What is Shift8 CDN? Is it safe or not, (Read full review)

If you want to know what is Shift8 CDN? Is it safe or not, then you read this Shift8 CDN review on this subject. And should this CDN be used, or not? Today we will talk about it.

CDN whose full name is a content delivery network. All the content available on your website like HTML, CSS, JS, Images, Audio, Video, etc. helps in the fast delivery and loading of the available formats.

If you are a blogger, developer and SEO expert, CDNs must know the importance. We often use CDNs to increase the content of our website. Using this, your website loads fast. That is why now a new CDN platform named Shift8 CDN has come in the online market.

shift8 cdn

So without losing time, we quickly get enough information about this free Shift8 content delivery network.

What is Shift8 CDN?

Shift8 CDN is a 100% free CDN. Which is a service of Shift8, a web development company based in Toronto, Canada. This CDN supports WordPress, Larvel, and Drupal 8. It is very easy to set up and use. Read these steps for more information.

  1. Register for an account by CLICKING HERE
  2. Once your account is activated, go to the Shift8 CDN dashboard and click “Create Site
  3. Enter your site URL exactly as it appears (i.e. https://www.yoursite.com) and click “Add
  4. Once added successfully, click “View” to view the site details and copy the API key and CDN prefix
  5. Install this WordPress plugin and activate
  6. Go to the plugin settings page (Shift8 > CDN Settings) and enter the site URL, API key, and CDN prefix and then click “Save Changes
  7. Once saved, you can click the “Check” button to ensure everything matches the Shift8 CDN system.
  8. Click the “Test URL” to ensure it actually works and if so, click “Enable Shift8 CDN” at the top of the settings page to enable. You can use this to quickly disable if there are any problems.

And if you have not yet understood how to set it up. So for that you can watch this video.

Hopefully, after reading the above videos and steps, you must have understood how to activate this CDN on your WordPress website.

Shift8 CDN Review?

Guys, This CDN is very easy to use. And you can easily set up it in your WordPress etc. website easily. But I do not recommend it. Because before writing this post I set up this CDN on a new demo website. After that this CDN gave all the CSS and JavaScript automatic disables of my website.

So this means, this way this CDN can enter any data of your website. So I doubt that this free CDN is not safe for your website. Because right now only more than 1000 website owners use this CDN in the whole world.

But at the moment, it may be in development mode, but still, I will not be able to use it on your successful and professional website and blog. If you want, you can try it on your small and portfolio, etc. website.


Is Shift8 CDN free?

Yes, this CDN is absolutely free. And you can add 2 websites for free.

Is this Shift8 CDN safe?

According to me this is not CDN safe. And I do not even recommend using it.

Is this cloudflare alternative?

No, this is not an alternative to cloudflare at all. Because it is a small platform right now.

Which country is the shift8 CDN.

shift8 CDN is a service of Shift8, a web development company based in Toronto, Canada

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So, friends, I hope that you will now belong to this CDN, and if you have questions and suggestions related to it now, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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