(10 Reasons) Why Godaddy Hosting Is Bad | Full Explain!

In today’s post, I will tell you 10 Reasons that Why Godaddy Hosting Is Bad, so if you want to get full information about all these, then keep reading this post today.

As you all know, Godaddy is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. About which we all know And also use its services.

But let me tell you that people who have the right information related to IT, Software and digital marketing industry. Or he is their expert. So they make you feel like using Godaddy’s hosting.

Why Godaddy Hosting Is Bad

So what are those things, and what are those reasons. Which is why people avoids using Godaddy Hosting. So let’s quickly understand all these Reasons without wasting time.

(10 Reasons) Why Godaddy Hosting Is Bad?

As you all know, Godaddy is a known name. And and most of the websites available on the Internet use the services of Godaddy. And let me tell you, all the services of Godaddy are correct, but the hostof Godaddy is the most useless. Why am I saying this? Read these steps to know about it.

1. Pricing

Pricing of Godaddy hosting plan is very high. And if seen, their pricing is much higher than the plan of another company. So this is the first reason.

2. Storage

You get very less storage in these hosting plans. So if seen, in the plan of the same price, other companies give you a lot more storage. So that you can easily store more file on your server. And So this is the second most reason.

3. Databases

In these plans of Godaddy you get very less Databases and Databases Storage. So that we cannot upload very large databases to our server. Nor can databases be created. So this is the third reason.

4. Bandwidth

Most people ask me, (Why Godaddy Hosting Is Bad) is the biggest reason for this, Bandwidth? because This is the largest and most important reason not to use Godaddy host. Why Bandwidth works by transferring information from your server to the user visiting your website. And if that data is not transferred between the user and the server, then the user will not visit the website. or the bounce rate will increase. And all this is due to Bandwidth, because it gives Unmetered Bandwidth. Not Unlimited?

5. Physical Memory

Physical Memory ie RAM? This helps in the loading speed of your website. You get only 512 MB. While other companies give you 2GB. So this is also one of the biggest reasons. That people do not use godady hosting.

6. Backup

You do not get Backup in any plan of godaddy. And if your website crashes, deletes, and gets hacked. So you have to pay them to take back the backup. So that’s why you have to make a backup at Godaddy yourself. But other companies offer the facility of Automated Backup. And in case of any problem, they also help for free.

7. Sub-Domains

In any small plan of godaddy, you can not use them by making sub-domains. But apart from this, their competitors allow to create and use Unlimite Sub-Domains.

8. Email Accounts 

You do not get free email accounts in any small host plan of godaddy. And if found, in a large hosting plan? And if you want more email accounts, then you have to pay. But other companies give you more than 1 free email account. Which you can use for free.

9. Website Migration

At today’s time, many new hosting providers provide you with Free Website Migration service. While this service is not in godaddy. But this Godaddy help in other things besides this. But it also takes a lot of time. So this is also a reason.

10. SSL Certificate

It does not offer free SSL Certificate in any of its small plans. If you want an SSL Certificate, you will have to buy it. While other companies offer free SSL certificates with those hosting, some companies also offer unlimited SSL certificates? Yet there is an important reason.


Is Godaddy A Good Hosting Site?

No, Godaddy Is Not A Good Hosting Site & Company because here you get poor quality hosting. While at the same price, other companies offer you much better and more hosting.

Is Godaddy Web Hosting Good?

No, godaddy company hosting is not good. It provides very poor quality hosting. Read the post for more information.

Is Godaddy Good?

Apart from godaddy hosting, all their services are perfect. Because godaddy offers you poor and low quality hosting. That too at a very high price.

Is Godaddy Hosting Good?

No, godaddy hosting is not good. Because here you get low quality and later hosting. Which according to me is not good.

is godaddy hosting slow?

Yes, godaddy hosting is slow, because here you get very less Physical Memory (RAM) and Bandwidth. Due to which the website created on godaddy hosting works slow.

is godaddy hosting good for wordpress?

No, godaddy hosting for wordpress is not good. Because their hosting website cannot control the input request of the user. And the website becomes very slow. Sometimes a WordPress website crashes. So that’s why godaddy hosting is not right for WordPress.

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