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How To Start A Digital Marketing Company In India!

It is great that you are thinking to How To Start A Digital Marketing Company In India. This is the best time to enter the digital marketing industry. If you refer to research, it is one of the fastest growing industries because every small or large enterprise is investing in digital marketing and digital advertising.

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According to government data, reports indicate that the digital marketing industry is growing ten times faster than the traditional economy.

How To Start A Digital Marketing Company

So, friends, without losing time, get the complete information about how to start a Digital Marketing Company.

How To Start A Digital Marketing Company In India!

But if you do not know where and how to start, through this post I will get to know some of the most important points for setting up a new digital marketing company in India. Fundamentals are required to start a digital marketing company.

1. Create a Name

First of all, you have to create the name of your business ie Brandon. As our brand name is Oflox. Similarly, you have to create and select a unique name for your brand.

2. Create a Logo

As visual effects are greater on humans, what we see stays with us more. The logo must be unique and appropriate to your brand name. This helps in bringing the brand back quickly.

3. Create a Website

After selecting the company name and logo, next comes the website of the company which requires you to purchase a domain name. The site needs to showcase the best of its creativity for digital marketing clients, as this will be your company’s first impression.

4. Create Social Media Accounts

Build your company’s presence on every social media channel. Update social media channels with professional content. This should be the key factor so that there are many choices to be made to become a successful digital marketing company in India.

5. Google Partner Certification

Now apply for Google Certification to become a Google Partner. Initially, you can become a Google Certified Professional and display this badge on your website. Next, you need to plan the position of GOOGLE PARTNER.

After attaining Google Partner status, you will have access to many benefits including special events and training, industry research, certifications and more. They can be highlighted on your website, social media and business cards. Please read the eligibility criteria for Google Partner.

6. The Growth Of Digital Marketing In India

As per the report after the introduction of 4G services in India, Internet users have increased manifold. According to recent statistics, 50% of Indian users are online. Urban Internet user penetration is the highest, and Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities are growing at a steady rate.

We have millions of small and medium scale industries in India that need digital marketing services. A digital marketing agency can focus on these businesses to bring their business online.

7. Facts Don’t Lie, Why Digital Is Important:)

  • When anyone is looking for online services, 93% of users start on the search engine to find what they want.
  • Facebook has 260 million users in India alone
  • YouTube is one of the most popular social networks with over 1.5 billion users using it every month.
  • Quora has the second largest user base in India.

8. Investment Required

Call on investment should be taken according to your financial backup. All the expenses of the company have to be kept in mind for six months or until the company makes a profit.

You will need Rs 1-10 lakh to set up a company and hire the required number of employees. This amount is required to set up your digital marketing agency and make it functional.

9. Checklist Of Office Setup

  1. Rental Space Advance Payment
  2. Interior and office furniture
  3. System / laptop
  4. Online tools for digital marketing
  5. Marketing investment
  6. Domain Name and Hosting Cost
  7. Company registration fee
  8. A backup amount for the company’s six-month expenses

Alternative Options:) You can also start your office in a co-working space which will reduce your investment cost. In India, we have a number of co-working space companies that provide space on a per seat basis, private cabins etc.

10. Government Registration & Taxation

To start a marketing agency it is necessary to register your company as per state / central laws. Most companies can choose any of the following options.

Types Of Registration:)

  1. Udyog Aadhar
  2. Proprietorship
  3. Partnership Firm
  4. OPC (One Person Company)
  5. Private Limited Company

11. Taxation & Accounting

The information given here is not legal advice, in this we have tried to provide you an overview of tax in India.

12. Types of Taxes

  • Direct Tax or Income Tax
  • Indirect Tax (GST) – Tax on Consumption
  • Tax Deduction on Payments made by you to your vendors or employees

13. Current Account For Company

For all future transactions, it is necessary to open a current account in any bank with the company name.

Note: Dealing with accounting and taxation requires you to maintain books of accounts and records of all expenses and income generated by you, which can be consulted by a chartered accountant for clear explanation and management.

We hope that this blog has helped answer your questions related to setting up a digital marketing company in India. Best wishes for all your ventures.

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