A Beginner’s Guide To Cloud Communication Platforms In 2022

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As you all know, that in Today’s time, cloud technology is the key driver for the business to shift from traditional IT services to modern generation computing services. The rapid Proliferation of technologies like the Internet Of Things (IoT), 5G, Edge computing, and Artificial intelligence have significantly contributed to the adoption of cloud computing services.

In fact, thanks to cloud computing services, services like cpaas service are the next big thing in the modern industry.

Cloud Communication Platform

Cloud communication platform offers a cost-effective alternative to the on-premise traditional IT solution with easy access to various resources. Forward-thinking organizations are taking advantage of the fast-growing cloud infrastructure to become more responsive and agile with their business operations.

What Is A Cloud Communication Platform?

Cloud communication platform is a blend of multiple communication modalities. These include voice, email, chat, and video communication. Cloud communication is internet-based communication that uses the internet network to offer several layers of communication services.

The storage, application, and switching of the communication are handled by a third party through the cloud platform. This is what the communication made with this network is called cloud communication.

Cloud communication evolved from data communication to voice communication after the introduction of the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

The need for cloud communication has resulted in the following.

  • Distributed and decentralized communication.
  • Increase in the number of communication.
  • Hosting and managing IT Assets.

Benefits of Cloud Communication Platform

When businesses search for a voice solution, they look for a complete Cloud communication solution as one of the options. As cloud-based technologies are covering the market, the market demand for cloud communication is soaring up.

Here are a few benefits that businesses can enjoy with the Cloud Communication Platform.

1. Rapid Scaling

A complete cloud communication solution, managed by a third party, typically features an application or Control console that allows the organization to make quick adjustments in the infrastructure. The adjustment can include changing the settings and provisioning of new users.

These changes can be accomplished in a short period of time and help the organization manage services, including their agreements.

2. Multi-Platform Communication

Communication in a given organization needs multi-level services. Sometimes just a voice call is just not enough. For instance, video calling is being regularly integrated into sales team interaction with prospective customers.

Some cloud communication platforms offer companies the ability to bring all their applications under a single management utility. This makes it easy for organizations to maintain and track the relationship between the organization and its customers.

3. Remote Connectivity

Perhaps this is the most influential feature that makes the business go with the cloud-based VOIP phone system. As long as the user has a device that has been authorized by the cloud voice system, you can use the device anywhere. In addition, you can connect to the internet and log in to their calling portal with ease.

This allows the organization to have a single network for the teleworkers and on-site employees to communicate with the customers, preventing any additional processes.

4. Financial Flexibility

Most cloud-based services come with a month-to-month agreement. These methods allow the organization to pay for what they are using. As your business grows and needs more cloud space, you can increase your monthly subscription. 

With the flexibility in the services’ payment, organizations can pay the exact amount for what they have been using.

5. Network Redundancy

The worst part of the retail business is that if you cannot get in touch with your customers, your business stops, and revenues drop—problems like power outages and system failures that occur on on-premises. However, with Cloud communication services, you can enjoy redundant network services.

The cloud communication service providers ensure that they safeguard the network and offer redundant network coverage to meet uptime SLAs. 

Was That Helpful?

Considering the benefits the Cloud Communication platform offers to the business, it is no wonder that technology resellers are jumping on board with the whole cloud-based VOIP calling system. The only difficult part of these solutions is finding one cloud communication platform that caters to full course services and meets administrators’ needs. With so many communication channels available, it has become pretty complex, but not impossible.

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