How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name: The Beginner’s Guide!

In this article, I am going to tell you How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name? so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Choosing a YouTube channel name is important since it determines how everyone, not just viewers, will know you. Your name will be analyzed by the YouTube algorithm for pertinent keywords. Before they make you an offer for collaboration, brands will consider it. You want this area of your channel to shine every day.

It will be the first choice you make on the road to becoming a successful YouTuber. Even a few of your favorite YouTubers would have struggled to come up with a catchy name for their own channel.

Giving your YouTube channel a distinctive name is crucial since it will appear in all of your videos, on the homepage of your channel, and even in YouTube’s search results.

How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name

However, because the stakes are so high, coming up with a catchy name for your YouTube channel can be daunting. However, we’ve put up this straightforward tutorial on how to name your YouTube channel to simplify the process for you.

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name” The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know. 

Let’s get started!

Best Practices while Choosing a YouTube Channel Name!

  • Channel Name Category selection

You must first choose the category for choosing the Channel Name.

Channel names typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Name 
  • Brand 
  • Type of Product 
  • Description

The simplest and most direct method is to use your first and last name as your channel name. And if you intend to be the “face” of your channel, it works very well.

For instance, Marie Forleo is a businesswoman with a potent personal brand. As a result, she gave her YouTube channel the straightforward name of Marie Forleo.

However, you might not be a good fit for having your name as your channel name. If so, go over these best practices to assist you in picking a fantastic channel name.

  • Your Name Should Describe Your Topic

In an ideal world, someone could look at your channel name and know right away what kind of videos you upload.

However, you don’t have to use exact words to define the subject of your channel. This can result in a Channel Name that sounds bland and generic (like: Videos For Weight Lifters).

Instead, consider a unique manner you might draw attention to (or even hint at) the subject of your channel.

Imagine you wanted to call your YouTube channel Action Laboratory. That name might be mistaken for The Action Lab with ease.

Therefore, before choosing a name, type it into YouTube and check what results.

If you find a channel (or channels) with a very similar-sounding channel name to your own, you should probably choose a different channel.

If, however, you are unable to locate any channels with a comparable sound, you may proceed.

Be sure to conduct a Google search for your proposed name as well. This makes it easier to avoid choosing a channel name that is identical to another company’s (even one that is not currently operating on YouTube).

For instance, the movie-focused channel Screen Junkies has 6.4 million subscribers.

It won’t be confused with any other movie-related brands on or off YouTube thanks to its distinctive channel name.

  • Your name should be “Sticky”

You want people to remember your channel name, so make it simple.

Therefore, the more distinctive your name is, the more people will remember it.

For instance, one of the most well-liked food-related YouTube channels is Epic Meal Time (over 7 million subscribers).

You may get a sense of this channel’s focus from Epic Meal Time, which is also highly memorable.

Crazy Russian Hacker is another illustration of a really unwieldy moniker (10 million subscribers).

Taras’s videos are not only very professionally made, but his humorous channel name is also one that is difficult to forget.

Naming Tips and Strategies

Here are a few brief suggestions and techniques to aid you in selecting your channel name.

  1. Avoid Numbers: Using a number in your channel name (CookingWithMelissa85) can give the impression that your name was generated automatically. Your Channel Name is also more difficult to find when searching.
  2. Username Modelling: Consider some of the brands you follow on and off of YouTube when modeling user names. What distinguishes them? What makes them distinctive? Try to use your channel name as a template for their formula.
  3. Availability of domain names: As your channel gains popularity, you’ll probably want to start developing a YouTube brand. This can be facilitated by using a consistent domain name and channel name. However, you do not need to register an domain.
  4. Availability of Social Media Accounts: Verify that your Channel Name is available as a username on other well-known social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This is not required. However, having social media account names and URLs that correspond to your channel name is useful.
  5. Keep It Basic: Make sure that your channel name is simple to say and spell. Generally speaking, using short phrases of two to three words rather than one complex word.
  6. Use a tool: The Shopify Business Name Generator is a great resource if you’re stuck. Simply type in the word or phrase you want to use in your channel name, and the program will generate 100 possible names that contain that word.

How to Choose a YouTube Channel Name?

Here are six methods for selecting a YouTube channel name, whether you’re picking one for the first time or looking for a new one.

1. Comply with YouTube’s community standards

Make sure the name of your channel is appropriate for YouTube before choosing it. The Community Guidelines, which address issues like spam, assuming the identity of another creator, and terms you shouldn’t say (or write) on the site, can help you achieve this.

Why bother finding out a channel name in the first place if someone is going to report it?

2. Your channel name should be succinct

A short channel name is always preferable to a long one on YouTube. Why? Simply put, they’re simpler to recall. You don’t want someone who is looking for your channel to stumble into a 50-character moniker. Pick a word that is simple enough for anyone to type.

Choose a name for your YouTube channel that is:

  • A maximum of five syllables
  • Easy to recall
  • Lacks or has few numbers(Mostly try not to use numbers)
  • A maximum of 30 characters
  • Simple to spell

Our channel’s name, Oflox, is an excellent illustration. There won’t be any issues if you enter that in the search field on YouTube. For websites like PewDiePie and T-Series, the same holds true. They are succinct and direct.

3. Pick a Creative YouTube Channel Name

Did you know that impersonating another creator is prohibited on YouTube? Anyone who does that, whether on purpose or not, is deceiving their audience. So, having a unique channel name is the first benefit. As a result, YouTube won’t have a reason to ban your channel and it will keep you honest.

