How To Make Ecommerce Website In India (Step By Step)

Friends, do you want to know How To Make Ecommerce Website & Build An Online Store In India, then you can read this post. In this post, we will tell you how you can create your own “ecommerce website” or online store. If you want to know, then keep reading this post.

As you know, around 206 crore people all over the world are spending their money to buy goods online. In today’s time, in the form of many e-commerce site app, you will get to see in any person’s smartphone, tablet and laptop.

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E-commerce sites exist in many different names like flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, myntra etc. We all know that there are many eCommerce sites on the internet, from where we get our favorite things at a good price. But what exactly is this e-commerce site?

How To Make Ecommerce Website

E-commerce site is a medium, due to which millions of people are buying their essential goods sitting at home at a good price, without any hassle and safely. The real meaning of e-commerce is to buy and sell goods or goods through the internet.

How To Make Ecommerce Website In India?

E-commerce is also called online trade which is run by a person. E-commerce is made up of two words E ie Electronics and Commerce means Business. When you conduct a business through Electronics Medium, it is called E Commerce.

E-commerce is also a business through which you can earn a lot of money. Its popularity in the world of Internet is increasing day by day. Creating an e-commerce website is not so easy and it is not a matter of everyone. To make it, it is very important to have complete knowledge of it.

What Is Needed To Make An E-commerce Website?

Today in this article we will know what things we need to make an e-commerce website.

1. Money

We are in dire need of money to start any kind of business. In the same way, before starting the business of e-commerce, you should have enough money because no business can be complete without investing money. To start an online business, you will spend money to build a website.

Products that will be in your e-commerce will also cost money. There are many such things where you may have to invest money. Therefore, the most important thing to start a business is money. If you have enough money with which you can open your own e-commerce site, then do not invest money in it or else.

2. Planning

There is a great need to plan for starting your business. In business without a plan, you will not be able to guess what you have to do next, you will not be able to pay attention and you may have to face many problems later.

3. Domain Name

To start an e-commerce site in Internet, you need a domain name like It works as an address in the online world, through which buyers who are able to find your website.

Most online business domain names are either closed in .com or closed with .net. Your domain name should be in the same name as the name you want to name your e-commerce site.

4. Website Hosting

For your website, you need a web hosting service so that people will be able to see your website on the internet.

The job of this service is that it stores your website’s data and files in a separate computer.

And when someone will write the domain name of your website in their web browser using internet, then this web hosting will send all the files and data of your website to their browser so that that person will be able to access your website easily.

5. Website

The most important thing for your business is your website. If you have full knowledge of how a website is made, then you can make your own website and if you do not have knowledge of it, then you can make your website by paying money to the web designer. Can. You have to think what your own website should look like.

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And what your website is designed for, its specialty should always be shown as if you are creating an e-commerce site, then it should show all the products that you want to sell.

The design of your website should be so good that people are attracted to your website, it will also give you happiness and you will also earn a lot.

6. Shopping Cart Software

The main objective of your e-commerce site is to sell goods to your customers and to sell goods to your customers, you will need a shopping cart software.

This software gives your buyer a chance to see the things that are in your website, and can choose and buy whatever they like.

Shopping cart software allows your customers to buy their favorite items safely using their credit card. This service keeps your credit card detail and your order data safe from the eyes of other people.

7. Merchant Service Provider

An online business can never accept cash payments through its website, it needs a merchant service provider whose job is to handle things related to credit and debit cards.

This service business, customer and credit card maintains a contact between the company. It processes the payment from customers and takes money from their given credit card account and sends it to the merchant’s account.

After the merchant service provider receives the money, he deducts his commission money and sends the remaining money to the website owner in his account. The merchant service provider plays an important role for the e-commerce website, without which the merchant has no other way to take money from his customers.

Creating an eCommerce website is not a difficult task, if you have complete information related to it and all the things mentioned above, then you can easily create your website and earn a good income.

I hope you have gained some knowledge from this article, so that you can get help from the information related to this article in the future.

8. Payment Gateway

Now you need a Payment Gateway for your business. Where your customers pay online, it will be free. So that is also what you need. Today’s Payment Gateway with very low commission with many popular and high quality is available.

Which you can use according to your need and website. For example, some Payment Gateway is as follows.

  • Cashfree
  • PayU
  • Razorpay
  • PayPal
  • PayKun
  • CCAvenue
  • PayTM
  • DirecPay
  • PayUbiz

I hope you find this article in my How To Make Ecommerce Website In India? Must have liked It has always been my endeavor that oflox’s readers be provided complete information about the e-commerce website, so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet in the context of that article.