Fairspin: A Detailed Review of the Gaming Platform

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Fairspin is a digital gaming platform that uses blockchain technology to distribute cryptocurrency revenue to users. Anonymity when playing at kasíno Fairspin is a key feature for players, and game transparency is also ensured through RTP ratings and overall integrity monitoring.


Transactions are processed in real-time, as the site offers access to more than 300 slots from authorized providers. Registration and deposit are a must for those who want to play and profit through Fairspin Casino. What are some important points to look out for those considering visiting Fairspin?

Fairspin Casino has its origins in the gambling industry and is regulated by Curacao eGaming, providing a safe and fair gaming experience for its users. Since its launch, FairSpin has gained popularity amongst the cryptocurrency community due to its unique features such as proven fair play and instant withdrawals.

Fairspin, originally known as Fairplay, was founded in 2018 as a cryptocurrency online casino. After the company was restructured in 2019, it was renamed FairSpin Casino, which offers payouts in ETH and BTC. The casino is authorized and controlled by Curacao eGaming, ensuring that it provides a safe and fair gaming experience for all its customers.

Since its inception, FairSpin has become a favorite in the cryptocurrency community for its cutting-edge features, including proven fair play and instant payouts.

User interface functions

Fairspin Casino’s official website is designed in an elegant, modern style using a muted color scheme with a grey background complemented by bright gold lettering. The logo is prominently displayed on the casino, and gambling symbols alternate on other pages of the site. The language bar is located at the bottom of the home page, allowing visitors to easily switch between the eight languages. The site consists of five main sections: games, promotion terms, VIP program, project information, and an overview of the casino’s commitment to fair play.

Almost all of the devices and websites are optimized for mobile phones. Some of the machines have a user interface designed for left-handed players.

Paying special attention to security, Fairspin Casino has incorporated blockchain technology into its platform. This advanced feature ensures transparency and fairness in their gaming system, improving the overall user experience.

By choosing the blockchain system, the site’s developers have ensured fairness for their players. They implemented TruePlay for the gaming portal, which is powered by TrueSign, to protect user information and secure game statistics from manipulation. The result of each round is recorded and presented in the system for transparency.

How profitable is it to play online at Fairspin Casino?

  • A record of each spin is kept, accurate RTP tracking is possible, and payouts are guaranteed.
  • The system has no control over winnings, as they are limited to who wins, and user information is kept encrypted.
  • Players are able to request complete statistics, which include the total amount of money invested in the system, the total amount of money withdrawn, and the payout ratio.
  • User privacy is protected, and all transactions are processed promptly, without any payment restrictions.
  • The solvency of the casino is checked by visitors, who monitor its overall balance.

Registration process

In the top right corner, you will find the registration panel. As soon as you click on it, a new window will appear with a place to fill in your personal details, including your contact phone number and email address. Before you enter your number, you need to select your country so that the correct code is displayed. Then enter your personal details. Once you have filled in, the Fairspin online casino operators will contact you at the phone number provided. They will inform you about the rules and regulations and answer any questions you may have.

Fairspin Casino payment system

Fairspin Casino has developed a unique payment method using TPLAY chips, specifically designed for gambling. When registering, each user is assigned a wallet with in-game currency with automatic conversion of the currency used to deposit into their account. 1 ETH is equivalent to 1,000.00 TPLAY when indexed to Ethereum.

Different deposit methods

Fairspin Casino offers its players a wide range of deposit methods. Players can deposit via credit cards and debit cards, e-money as well as bank transfers.

In addition, Fairspin offers a unique and secure way to deposit via digital currency. Thanks to Blockchain technology and the secure BitPay payment system, players can safely and quickly make deposits using bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The system allows users to make deposits using the following payment systems and currencies:

  • The digital currency known as Bitcoin is a form of decentralized peer-to-peer currency. It allows people to transfer funds directly to each other without intermediaries, such as a bank or government institutions. Transactions are recorded in a public ledger called blockchain, which ensures transparency and security. Bitcoin has gained popularity among investors and consumers because of its ability to provide a more secure and efficient way to store and transfer money. However, it is still a relatively new and volatile asset and its long-term future remains uncertain.
  • Litecoin is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin has distinctive characteristics that make it very attractive to enthusiasts of all things cryptocurrency. One of the biggest advantages of the platform is its high speed; transactions are faster than with other cryptocurrencies. In addition, Litecoin is decentralized, which ensures that all transactions are between peers without intermediaries such as banks. Market supply and demand dictate the value of Litecoin, and the constant evolution of the technology seeks to meet the changing needs of users.
  • Zcash is a cryptocurrency that provides greater privacy through the use of zero-disclosure evidence.
  • Cardano refers to a blockchain platform that runs on a share verification algorithm. It is designed to develop and execute smart contracts and decentralized applications. In addition, the Cardano project is characterized by a focus on scientific philosophy and a research-based approach to development, as well as a commitment to sustainability and positive social impact.

Whatever currency you fund your account in, it is converted into in-game currency. This digital currency is known as TPLAY.

Fairspin gaming portal content update

The Fairspin resource is in its early stages of development and is currently focusing on content creation. The platform currently offers a wide range of software from leading providers, such as video poker, three different types of roulette, slot machines, and lotteries. The platform has a games ranking section where players can view slot machines categorized by stakes or winnings, as well as by their payout percentage, which ranges from 98% to 99%.

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