What Are Triggered Emails? And How Do They Work: Full Guide!

If you are an email marketer, then I will tell you, What Are Triggered Emails? And How Do They Work So if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article? Because I am going to provide you with complete information about this, so let’s start.

As you all know, email marketing is used a lot in today’s time. Because this is also a part of digital marketing. But when we do email marketing, we sometimes face Triggered Emails. That’s why today I am going to tell you in detail, What Are Triggered Emails? And How Do They Work?

Ever received an email from a company unexpectedly on your birthday? Or an email thanking you after you’ve purchased a company’s products? These emails are referred to as triggered emails. They help you send your message across at the right time. They also help you increase customer engagement and establish a personal connection with customers. 

What Are Triggered Emails

This blog will elaborate on what triggered emails are and how they work. We will also list several types of triggered emails to offer you a better insight. 

So, without further ado, let us dive right in.

What are Triggered Emails?

Triggered emails are sent to customers based on their activity on a company’s website. In other words, they are automated emails based on consumer behavior. These emails are sent on several preset conditions. Examples include getting customers to sign up for a company’s services, making purchases, among others. 

Triggered email are beneficial to companies in many ways. Consider the image below:

Triggered Emails

Triggered emails do not only help companies experience an increase in revenue, but they also boost conversion rates. 

How do triggered emails work? 6 Sequences You Can Try…

To get the most out of the triggered emails you send out, you need to understand how they work. Below we will discuss some sequences that can help make your campaign a success and avoid making common email marketing mistakes. 

1. Abandoned cart emails 

Abandoned cart emails or in other words, abandonment emails, are emails that businesses send to customers who didn’t end up finishing making a purchase. 

These emails can be the final nudge customers need to complete their purchase. They can also help customers change their minds about buying products and boost sales. 

The image below is a great example of an abandonment email:

triggered email marketing

Clothing company Jack Wills doesn’t make the potential customer feel bad for not finishing their purchase but decides to help them out instead. They say “Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You”, and this can make customers feel like they’re valued.

Leads are sent to a sales page created with a landing page builder.

2. Birthday emails 

These kinds of triggered emails are the best way to win your subscriber’s heart. After all, who doesn’t like receiving birthday wishes? They can make customers feel like they were remembered on their special day. That can help enhance a brand’s image.

Consider sending birthday emails with a special discounted offer on your products or services. Not only will this motivate subscribers to buy, but it can also increase brand loyalty. 

The image below is a classic example of a birthday email: 

Birthday emails

The birthday email is designed like an e-card. It also offers subscribers a birthday gift of discounted products. That can instantly grab their attention. 

3. Welcome emails

These are some of the most important kinds of emails. Research by GetResponse has found the open rate for welcome emails to be 82%. However, to get the most out of welcome emails, you need to design and word them appropriately. 

If you’re a sales manager looking to increase your ROI (return on investment), welcome emails can act as your gateway. 

Keep the text concise and to the point. Briefly tell subscribers about the company. Adding links to social media pages can help, too. Moreover, have an “unsubscribe” link and a straightforward call to action (CTA). 

Here is an example of a welcome email:

Welcome emails

The message is concise, and the smiling picture of the woman has a welcoming aura on its own. Moreover, they let the customers know they’ll be sending more emails and update them with their relevant social media accounts. 

4. Reactivation emails

Reactivation emails are automated emails that are mainly sent to inactive subscribers. Oftentimes, subscribers tend to become inactive. A reactivation email can motivate them to return. You can set up a reactivation campaign that sends out these emails every six months to inactive subscribers. 

Here’s an example of a reactivation email:

Reactivation emails

The email is straightforward, and the line “It’s been a while…” perfectly aligns with the intention of the email. 

5. Feedback emails

Feedback emails are worth including in your triggered email campaign. You send these emails when customers make purchases, follow events, attend webinars, download content, and so on. If you are a B2B business, you can also use recurring emails in gmail to get regular feedback from your clients. 

Not only do feedback emails help you collect valuable feedback from your target audience, but they can also help you understand which gaps you need to fill. Understanding how you can do better next time is pivotal in meeting customers’ future needs. Such emails can also make customers feel like their opinions matter to you. 

Below is an example of a feedback email:

Feedback emails

Lyft sent out this feedback email after customers used their app. They kept it short, thanked their customers, and let them know that their opinion was valued by them. 

6. Order confirmation emails

Order confirmation emails make customers who have purchased your products feel safe. One of the reasons behind this is because of the increasing amount of hackers and rising fraudulence today. It can be comforting to know you got what you paid for. 

Order confirmation emails also let customers know when to expect their product delivery. It can give them the option to track their orders, too. 

Here’s an example of an order confirmation email from FleetFarm:

Order confirmation emails

FleetFarm’s order confirmation email is brief and to the point. They also include a customer service number that customers can call. The email even includes offers of other products that the customer can potentially buy. 


Email marketing is a great way to reach out to customers on a personal level. Triggered emails can help you do that even better. Whether it’s a birthday, reactivation, or feedback email you send out to customers, it will always make them feel valued in your eyes. 

As a business owner, your main goal is not only to expand your customer base but also to have a loyal one. To do that, you need to have a strategy in place. Do your research, weigh your options, understand the needs and language of your target audience.

You’ll have your triggered emails stand out in their inbox! 

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