(10+) Best Entropay Alternative & Similar VCC Platforms In 2022

If You’re Entropay’s user. And looking for Best Entropay Alternative & Similar virtual credit card Platforms, then this post is just for you. Because I am going to tell you some Entropay alternative virtual card platform.

As you all know, Entropay was an online electronic money issuing platform. Using that, anyone used to provide a credit card to make international payments from there. Which was often used more by the people of India, canada, australia, and europe.

Because here without giving any government document. One could get a free Visa credit card for online payment. On whose use twenty you had to pay a small charge. But now this platform has been closed due to some reason.

Entropay Alternative

So that’s why we now talk about these 10+ Best Entropay Alternative and Similar virtual credit card platforms instantly without losing time.

The Best Entropay Alternative & Similar VCC Platforms?

As it is, entropy was the most popular virtual credit card providers. Which is no longer available. Here VCC (virtual credit card) services were provided to the users. And, it was also the most preferred stage. This platform is called Lxaris System Ltd. However, the platform has discontinued all its virtual credit card services with effect from July 1, 2019. And, it is no longer available.

But still, those who have used it know how good a platform it was. The main feature of this platform was that it acted as an e-wallet for the users. And anyone could put their money in it. And to use it by creating a virtual Visa card, they could use those money.

But let me tell you, the feature that differentiated this platform from other platforms was that it offered virtual Visa credit cards to users. By the way, this card did not have physical existence. But it worked just like a normal credit card. To create a “virtual credit card” here, all you need was an account. Which could be made for free. And no verification was required for this.

After which, you had to transfer money to your wallet to use that card. Means had to be added. And then you could use that card anywhere online. But, as I mentioned above, this platform is no longer available. And all its services have also ended by 2019. Ant still, there are many other options that can provide you with VCC services. So let’s try to know about them.

1.Walmart MoneyCardVisit Now
2.ecoPayzVisit Now
3.BitPayVisit Now
4.WireXVisit Now
5.RevolutVisit Now
6.CryptopayVisit Now
7.MovoVisit Now
8.NetSafe HDFCVisit Now
9.ICICI PocketsVisit Now
10.Kotak 811Visit Now
11.Yandex moneyVisit Now

So I hope that now you will definitely use these 10 + Entropay virtual card alternatives. And how to make a virtual credit card on Yandex money. You can watch this video for that.

I hope you liked this video in the turn of Yandex money. And now you will be able to create a virtual card.

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So friends, I hope that now your question (10+) Best Entropay Alternative & Similar VCC Platforms In 2022 would have been answered. And if you still have any suggestion related to this, please tell us in the comment box below. And thank you for reading this post.