How To Optimize Woocommerce Store To Boost Traffic: Full Guide!

Are you an online seller, and have built a store on Woocommerce, then I will tell you How To Optimize Woocommerce Store To Boost Traffic. If you want to know about it, then let’s get started.

If you are looking for a reliable platform to launch your online business through WordPress, WooCommerce is your one stop destination. This is an open-source e-commerce plug-in for the WordPress that provide flexible solution without any restrictions.

This is multilingual in nature and offers wide range of free and premium extensions as well as plug-ins. It is with this platform that the expansion and building of e-commerce store has become really easy and simple. It is well known for its simplicity to install and is used by about 26% of online stores worldwide.

how to optimize woocommerce Store

So if you really want to optimize your store, keep reading this article How To Optimize Woocommerce Store To Boost Traffic. So let’s get started.

Best Guide to Must Do Optimizations for Your WooCommerce Store!

Before launching of a WooCommerce site, if you’re worried too so as to know how to optimize WooCommerce store, this guide is exclusively here to guide you through the same. 

Let’s dive in and understand the same in a thorough manner.

1. Configuration of store settings:

Guys, It is usually say in the configuration of the website is really essential in order to get the attention from the customers. It includes the best presentation of the content that generates a sense of curiosity among the users.

And It should not only be well organized but informative nature. Image optimization is equally important in which the appropriate images of the related content must be displayed in a proper manner.

Along with it, it is important to use CTA buttons so that the customers get attracted towards the products or services. Make sure that the individual inventory of the product is updated time to time.

It is important to check each and every function of the site keeping the user in mind. One should try to investigate things on the website from the perspective of the user and make sure that the users are reaching the target in less time.

2. Special certificates for the security:

Today, the users are very much aware and keep themselves secure and protected in the cyber world. Businesses do utilize the sensitive information of the users including the credit card details, email addresses and thereby it becomes really important for them to have that pillar of security around them.

SSL certificates present on the WooCommerce sites gives a sense of trustworthiness to the customers. It has a direct impact on the brand image and thus the brand tends to do better in such cases.

To make your site secure first, you need to choose SSL certificate either it is single or multi domain or any other type of SSL cert. It is suggested to go for reputed SSL brands that can provide you ample of benefits. GeoTrust, RapidSSL, comodo SSL certificate and many other SSL that can save your hard earned money.

Cheap Comodo certificate are among the popular special certificates. This certificate is employed by the large number of organizations these days in order to provide the users the much-required security at pocket friendly prices. It also helps to boost the rank higher on the search engines as well.

3. Catchy optimized content and pages:

In the recent times, search engine optimization has occupied the central space among the e-commerce websites. The WooCommerce SEO is also crucial to the growth of an organization.

It plays a vital role in the inclination of organic traffic on the website. In this way, it is important to have valuable content that can generate interest among the users, the title of the site and the tagline should be appropriate.

Products must be displayed in a proper manner with unique and descriptive product descriptions that must contain the target keywords. Meta-description should also be present which should not be more than 160 characters. Search engines do appreciate all the mentioned features on your website and it gains popularity among the users in very short period of time.

4. Important plug-ins and extensions:

It is really important for the successful building of WooCommerce website to have plug-ins in order to have added features and skill of your business level. Such plug-ins are available for free as well as premium and can be a one-stop destination to have the launch of the website sorted.

There are plug-ins available that can motivate the users to complete the purchase, Analytical plug-ins that display the Google analytics report, plug-ins that can display the discount dynamics and pricing and plug-ins that can handle the email marketing services for the website.

Make sure that the individual inventory of the product is updated from time to time. Upon order confirmation,  sending WooCommerce custom email per product helps gain more visits to your store and cross-sell further products.

5. Responsiveness towards the mobile users:

With increasing number of mobile users all throughout the world, it has become really very important for the businesses to have their website smart phone optimized. It must be easy for the mobile users to thoroughly explore the website in their preferred mode.

To boost traffic WooCommerce store, it should be ensured that the purchases are easy for the users through mobile phones as well. Not just this, it must be made sure that the website can easily be accessed through all devices including tablets and personal computers.

More and more number of users are now switching to mobile phones in order to access your website because of the ease that it offers. In this manner you cannot afford to lose this large chunk of your users by not having your website mobile friendly.

6. Strong passwords for the win:

Prior to making a website public for the world, it is important that you ensure that the website is safe and sound. In this manner it is important to have strong passwords that cannot easily be compromised. These passwords should be a combination of letters special characters are numbers that will not be easy for the attackers to crack.

Apart from this, two step verification must be utilized for an added layer of security while you optimize WooCommerce store. There must be a limit on the login attempts and no password hint should be given. In addition to this, a strong back up must also be created before launching the website and having the data both online and off-line is equally important.


Not optimizing SEO for your commerce store can be the biggest mistake that you can do. This can totally cease your growth in the market. It will have an impact on the ranking as well as the customer attention towards your brand.

Just like every business owner, if you are interested in building the user experience and growth of your brand, it has become really crucial for you to follow all the above-mentioned measures which include having SEO optimized pages, Valid ssl certificate, hassle free mobile experience, well configured store settings and proper extensions and plug-ins.

Through this piece, we have just tried to give you an idea on the important points that are not to be missed. One can utilize the amalgamation of all these measures along with the continuous effort in order to bring the best results that will promote a smoother launch and application.

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