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In this digital era, being able to type quicker than a regular computer user is perpetually an excellent skill to hold. Whether you utilize it for copywriting, following up with in-game chat, or preparing a thesis or project report on a deadline, high-speed typing skills will always provide you an advantage.

Improving your productivity is thereby more than simply preparing out your day and handling your time well. Sure, that’s necessary. But you’ll see even better outcomes when you can type with pace and accuracy.

best wpm typing test

That’s how you can speed within your to-do list and achieve more than you ever considered possible, or at least get stuff completed quicker and with enough precision. But as anyone who’s ever attempted to improve their productivity can assure you, it isn’t easy. So without wasting any time let us know about this best wpm typing test online tool ie website.

What Is WPM?

WPM stands for Words Per Minute, which is how many words you can type in a minute. Some online typing test tools fit your WPM based on efficiency. So, if you’re less precise, your WPM will be lower than it would have been holding your accuracy been higher.

An ordinary person can type 38–40 WPM. But if you spend a lot of your time drafting emails, blog posts, copy, and social media posts, typing speed and accuracy are crucial skills to help you boost your productivity.

The below list of 5 of the best typing speed test tools (free and paid) you can use to find out where your typing skills fall. You’ll additionally find various typing speed test tools that incorporate training to help you enhance your skills to get more accomplished in less period.

1. WpmTest.org

Wpm test is popularly known as calculating word per minute of the user. This is a very popular AI-based tool among educators and learners who want to test their typing speed. It gives an easy user-friendly environment to take random word per minute tests.

It has different complexity modes easy, medium, and hard. It also has typing mode from a 1-minute typing test to a 5-minute typing test.

The different complexity and typing modes are built for those who have the concentric dedication to improve their typing skills.


  • Live Statistics: You can see a real-time result like improving or losing the wpm score, how much time you have left to finish the test, and how much error you made.A fresh set of text each time you revive the page.
  • Save and Download: After you complete the test you can save and also download your report.
  • Colemak: It supports Colemak keyboard layout also.
  • Result Sharing: You can easily share your result with your friend directly through social media.

And It provides a free certification course for all users. You will receive your first typing test certification along with the statics and achievement you received by the globally known Wpmtest.org.

2. Typing Speed Test

Typingspeedtest.online is a free online typing speed test tool that even gives simplistic lessons that users can move through at their speed. Typing Test allows the versatility to conduct tests with easy, medium, and complex texts.

typing speed test online

There are other tests, including stories and complicated spellings too. You can select between various times and yet choose which story to write. The typing speed tests last for 1, 2, 5, 7, 10, or 15 minutes and users can decide within random text, sentences, or words.

Once you push the first key on the keyboard, the typing speed test begins the clock for you, so you don’t have to worry about starting a timer manually. While you’re taking the exam, you can quickly peep over to your right to see how much time you have left, your typing pace, and the number of mistakes.

Typingspeedtest.online additionally contributes more than 100 arcade-style typing contests harnessed toward both adults and children so you can practice your typing skills and get faster without getting tired.

You get to choose to take a test wherever you’re writing original paragraphs with punctuation rather than sequences of words or easy sentences.

It doesn’t make you backspace to correct mistakes so that you’re concentrating on enhancing your WPM.


  • The user-friendly design highlights text in a box over the entry field.
  • 100% free keyboarding tests.
  • Errors get highlighted as you type, so you can fix them.


  • It deducts the number of mistakes from the typing speed for a balanced score.
  • Large and interfering ads.

3. Speed Typing Online

Speed Typing Online is a free online typing tutor and incorporates an easy-to-use interface and lets registered users customize their typing tests, including the text available to type and the extent of the courses. The typing tutor gives lessons in keyboard basics.

Speed Typing Online

The text from Speed Typing Online’s typing speed tests gets obtained from several literature references, so you may have to deal with unknown words, names, and different punctuation.

As you type, you can see your time, speed, and precision. Mistakes are highlighted but will not hold you behind from going ahead with the analysis. You can select a 30-second test or a 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, or 20 minute one.

Something unique about this test is that you can pick a non-Qwerty keyboard arrangement and facilitate a double-spacing feature that sets two spaces within sentences.

After you’ve taken the test you can see your rough speed, adjusted speed, precision, the number of correct and incorrect characters, and how many words you typed.


  • Lots of typing choices, including irregular words, lyrics, and stories.
  • It has a data entry test that emphasizes numeric content.
  • Typing tutorings and matches.


  • Directions aren’t apparent at first.
  • Some of the resulting data isn’t beneficial.
  • Challenging to observe your stats as you type.

4. 10FastFingers

10FastFingers’ typing speed test tool utilizes 200 arbitrary words and tests you for a whole minute. When you finish 10 of these tests, you’ll be ready to practice the advanced 1,000-word typing speed test. The site doesn’t need you to build an account to obtain its extended features, but you’ll seemingly want to sign up for an account so you can trace your development.


10FastFingers typing speed test is slightly unusual because they’re testing you on irregular words strung collectively. In a sense, this presents the test further complicated because the words that come next don’t link to the ones before it. Hope you have also liked this 4th best wpm typing test tool.

The test starts when you transcribe your first letter, and you can see the timer calculating down as you go forward, though you can click to hide it.

The only punctuation noticed during the test was apostrophes. If you incorrectly type a word, it gets highlighted in red color. You can continue typing without ought to go backward for changes.

After the WPM test, you can see your words per minute, keystrokes, right words, and incorrect words.

Plus, there are live tournaments you can have with different users for an even more heart-racing action. Custom typing tests can be performed, too, with your own words.


  • Fundamental and advanced typing tests.
  • A Multiplayer test allows you to play against others.
  • Works in multiple languages.


  • You can not revert to the wrong word to retype it.
  • It does not provide any typing lessons.
  • It can not observe your speed as you type.

5. Typing.com

Typing.com is another online typing tutor and free typing pace test engine. The typing test gets offered in two distinct choices. You get to either practice a timed test of 1, 3, or 5 minutes or a page test of 1, 2, or 3 pages. The typing tutor allows extensive keyboarding, machine basics and tech knowledge, online behavior and security, coding fundamentals, and more.


The typing speed test at Typing.com provides you heaps of easy words and some tricky words, so it’s less like you’re writing arbitrary words and more similar you’re editing a story.

Your typing speed test begins when you press the first key and finishes when the timer runs down. Any mistakes you make throughout the test will display up as red to present some center, and you can proceed backward and correct them if you need, but you don’t ought to.
When you get done, you’ll view your typing speed and precision, as well as various “XP” points that you can use to level up if you create a user account. Typing.com additionally has typing tutorings for beginners.


  • Tutorings on obstacle keys.
  • Education for novice and advanced typists.
  • 1, 3, and 5-minute tests.
  • The timer is modest.


  • Must have a free account to preserve test scores or print documents.
  • It does not incorporate your WPM while you type.

The above typing test helps you adequately evaluate your current skills and enables you to connect your typing speed at various intervals. It is a fundamental requirement to hit your full potential and recognize how much time you should spend in your regular typing practice with these best wpm typing test online tools.

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