Someone is always attempting to pass as MrBeast, a well-known YouTube personality. His channel name and profile icon are stolen by dozens of others who use them to make fake accounts. View all of the imitation channels listed below.

What is the ultimate goal if not to resemble Mr. Beast? What will these individuals do with the power they have seized? Nothing positive could be it.

Additionally, a distinctive channel name aids in the development of your brand. Consider it like this: It’s likely that they also acquired the custom URL that corresponds with the name if someone else had already claimed it. 

Your channel’s web address will resemble the following without a custom

In contrast, if your channel has 100 members and a distinctive channel name, you can claim a URL that benefits your business.

4. Choose a name that reflects your specialty

When someone visits your channel, they ought to understand these three things right away:

  • What is your specialty?
  • What kind of videos do you produce?
  • What kind of value will they get?

The ideal YouTube channel name will encompass each of these. But how can you create a name that is so compelling that viewers recognize the value of your channel?

It’s not as challenging as you imagine. Start considering that topic, whether it be hockey, nail painting, or marine biology, as your YouTube niche. Create a channel name based on your niche as your next assignment. It should express the focus of your channel in a distinctive way.

A fantastic example is the YouTube channel Excellent Dude, which has several Microsoft Excel courses. Excel and “excellent” were combined to create the channel name. It’s a clever technique to imply that you have the best Excel tutorials available on YouTube without actually saying it.

5. Making Your Own Personal Brand

Choosing your name can be a wise selection. Your channel name doesn’t have to reflect your niche if you’re creating an online identity. After all, the subject matter centers on you. Not instructions and tips, but rather your personality, should be the center of attention. Your first and last name is what people see feels appropriate.

But it’s tempting to act in the opposite way. Who clicks on a channel that displays a complete stranger’s name, you may be asking yourself. Will the fact that I’m using my name, which nobody cares about yet, result in less search traffic?

Perhaps, but don’t stress over that. If developing your own brand is what you want to do, have faith in the procedure.

Do you know Kelly Stamps? The self-titled channel of this creator has over 600,000 subscribers. And no, she didn’t establish that fan base as a personality-driven channel over a ten-year period. 2019 saw a huge increase in her subscriber base as she shared some well-liked New York videos.

The topics covered on Stamps’ channel include minimalism, earning money, traveling, and other topics. She could have given her channel a quirky and edgy moniker like Minimal Money. Even so, it wouldn’t be sufficient for the material she produces.

6. Pick a name with relevant keywords

Let’s return to the YouTube tutorials now. It’s beneficial to have a searchable channel name if your videos are on themes that may be found online, such as “how to change a tire.”

Consider all the search terms that someone might use to find your article. When you have a strong list, incorporate a few of those keywords into the name of your YouTube channel. This draws in your intended audience.

Here is one instance. Imagine you own a tech channel with a strong emphasis on Apple items. You might incorporate any of the following terms into the name of your channel: iPhone, Mac, Apple, iOS.

These terms are already being used by several channels, such as Apple iPhone School, 9to5Mac, and MacRumors. Each channel has a keyword that is relevant to the topic it is covering, yet they all discuss Apple products differently.

A Quick Exercise on How to Name a YouTube Channel

The best channel names occasionally lurk inside your thoughts. Here is a simple exercise in thinking to get your juices flowing:

  • List some words that are related to your topic

Want an illustration? We would make a list of creator-focused terms as a YouTube education channel, such as subscribers, views, channel growth, monetization, etc.

Make a list of words that emphasize the objective of your channel. Perhaps your goals are to inspire, inform, or entertain. As long as you are honest, there is no right or wrong response.

Use the words on both lists to come up with some channel names. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself in this situation. Even if you don’t succeed in naming your YouTube channel, you’ll know more about what it ought to be.

There are several methods to come up with YouTube channel names if this one doesn’t work. To generate imaginative possibilities, try using a Name Bounce or similar YouTube name generator.

More illustrations of strong YouTube channel names

When everything else fails, get ideas from already-existing YouTube channels. The following channel names encapsulate everything we’ve talked about:

  1. Charisma on Command: From the name of the channel, you can see that the creator offers advice on how to boost your charisma. And “Charisma on Command” is a snappy, appealing tune. We would find it difficult to forget this channel.
  2. 5-minutes crafts: This name affirms that you most definitely can. Technically, the name violates one of our rules: your YouTube channel name shouldn’t include a number. However, this is a singular occasion where it is effective and appropriate for the channel.
  3. 100%  Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you already know what this channel is all about. The phrase “100%” suggests that just Breath of the Wild will be played. You might receive gaming videos, tutorials, or explainers on how to do anything. It is the most precise channel name we have come across and another exception to our “no numbers” rule.
  4. Block Facts: This channel offers a collection of tidbits about the many blocks found in Minecraft. Even if its name isn’t the most catchy, you know what kind of stuff you’re getting. Additionally, “Block Facts” is simple to enter accurately.
  5. Dad, how do I: We’ve all sought our fathers for help with something, don’t we? The ideal YouTube channel name is “Dad, how do I?” because of this. It’s relatable, and you can anticipate some fatherly counsel.
  6. The School of Life: Through animated narrative, this channel instructs viewers on how to live better lives. Who could ask for a better name given the promises made by the channel?


To conclude, your channel name plays a significant role in growth. So you must choose it wisely. All the above tips, best practices, and exercises will definitely be useful, and adhering to them will lead you to get a perfect channel name. For any queries connect with us or drop them in the comment box below.

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