(30+) Website Like Photofunia For Free (Full Details)

In today’s post, I will tell you about (30+) Website Like Photofunia For Free (Full Details), so if you also want to know about these photofunia alternative, then keep reading this post.

First of all let me tell you that PhotoFunia is an easy-to-use online photo editing tool, which is from Moscow, Russia. This is a free website. Where you can make very good automatic funny and professional photos using your photos.

It does not do photo editing itself. Because AI Automatic of this website automatically gives your photo and text etc. automatic setup in its pre build frame.

Website Like Photofunia

So without losing time, let’s quickly talk about these (30+) Website Like Photofunia For Free. And which websites are they from, get complete information about them.

(30+) Website Like Photofunia For Free (Full Details)

As you all know, Photofunia is one of the best online funny photo editing tools. Which is from the country of Moscow, Russia. And it was created on Aug 11, 2007. But if photofunia wants to know about the same website. So it is. List of them all.

1. Fun Photo Box

On Fun Photo Box you can also get different frames like Photofunia,

Fun Photo Box

2. Photo505

On Photo505 also you can make different types of photos like Photofunia, and Fun Photo Box.


3. Loonapix

Loonapix also works like Photofunia. And it is also one of the best alternative to Photofunia.


4. Write On It

Through Write On It you can write anything text on your photo. And it can be downloaded for free without watermark.

Write On It

5. Picjoke

Picjoke is a larger website than Photofunia. Because there is more than this and attractive frame is available


6. Anymaking

Anymaking also works like Photofunia, but the frame here is not much. But that is it. She is very good


7. ImageChef

The imagechef also has the same frame as Photofunia, but not much. This is how it works.


8. Funny Photo

Funny Photo has over 600+ creative photo frames, effects and filters.

Funny Photo

9. Fake Magazine Cover

Through Fake Magazine Cover, you can create Magazine Cover.

Fake Magazine Cover

10. Festisite

On Festisite you can make logo, certificate, tickets, and documents etc. That too from readymade frames.


11. Faceinhole

Through the faceinhole, you can use your face and place it in these frames. Which is quite attractive.

Note:) The rest of the 19 websites have been closed by their owners at present. But as soon as it starts again, we will add them to this list.

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