100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary Per Month | With Full Report?

Are you a beginner YouTuber? Or want to become a YouTuber. And if you want to know about 100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary Per Month in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, & South Africa, Etc. then you have come to the right post because I am going to explain it to you with a full report. So whether you are a YouTuber with funny content or a fitness YouTuber trying to offer online personal training, below are the details.

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As you all know, by uploading videos on YouTube, in today’s time thousands of YouTubers are earning millions and crores of rupees. Also, many of them do not even know exactly how much they are earning per month after hitting 100k subscribers. But gone are the days when this was an issue for youtube stars. This is due to the proposal of a free online average monthly salary calculator by calculator-online.net. No matter if any of you is a famous YouTuber and are earning millions of billions of dollars, the free average monthly salary calculator is right here to help you out in calculating your monthly or yearly salaries from youtube.

And this is indeed a great advantage not only for YouTubers but for every other person who is running a successful business in his/her country.  So if you also have such a talent. Using that talent, you can earn a lot of money by publishing video content on YouTube, thus, emphazing the importance of informal training.

However, you need to enter your talent-related keywords on a reverse image search tool that helps you to get better visual ideas of what makes your YouTube channel popular. Also, you can use this image search tool that lets you find out the most famous YouTubers and their abilities, as well as how they became successful on YouTube if you want to learn what kind of ability they have and how they earn money from their talent.

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But if you, friends, relatives, and favorite YouTubers have 100K subscribers ie 100000 subscribers have been completed. If you want to know the earnings of that YouTuber, after all, how much money that YouTuber earns, then I will tell you. And if you want to know about Best SMM Panel, Then smmraja.com is best.

100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary

So without any time lost, we get to know 100k subscribers on youtube salary per year and 100k subscribers on youtube salary per month. And how much money they earn. And get complete information about it.

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100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary Per Month!

As you all know, in today’s time we can earn a lot of money from YouTube sitting at home. And many people around us also earn money from YouTube. And they earn not much less but much more money.

In today’s time, everyone tries YouTube first to make money online. And here some people succeed with their luck. Or most people are not able to become successful YouTubers even after taking a lot of effort. And fails on YouTube. So let’s now get to know about 1 lakh subscribers on youtube money without losing time.

Friends most people ask me, there are 100k subscribers youtube earnings, and 100k subscribers on youtube money, so today I am going to answer the question of all such people. And I have put this answer in 3 parts. The first advertisement is Google Adsense. And the second is promotion. And the third is affiliate marketing.

1. Google AdSense!

Subscribers, like, comment and share, etc. do not matter to earn money through AdSense on YouTube. Only YouTube views matter there. The more views your video gets. So Adsense will give you that much money.

That is why we cannot find the salary of a YouTuber from the subscriber. We can find this only from the views on his video. And currently how much youtube pays for 1 million views in India that we have described below.

Channel CategoryEarning (approx)
1. Comedy Channel$300- $400
2. Music Channel$100- $150
3. Tech Channel$200- $300
4. Roasting Channel$250- $400
5. Food channel$100- $150
6. Gaming channel$100- $200

The approx given above is given by Google Adsense. Which depends only on the views of the video. That is why we cannot find out the Average Salary of a YouTuber with 100K Subscribers, because of how many videos they may have on their YouTube channel, and whether those videos are popular or not.

But you can see the approx monthly salary of that channel through the SocialBlade tool. Which will only be from Google AdSense. But if you are looking for an SEO company for your website, then you can contact search engine optimization agency Melbourne.

2. Promotion!

Promotion is the best way to earn money from YouTube after Google Adsense. Here YouTubers earn more money than AdSense. Because only the YouTuber knows the amount that YouTuber gets on promotion. Because by promoting the brand here, you can get thousands to millions of rupees from just one video.

And you can not find this promotional earning in any tool. Because there is no tool available for this yet. Nor can any tool detect this promotional earning.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a good way to earn money after advertising and promotion on YouTube. Here, which brand does your favorite YouTuber associate? And what is his commission? Or can not be applied. Because we do not know. How long has he been doing affiliate marketing? And how much commission does he get from there?

So just like earning a promotion video, how much money do YouTubers earn from Affiliate Marketing. We cannot ascertain its exact information. And if you need Free YouTube subscribers then visit ytmonster.net


So, friends, we cannot find out the average monthly salary of a YouTuber. Because he does not know how to earn money through YouTube, YouTube AdSense, promotion, affiliate, donation, etc. So that’s why we cannot find out the average monthly salary, average salary, and average earnings of any YouTuber.

But if YouTuber has 1 million subscribers. So he must have earned about 1 lakh rupees every month. More than that, where and how much money does Youtuber make? This is what only YouTubers can tell about it. And to get more information on this subject, you can watch this video.

Hope you have seen this video. And must have received good information on this subject. Apart from this, you can read these other posts of ours.

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So, friends, I hope that now you have come to know about your question about 100k Subscribers on YouTube Salary Per Month & Per Year, Apart from this, if you still have any questions and pleasures, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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  1. The math here is wrong. We earn 3000-12000 usd per million views. Sponsors pay between 1000-50000 usd. Not to mention donations and channel memberships.

  2. The math here is wrong. We earn 3000-12000 usd per million views. Sponsors pay between 1000-50000 usd. Not to mention donations and channel memberships.

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