5+ Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A New Logo!

Are you a Graphic Designer? And want to know about common mistakes in logo design, then today I am going to tell you about 5+ Logo Design Mistakes. So if you want to know about it, then keep reading this post today.

As you all know, that In the brand design universe, a logo plays an important role in personifying your brand. When a business goes through many changes, it is reflected by the changes made in the logo. For instance, when Apple wanted to change its image from a friendly and approachable tech company to a more sophisticated innovation powerhouse, it adopted a sleeker design.

We know that logos carry a lot of weight and responsibility for the brand’s image. Therefore, you must contemplate the things that need to be done with your logo design. If you are one of the aspiring entrepreneurs looking for how to make a modern logo for your brand, click here to discover how.

Logo Design Mistakes

However, while you are designing a modern logo for your business, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid at all costs. These mistakes will not only reduce the quality of your logo but also distort its meaning.

Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid When Designing A New Logo

Logos are the point of contact between the brands and customers, so the design of the logos needs to be flawless. But, alas, not every business can come with the best logos for their brands.

Every day, you see thousands of logos; some are more attractive than others. This is because some are designed after going through a thoughtful process, and some are plagued by countless mistakes. Some of the mistakes are just minor but have changed the whole meaning of what brands stand for.

That being said, when you are out there creating a logo for your business, be wary of these mistakes.

1. Drawing Your Own Business Logo

A business is not something that you are launching for yourself. Hence, there is no meaning in DIY a logo for your business; you need a professional for that. A logo is what defines your company’s goals and reputation. You cannot just create any logo for that.

Professionals are well versed in the things that need to be done while creating a brand’s logo. An unprofessional logo can destroy trust among potential customers.

2. Most Businesses Do Not Think How Customers Will See The Logo

Most businesses think that people will perceive the logo how they perceive it. No, that’s not how it is. Every individual has their own thinking process and sees things differently. Hence, your logo needs to be designed keeping the audiences in mind and now how you like your brand’s logo.

Before designing a logo, find out as much as you can about your customers, know their preferences, age, likes, and dislikes, so that you can develop an image that will appeal to them.

3. Chaotic Text Placements

Chaotic text placement in the logo is one of the major mistakes that every logo designer should avoid. Use of the right find and text placement decide how your logo is being presented to the audience.

Take Coca-Cola, for example. When the initial logo design was more cursive, it looked friendly, but today it is more straight, giving off a serious and business-like vibe.

4. Too Vibrant Colors

Colors have too much control over human emotions. If you’re not careful enough with the color palette you use in your logo, it can result in a severe mistake that can affect your brand significantly.

Clashing colors or colors that overlap with each other can distort those emotions. If you want your customers to connect with your brand on an emotional level, be inventive with the use of color in your logo.

5. Using Too Many Element

The harmony factor of a logo matters a lot. While there is no limit to how many elements you can use to create a logo, you must ensure that they complement each other to bring the best out of the logo.

Although every element is perfect on its own, they do not have to place the role of hero. The elements you will be using in your logo need to be generous enough to work together with the other elements. 

Avoid Making Mistakes!

Your logo is part of your branding techniques. Hence, you must ensure that you are avoiding these mistakes to come up with a brand logo that inspires your audience and stays relevant to your brand. And you can watch this video to know more about logo design mistakes.

So I hope that you must have known about these logo design mistakes to avoid designing a logo. And now if you want, you can also read this post related to graphic design.

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