5+ Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working!

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Almost every business owner knows the importance of creating a digital marketing strategy. That is why most of them try to develop such plans and actively implement them in practice. However, not everyone can achieve the expected results.

There are situations when the strategy is based on all the latest trends in marketing but does not live up to expectations. Moreover, the cost of promotion significantly exceeds the return. We suggest you determine which mistakes lead to such consequences, and how to eliminate them.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Today’s article focuses on the same, i.e., “5+ Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working” The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know.

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5+ Reasons Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Isn’t Working!

1. The CTAs you have created are not convincing to your visitors

Calls to action are an essential part of the plan because they are the ones that result in lead generation and conversions. These can be phrases in the following formats: “Subscribe!”, “Call us!”, “Download the product!” or “Leave an application on the website!”. Sometimes general phrases work.

However, situations often occur when they do not convince potential visitors. A common reason is that the visitor simply does not understand what they are getting from clicking the button. Given this, it is worth working more deeply on this component. To begin with, you need to analyze the entire path that leads to the call, and then compare it to the need of the potential customer.

In an ideal situation, the call to action should become an organic continuation of this path and unobtrusively suggest a profitable solution. It is also important to take care of the design of such a button. To find the optimal solution, it is worth testing several options.

Here’s a prime example of offering a profitable solution in your CTA: Jobber’s final CTA in their HVAC License Guide. Before the CTA button, it says “Get organized, win jobs, and wow customers. Try Jobber for 14 days to see how easy running your HVAC business can be” with a CTA button that says “Try Jobber – it’s free!” Now that’s convincing. 

2. Lack of a clear plan

When considering this reason, it is worth starting with Smart Insights statistics. It states that 45% of companies do not have a clear plan for digital marketing activities. This means that the digital strategy in most of them exists only formally, and in practice, consecutive steps are not taken to achieve the desired results. In this case, there can be no question of any development and increase in profit.

As for the reasons, it usually happens because of the lack of necessary knowledge. A digital marketing strategy is not just a step-by-step plan for carrying out certain promotional actions, but a full-fledged guideline. It should be created on the basis of an in-depth analysis of the potential audience, business characteristics, and other data. In addition, during the creation of a marketing strategy, testing of certain tools like content marketing platforms and task management software takes place. The best course of action is to work with professional digital brand solution providers as they have the knowledge and expertise to get you on the route of successful marketing and enhanced revenues. They know the ins and outs of digital marketing quite well and can track industry trends and apply modern practices to your business to ensure success.”

3. Placing ads on the wrong platforms

Another reason why a digital marketing strategy doesn’t work is using the wrong platforms to engage with potential audiences. It often happens that all marketing efforts are directed to popular sites and web resources with high traffic. However, such efforts do not give the desired result.

This usually happens because there are no representatives of your target audience. Under such conditions, there is a high risk of increasing useless marketing costs. To avoid this mistake and increase your ROI, you should first analyze your potential customers. It is necessary to determine interests, age, gender, and preferences. This information will allow you to determine which platforms they may be active on.

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4. Showing ads to uninterested users

For a digital marketing strategy to ensure success, you need to adjust all methods to show exactly the target audience. If ads and other tools are shown to people who are not interested in your product, then the result will be appropriate. An example of such a situation can be setting a target for a brand of cosmetics intended for aged skin without taking into account the age criterion.

In this case, advertising can be shown to young people who are not at all interested in such means. Another example can be the neglect of the budget criterion. This means that ads can be shown to people who simply cannot afford to buy the product being offered. Creating a detailed portrait of the target audience will help to correct the situation. Grow your brand and close more deals with a Popl digital business card.

5. Lack of a clear plan for promotion on social networks

Social media has long been an integral part of marketing plans, as it is one of the most effective communication channels. After all, they are developing at a rapid pace, and the number of users is constantly increasing. This is confirmed by Statista research. It states that in 2023 the number of registered accounts increased by 6.5%. This figure was 4.89 billion.

Considering the impressive figures, it becomes clear how important it is to make a statement about your brand on social networks. To do this, you need to have a clear step-by-step action plan. If it is not there, the following errors are often made:

  • excessively corporate profile;
  • lack of consistency in posting posts;
  • publication of uninteresting content that does not benefit the audience;
  • constant advertising and excessive praise of your brand;
  • ignoring comments and reviews;
  • lack of complete information about the brand;
  • ignoring analytics and tracking metrics.

In addition, in the absence of a clear plan for social networks, the visual design of the profile suffers. This is an important factor that affects the impression of potential customers. If you work on eliminating all these mistakes, use social media analytics tools and turn your accounts into additional sources of traffic and significantly increase conversion.

6. Poor quality user experience after a targeted action

For a digital marketing strategy to work, you need to ensure a quality interaction with a potential customer at all stages. We are talking only about those stages that precede the implementation of the target action, and about the entire process after it. That is, you need to think through all the steps of the sales funnel.

If these steps are uncomfortable or unclear for a potential client, there is a high probability of rejection. Only a comprehensive approach and study of all the features of the user experience will help to avoid it. The convenience of the interface, availability of hints, clear information, and other aspects are important. Looking for great, insider business networking tips? Check out Popl!


Having a digital marketing strategy is already a big step toward brand development and increasing profits. However, one should not forget about possible errors that can significantly reduce its effectiveness. If your plan is not working as you would like, or there are no results at all, then it is worth doing an analysis. The reasons for such consequences can be targeting the wrong users, the wrong choice of promotion platforms, low quality of user experience, and other factors.

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