment from private equity firms, the stock exchange, or others. To raise equity capital from private equity investors and angel investors, a private limited company would be sufficient. On the other hand, a limited company would be necessary if shares were to be listed or distributed to over 200 shareholders.

Hope you have read about the 10+ Best Website to Register a Company above. So now if you are thinking of doing Pvt Ltd company registration, then, first of all, you must watch the video given above, because it can prove to be very beneficial for you.


To conclude, all the above-enlisted websites are the best and top-ranked websites for getting your company registered. All have their own importance and offerings. Before choosing any of them, go through their portal, connect with them well, and then decide.

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