How to Increase the Open Rate in Email Marketing: A-to-Z Guide!

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An open email rate is a valuable metric to evaluate how effective your emails are with your subscriber base. If you are using email to build your audience, experiment with different subject lines and send out a series of emails with unique content to see which one performs the best. You can set up segments in your analytics software for both opens AND clicks.

Open Rate in Email Marketing

So let’s get complete information about How to Increase the Open Rate in Email Marketing without wasting any time, come on.

How to Increase the Open Rate in Email Marketing:

1. Relevance to your customers

In today’s fast-paced world, people (i.e., email subscribers) want instant gratification regarding the information they seek online. Using emails to provide entertaining and helpful information in a sequential format is an excellent way to get your promotions read by your readership! 

It’s pretty simple, really; you have the power to reach out and connect with people – whether they are attracted to your brand’s personality or products – when you create valuable content that has personality and holds your reader’s interest. The information provided in these emails should be helpful and relevant so that the subscriber sees their lives becoming better after reading yours.

Sending out randomized, half-hearted emails that are sent to a large number of people who have absolutely no interest in what the email intends to sell is one reason those emails get deleted without a second glance. 

Product managers who use email marketing should always target the group of people that would be interested in their product or service and ensure them that they are addressing it properly to minimize any potential missed opportunities and instead work towards making business relationships.

2. Email Content

One often overlooked but significant factor in email marketing is the content. Is what you’re sending your subscribers something they want and look forward to? Or does it make them wish their inboxes are indeed just that –inboxes that send out things they want and need, with no spam in sight! This can be learned through coursework or even by taking online classes in writing and storytelling because the art of communicating well isn’t one everyone picks up from day one. So this is also an important factor to increase the Open Rate in Email Marketing.

3. Quality of the Email List

If you can persuade your visitors to opt-in to your newsletter or mailing list, you can be sure that they are at least mildly interested in what you may have to say. However, tricking them into signing up is not a good idea because the email address was not given out voluntarily. Therefore the visitor might ignore the contents of any future emails, trash them or even report these as spam if this person does not like being tricked into giving away personal information.

4. Time of Sending the Emails

The truth is, there’s no perfect time of the day to send out emails. Some people like to read emails in the morning and others prefer the evening. This is because many of us work different hours. You need to evaluate your audience when determining when to send them your message. 

And remember, immediately sending out emails could result in a spike in sales if you have a deal. That is unless it overlaps with peak selling hours at various retailers! When trying to figure out what time is best for timing an email campaign — as far as seasonality/time slots/hourly patterns etc. go — consider your demographics and what will be most effective based on everything else previously mentioned!

5. Curious Subject Lines

Curiosity is something we all have in common with one another. The fact that someone has a secret intrigue you enough to want to know the secret. When the email subject line is hard to resist, they’ll wonder what’s inside your email, and this can only help grow your open email rate in the long run if it also subjects them to your product. Check out Digital Marketer’s tweet below. It urges you to click on their link because they “have a hot tip” for you and are offering something free of charge.

6. Personalized Subject Lines

Did you know that personalizing your subject line can boost your email open rate by as much as 50%? Personalizing your email subject line can help build familiarity, trust, and brand sentiment with your target audience. For example, suppose you send an email informing a prospect of a requested quotation, and you greet them by their name. In that case, it tells them that you remember details about their past activity, giving them the sense that you value them as customers. This will make the subscriber more open to receiving future communications from your company and increase brand sentiment.

7. Use Emojis

Many people argue that emojis are not appropriate in an email. While we agree that overuse is unnecessary, using emojis does not detract from professionalism or ethics. Therefore, using them seems a suitable solution for connecting with your opt-in subscribers in a personalized and informal manner. Using them adds fun and emotion to an otherwise sterile business message, persuading readers that email from you doesn’t spam while also creating a friendly relationship between you and your subscribers.

8. A lot of A/B Testing

Have you ever wondered why a recipe book would need to present two different dish variations? After all, it is still the same dish with only slight variation in ingredients and how they are mixed or cooked. Email campaigns can be received similarly: an email sent to the same audience may have different subject lines and other elements, yet it remains the same email. When you test multiple emails for your audience, you’ll see which is best suited for your readers (increased open rate) and thus know what approaches work best to attract this segment. So this is also an important factor to increase the Open Rate in Email Marketing.

9. End your email with a curiosity

You may think that you spark a lot of curiosity with your emails, but in our experience, they tend to lack some replay value as people have been known to have difficulty telling one email apart from another. The easiest way to learn how to make a splash with your emails is by using questions that lead readers down the path of curiosity and persistence. You can create anticipation in your subscribers for another email by promising revealing answers in future messages.

10. Resend Unopened Emails

Let’s face it – no one likes to be on the receiving side of spam, so you have to ensure your emails are effective before hitting send. The more effective the email seems, the higher your open rates will likely be. This can be achieved by resending these emails with a different subject line guaranteed to capture attention and interest.

11. Create Anticipation

Take advantage of the fact that your subscribers always miss out on fantastic offers. This works exceptionally well if you’re getting ready to release a new product or have a special event that might catch their attention. Make sure you follow through with consistent communication and don’t feel you have to give it all away at once, as they’ll be looking forward to your following email. Just remember, some people might be wary of giving out personal information – learn who those people are and try to skip over them!

12. Use opt-in forms

Don’t force people to subscribe to your email list. That’s the wrong way to form a relationship. When you’re creating an email list as a long-term relationship, you want it to be a mutually beneficial one, so you should have subscribers who are willing and who need what you’re offering in the way of updates on the products they bought or information that will help them stay up-to-date on your market offerings. Use an opt-in form and let them know when they might benefit from getting emails from you with valuable information they want to know about, e.g., new product releases, software upgrades,, etc.

13. Use Quizzes to improve engagements

Quizzes are a fun way to win your subscribers over with personalized interaction. So, leverage quizzes to boost your open rates because people can’t resist an appealing offer! Pen the perfect quiz via Woorise – make it precise by segmenting your list and including special offers for correct quizzes. This sample email quiz created by Alight PR, a digital agency, would get your attention. You can also use the quiz plugin for WordPress to create one for you.

14. Use Statistics 

People like statistics. If you said, “10% of the world’s population are winners” as the title of your email, they will wonder what they can do to become a winner too. They know that if they open and read your email, this question will be answered for them! To provide some of those critical statistics inside and watch as your response rate is more significant! By putting some complex numbers into your emails, you’ll have many more people willing to read them and reach out to you. So this is also an important factor to increase the Open Rate in Email Marketing.


If you’re happy with your e-newsletter open rates, you might find some improvement helpful to skyrocket them. On the other hand, if your available rates are low, it wouldn’t hurt to work on some strategies to see those rate numbers rise.

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