What Is Voice Search Optimization, Definition, Tips & Strategy?

In this post today, I am going to tell you about “What Is Voice Search Optimization (VSO), Definition, Tips & Strategy”, so if you want to know about all these, then keep reading this post today.

Friends Voice Search is a feature that has suddenly brought a revolution in the world of Internet. With the help of this Voice Search, searching or browsing anything on the Internet has become very easy. In this case, people are more educated or not, it does not matter.

Because in earlier times the same people used to use internet. Those who were a little educated, who had little knowledge of English. But since Voice Search Feature was added to Search Engine. Since then, there has been a revolution.

What Is Voice Search Optimization

Because now people mostly prefer not to write but to write. Similarly, when we do some search on Google, then to avoid typing, we search through Voice Search. In today’s time, Voice Search OptimizationThat is known as VSO.

What Is Voice Search Optimization?

Voice Search Optimization is a function. With the help of which you can search anything easily by speaking. By the way, if you are using the internet for a long time, then you must have made some type in the search box before searching anything.

But with time, Internet also became Advance. And the search engine (Google, Yaahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu) working through the internet also added a new function Voice Search to its Search Feature.

After the rollout of this function, the highest number of searches has been seen so far. So this means that people find this function very useful and easy. So the search engine has upgraded by making it more advanced.

What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice Search SEO is a part of On Page SEO. Which was not done earlier. But since Voice Search Function has come, people use Voice Search to avoid searching by typing.

So if you are a blogger and website owner. Then you should also take Voice Search SEO. So that you all continue to get the organic traffic of your website in this changing era.

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It is generally seen in today’s time that most people who do not write either. Or if he does not want to write, then to avoid him, he takes Voice Search. And then whatever result comes after that, they use it

Now whether the Oh result is correct or not, they click on it. So that’s why whenever you do On Page SEO of your website, page and article, you should also do Voice Search SEO as well.

So friends, now let’s talk about this Voice Search SEO Topic. Because we know what Voice Search is? So, it becomes very important to know this too. If you are a Publisher or Blogger. First of all, know how Search Engine works. Here we are going to take the example of Google Search Engine. If any Blogger or Publisher publishes anything (Article, Video) on Search Engine, then the search engine sees those results as a result. People who search related to the keywords you have targeted.

By the way, Search Engine has a lot of working and very huge processes. But the search engine is able to give us answers to the quiery we have searched in a few moments very quickly. To go to this, you have to find more information on the Internet.

So friends, in today’s time, it is very important to know about SEO for a Blogger or a Publisher. This SEO full name is Search Engine Optimization. That is, optimizing the content we publish according to the Guidelines of Search Engine, which we know as SEO in simple language.

So now a trend has started which we nowadays also know as Voice Search SEO. Friends, this Voice Search SEO is going to be more advanced in the present and coming times. In such a situation, people have started optimizing their Blog or Website Contents for Voice Search SEO Optimized.

Because they know very well how important a Voice Search SEO is to their blog. According to a survey, from the year 2019 to the month of May in May, 59% Searches were done only and only through this Voice Search. So according to this you can guess how much contribution of this Voice Search SEO can be to your blog.

How To Do Voice Search SEO?

So now it comes to how we voice search optimization of our blog? Because whoever is a blogger. He does only Onpage SEO and Off Page SEO of his blog. But this module is outdated. And now the era of Voice Search SEO Optimization has arrived. That is, according to searching the lyrics of the people, we have to optimize our blog. So that in Voice Search Result, our post will show and rank easily.

By the way, no such strategy has been rolled out yet. Nevertheless, we can complete this Voice Search SEO Optimization for Blog only in our own way keeping in mind some SERP Queries. So below I have shared some Voice Search SEO Optimization Points with you.

1. Keyword Research for Voice Search SEO

So first of all, if any post or article has to be ranked on any search engine. So for this, we have to do keywords research first. Keyword Research is the most important part of Blogging. So you will get lots of free and Paid Tools for keyword research.

