How to Promote Small Business on Instagram: A-to-Z Guide!

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As you all know, Many businesses use social media for their business promotion. You can decide which social media platform to use depending on where your target audience is active. Instagram is one of the social media platforms on the rise these days. Instagram is no longer a place to simply post photos and get likes. It is a sales funnel, and small businesses can largely benefit. 

Because there are many reasons to use Instagram, the most valid reason is the around 2.3 billion users worldwide. You can be sure that your target audience is active on Instagram. Therefore, it will make it easier to reach your audience and drive them to action. Some other reasons would be the plausible features for business promotion. 

How to Promote Small Business on Instagram

Today’s article focuses on the same, i.e., “How to Promote Small Business on Instagram”. The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know. 

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How to Promote Small Business on Instagram?

Below you will find six tested ways you can take to promote your business on Instagram. 

Creating Instagram reels 

One of the best ways to use Instagram is to create reels. Reels are important for attracting people on Instagram, especially the ones not following your business. Creating a reel means combining photos and videos with effective transitions and time/rhythm balance under a trending song. The tendency shows that through reels, businesses gather followers and increase engagement. 

There are several ways to create reels on Instagram. You can create it through video editing apps like InShot, CapCut, or VN. You can also create reels from within Instagram using the available templates (clicking on the “use template” button on the existing reels). 

Ensuring engagement through stories  

Instagram stories are another thing to consider when using Instagram. They help you keep your engagement rate high and even increase it over time. 

Stories have a 24-hour lifetime and disappear from the page. You can post photos, and videos, create polls and ask questions through stories. Later you can create stories reflecting the answers from previous ones. Stories work best with existing followers since those appear on their feeds.  

Collaboration with influencers 

Instagram is also great for business collaboration with influencers. You can include influencer marketing in your Instagram marketing strategy and collaborate with influencers and brand ambassadors to get the maximum results from your marketing strategy. 

Although influencers are quite often active on TikTok, Instagram is not left behind. You can still notice mutually beneficial collaboration of influencers and certain brands, promoting small businesses and large enterprises. 

Expanding network and followers

Instagram strategies may vary, but it is essential to take steps to expand your follower list and network. This, obviously, does not mean artificially adding the number of followers on Instagram. 

Instead, it is advisable to create engaging content as much as possible to attract users of similar interests and behavior. This way, you will have organic growth in traffic and help you stand out with your engagement. Most importantly, keep in touch with your followers naturally, mind your manners and be helpful with your content. 

Instagram ad placements 

The next approach to take for business promotion is to place ads on Instagram. It allows you to place ads and make them appear on users’ feeds, stories, explorers, reels, and shops. 

You can target your audience by narrowing it down through their interests, behaviors, and engagement. These features are great for targeting people with similar interests and avoiding wasting financial resources. 

Wise use of hashtags 

Last but not least, the use of hashtags is back with the recent Instagram algorithm update. You can use hashtags to let your followers easily find certain topics and posts. It is another way to gain more followers. 

However, you should create and use hashtags that share the meaning of your business. If you sell beauty products but use the “mobile recovery” hashtag, you will get no results from this approach. 


Instagram is a great way of promoting small businesses. You can use a wide variety of options to improve your business performance through it. 

Instagram allows businesses to place ads and collaborate with influencers. You can use hashtags, create reels, engage followers on stories and expand your network through Instagram. Instagram can largely help your marketing strategy to promote your small business. 

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