What Is Cyber Crime & What Are The Types of Cyber Crimes!

What is Cyber Crime and can you be jailed? If you use the internet, then you should know how to avoid cybercrime so that there is no attack with us.

In this, if a person is caught doing illegal activity, then he may have to walk around the court office. So do not commit any crime on the internet and be careful yourself. So let’s first talk about cybercrime.

What Is Cyber Crime?

We cannot doubt that Internet is spreading rapidly in the whole world day by day. People of all ages, castes, religions, regions use the Internet today because of many facilities like Shopping, E-study, e-news, Internet Banking, e-mails, locating location or know about anything. If you want to do this, we first search on the Internet.

What Is Cyber Crime

But every coin has two aspects and there are some good people in the world and some bad ones. So there is something similar on the internet where a lot of people are good as well as some bad.

If we steal information on the internet or say in other words, use any information and hack it wrongly, then this fraud done by those hackers is called cyber crime.

Types of Cyber Crimes!

We have learned about Cyber Crime. So let us now know about the types of Cyber Crime. Which is as follows.

1. Hacking

Hacking is the most prevalent crime in the world of Internet, probably its name will be heard again and again. You have a website, a blog and if a hacker has hacked it, then he can change everything according to his wish or delete all your data.

2. Denial of Service Attack

This attack is also used on the website or web hosting itself, in which all the service given to the user is unavailable and then the user is unable to do anything.

3. Virus Dissemination

You will probably be well aware of this word, when a virus comes in your computer, your computer automatically starts running some programs that you are not running.

In the same way, on the website on the Internet, as soon as you download something, the virus also comes with it and all your information gets leaked, which the hacker can also misuse on their own.

4. Computer Forgery

You must have heard the name of a digital locker, a scheme of your Digital India, otherwise you can read the post about what is digital. This is such a scheme where we keep all our documents on the Internet after verification and after that we can download them from anywhere.

Or you can send it to any office, even if the security is not right, then your documents can be stolen.

5. Credit Card Fraud

Now it is the time of the Internet, so we buy a lot of things from the internet and pay from our credit card itself, but sometimes what happens is that as soon as you enter the detail of your credit card, hacker hack that detail Takes and can rob all your money, this is also a very big cyber crime.

6. Phishing

Phishing means catching fish, the same technique is used on the Internet to know the ID and password of the people who play them.

There is a website which has to enter ID and Password to login (facebook, twitter, any bank site or any other site), then the same page is designed and its link is sent, whose details are stolen. Then when they open it and ask to log in, then they are not logged in and their ID and password goes to the hacker.

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The way to avoid this is, whenever you enter your Eid password in a site, check the url before it is correct only when you enter your details.

The OTP that is used is to avoid this, so that even if someone runs your ID and password, they also have to enter the OTP that comes on your mobile.

If you accidentally give your details to a fishing site, change your password immediately after that.

7. E-mail Spoofing

This means that to send the wrong data to anyone in your name or to send such dirty things to anyone or something that you are not sending, or if you have made some wrong comment on something, then the user would have a problem. It is also in cyber crime itself.

These were mainly the cyber attacks which are most commonly done, apart from this there are other cyber crimes like:

  • Cyber stalking.
  • Threatening.
  • Salami attack.
  • Financial crime.
  • Cyber Pornography.
  • Online gambling.
  • Cyber defamation.
  • Intellectual Property crime… etc

After exploring the various types of cybercrimes, it’s crucial to recognize that these are not just unethical actions but also illegal ones, carrying serious legal consequences. Individuals caught engaging in such activities may face prosecution, leading to court trials and possible imprisonment.

Additionally, it’s also important to understand the penal system’s processes, including inmate status. This knowledge can be particularly relevant for those who have been affected by cybercrimes, either directly or indirectly.

For a deeper understanding of these processes, including how to determine an inmate’s release date, you can refer to this comprehensive article. This added knowledge offers insights into the legal proceedings following a cybercrime conviction. With this understanding, let’s delve into some essential security tips to help protect yourself from becoming a victim of these cybercrimes.

Your security Tips:)

To avoid these, you can use Antivirus. Which is the best, it is not that you install an antivirus that is sending your information to someone, so check and use the antivirus only after checking the review.

Keep changing your password from time to time within 3-4 months.

Do not put information of credit card on any unsecured website.

Whoever has the unnecessary software installed in your computer, remove them, sometimes it happens that you install one software and two more are installed with it, then remove those which are not working software.

You might heard about the Virtual Private Network (VPN). It’s one of the best online security tools nowadays. There are free and paid services. But experts suggest to use those premium paid providers. If budget is your concern, there are great VPN deals being offered online regularly.

So friends, I hope that you now know what Is Cyber Crime & What Are the Types of Cyber Crimes! If you still have any questions and suggestions about it. So you can tell us in the comment box below.