Question keywords – If you want to make your Blogpost Voice Search SEO Optimized. o For this, you have to use question keywords first. That is, we have to search such keywords that are related to a question. In these question keywords, you have to use words like “how, what, when, why, where,”.

Long-tail keywords – Now many people must have started thinking what is this long-tail keywords? So let me tell you that we know keywords with more than 5 words under the name Long-tail keywords. If you want to rank your blog post quickly, then use this long-tail keywords in your post.

If spoken in a way, these keywords are a Complete Sentence. For example, “chicken biryani kaise banaye in hindi” is a long-tail keyword. So you have to use such keywords.

Filler words – By this filler words I mean those short-tail keywords. Which we often use while talking. So in these filler words, we get to see keywords like “I, the, of the, on the, to, for,”. You must definitely use these filler words while completing any paragraph.

2. Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content

So friends if you have already written your blog post. So you will have to Re-Imagine and Restructure Your Content. Because the content you wrote has been completely OutDated. So you have to update your article. By the way, people re-imagine and Content Restructure in many different ways. But you have to add some New Contents and New Schema in your post.

If you use Schema in your blog post, then there is more possibility of coming in the ranking list of the post. If we talk about Schema, then in recent times, we get to see the most effective Blog Post from the FAQ Schema. So you must always use Ask-Asked Questions (FAQs) in your blog. Also, what is going on in the mind of people to their blog post? According to that, imagine and restructure the content.

3. Use Conversational Language for Content

Do you know what is this Conversational Language? If you do not know, then let me tell you that we know the name of the Conversational Language in which we talk. And according to an Online Servey, 78% of the Conversational Language is used in this Voice Search.

So according to this, you will also have to use Conversational Words in your blog content to make Voice Search SEO Optimized your content. This is one of the most hidden SEO tricks. People do not have much information about this trick.

You have to add such queries to your content which people search by talking in common language. That is, you have to build your content according to the intentions of the people. For this, your content should be in Hindi or another language. You have to understand the searcher’s intent of the logo.

4. Improve Content Readability

So guys, we are going to talk about that branch of SEO. Which we know as Content Readability. Let me tell you that Content Readability is one of the Best SEO Branch. Which we should always keep in mind while writing our content.

We can easily check this Content Readability with the help of any SEO Plugin like Yoast SEO Plugin. We should always write an article keeping this Readability Score in mind. Because according to Google’s Latest Algorithm, this readability score contributes a lot in ranking any post.

So friends, if you want to do Voice Search SEO Optimization of your blog post, then you have to convert the content readability score of your post to Green Traffic Light. Because this green light is a symbol that our post is passing the ranking factors.

5. Improve Loading Time of Your Website

As we know that in recent year Google had done an Algorithm roll-out. In which Google had clearly told that from now on if a post has to be ranked on Google search engine. So the speed of your website should be very good.

That means you should have Page Speed ​​3 Second. That is, if your website is loaded within 3 Second. So your website Ranking Factor has passed one more step. So you should always keep in mind that your website loading time should always be improved.

Nowadays, many themes are very hard. Due to which the loading time of the website is very high. In such a situation, Google has launched the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Feature. So you too can implement this AMP in your blog.

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Voice Search SEO Optimization – FAQs

Should we do Voice Search SEO in our blog?

Yes, if you want to become a carer in Blogging, then you have to go with the time and Blogging SEO Updates. So, Voice Search SEO is going to be very popular in the coming times.

How can we do Voice Search SEO Optimization?

By the way, no specific strategy has been released for this Voice Search SEO Optimization yet. But still I have shared some factors with you in this article above regarding this voice search seo.

Does Website Speed Matter for Voice Search SEO?

Yes, if your website loading speed is less than 3 second, then your website is eligible for voice search seo.

So friends, I hope that now you know about “What Is Voice Search Optimization (VSO), Definition, Tips & Strategy”. So apart from this, if you still have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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