Best Comment for YouTube Giveaway: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the Best Comment for YouTube Giveaway, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Giveaways are the promotional strategies used by various brands, content creators, affiliate marketers, and many others.

To be precise, for a single or multiple gifts, a single person is chosen among a group of people. It’s nothing but a marketing strategy and a fun process too, as you’ll interact with your audience for random talks. However, it is mostly done to grow the audience by presenting something to them.

Best Comment for YouTube Giveaway

So let’s get complete information about Best Comment for YouTube Giveaway without wasting any time, come on.

Need for giveaways

  • The ultimate aim of hosting any giveaway is to keep the subscribers/audiences engaged.
  • To let new audiences know of your existence. to increase the traffic of websites, tracking followers on Instagram, and views and comments on YouTube.
  • Interact with your audience. for promoting your brand.
  •  In the case of YouTube, your channel. Grab a lot of views in a short time.

Participating in Giveaways:

The process is always easy on any platform, so that more and more audiences get involved, ultimately leading to a lot of engagement.

However, there is no particular format for participating in a giveaway. It varies from creator to creator and depends on the tool they are using to create it.

But yeah, most of them have a common pattern for enrollment in giveaways; filling in your details, some questions on the creator’s content or his/her own self, and lastly, sharing it with your contacts or known ones.

How to Win a Giveaway?

For this single answer, you would have surfed across the internet and may have found some tricks and tactics to win the giveaway.

But let me be clear about one thing: there is no way to know who is going to be the winner. It’s a bitter truth. Whatever you have come across is just a blind prediction. 

In this article our main focus will be on YouTube, to let you aware of everything it takes :

Guidance For YouTube Promotional Giveaway:

Yeah, you read it right, there are some guidelines and YouTube policies that creators have to abide by. Have a quick glimpse at the below-mentioned point but go through the official policy too. Here we have mentioned the most important one only.

  • As a host, you’ll have the whole responsibility of the giveaway you’re hosting.
  • Be assured that you’re abiding by all the rules and regulations of federal, state, and central laws.
  • Never encourage unlawful/illegal products nor use them yourself.
  • Give participants the responsibility for their own entry in the giveaway.
  • Don’t charge a single penny for entry, it violates the rules.
  • Trying a third-party app or website for fake(inorganic) views, likes, and subscribers can lead you to ban permanently.
  • You can’t relate YouTube with your contest/giveaways without its permission.

Rules that you must create for your giveaways:

When you’re abiding by the YouTube guidelines, you’re free to create your rules too. Some key rules to be kept in mind while conducting giveaways :

  • Must publish all the rules to the YouTube community, do if sometimes wrong happening future you’ll have support.
  • Mention some guidelines which you think your giveaways should have.
  • Do give a disclaimer for those who fail to meet the guidelines will be disqualified.
  • Mention that the rules are in place with YouTube terms of service.
  • Distribute the giveaway prices as you mentioned in your official rules.
  • Do mention clearly that you’re the only host of the giveaway, neither YouTube nor its community has done anything with it.
  • Provide a legal privacy notice in compliance with all the rules you made.
  • How you’re going to use the collected data during the entire process.

Best Comment for YouTube Giveaway:

Try to keep it as simple as you can; it’ll ensure the majority of your audience, including the new ones, enroll for it. When you do this, the chances are very high that most of your following and the people you want to get engaged in this giveaway will be attracted. So make the process something your audience will love.

Note that if you conduct giveaways based on creating content by people or if they have to involve a lot of people, there are very high chances of skipping it.

Moreover, don’t ask for too much data, people hate it. Try to take the minimal amount of data in which the award can be distributed and that’s all. If you value their privacy, you own their heart.

If you’re participating in a YouTube giveaway, then using these comments may be helpful. Note that it’s predicted after summarising a lot of winners’ comments, what all words they’re using, syllables, and others. Therefore, we don’t offer any assurance that you’ll be the winner.

Below mentioned are the YouTube giveaway comments that can be used:

  • The effort you put into a single video is unmatchable. 
  • I truly love your channel. Keep doing your best !!
  • Your videos are too creative, and I always enjoy the content you provide.
  • If you ever noticed me among your subscribers.
  • I have been a huge fan of your content from the beginning.
  • Your content is excellent, and you are always the first viewer
  • I’ve never come across such awesome content on YouTube. 
  • You’re unique and so is your content.
  • You’re unbeatable in your niche. How come you manage to bring so much creativity?
  • I am always a fan of your content and, of course, you. 
  • The content you’re creating is on another level. 
  • Best wishes for your future journey. That’s crazy, man !! 
  • All your videos are mind-boggling, and so your creativity level is.
  • Keep it up, man!! You’re awesome. You’ll nail it.
  • The only word that strikes my mind after seeing your videos is “WOW”. 
  • What’s the secret to this level of thinking? 
  • Following every step of yours since the beginning amazing content, just like you.
  • I can not forestall taking note of this music on every occasion because I like it. 
  •  I just wonder what the secret of that fantastic script is.
  • Nevertheless, I consider each of your videos.
  •  This video is something else. 
  • It’s not an ordinary video, it’s mind-blowing and engaging
  • It looks as if you have some power to attract.
  • I don’t know why I am so much obsessed with your creations and so as you.
  • Fall in love with the content you make. It’s exceptional with in-depth research.
  • The very well-researched and exceptionally-made video is what you own, and it’s really worth it.
  • Don’t ask me why, but I really fall for his aesthetic videos a lot.
  • There’s something different about your content that appeals to me more than anything else.
  • Through your videos, I discovered a lot.
  •  Hearty thanks for the content you brought for us.
  • I genuinely liked all your scripts; it’s mind-blowing.
  • I’m right here to what’s the secret and strategy that you fall people for your content.
  • Haters are going to hate. But thanks for the awesome giveaway, you’ll surely nail it, man.
  • I’m here to congratulate you on your success, your all videos are awesome.
  • My new phone was bought on your recommendation, now it’s time for a laptop. 
  • I’m the only fan of yours, no matter what others say.
  • Satisfied with what you’re providing us, that’s wonderful.
  • I admire your video fashion sense; it’s certainly fresh and innovative.
  • I have found awesome content on your channel so far.
  • Irrespective of how I usually see it, it conjures up more and more.
  • You’re the one who is ruling our hearts.
  • Wow, YouTube is getting better with content creators like you.
  • Have you ever noticed me? I’m your biggest fan, following you for the last 4 years.
  • The last time I saw your video on giveaway it was good and now it’s amazing. What a growth dude.
  • I had seen each of your videos many times, it’s too appealing.
  • That is high-quality content creation, really loved all your scripted videos.
  • I really like how his voice is so fricking deep.
  • Your personality is unique and you’re too. 
  • Having the chance to win this smartphone would be a blessing and, honestly for me least.
  • A gift from your side will be memorable.
  • That is my favorite channel whose creator is sending blessings and free gifts.
  • I especially love it when you give an explanation, so sweet.
  • I want you to have numerous successes with the channel giveaways.
  • That is an incredible channel!
  • Congratulations on such a great achievement, can’t wait for more you fantastic creator.
  • I cannot wait to see your channel subscribers touching the sky.
  • I discovered this channel randomly but now it’s everything to me.
  • It’s the best channel that produces the best content. 
  • You are making t generous giveaway, specifically at those times. I’m hoping I win, 
  • .Maybe this turns out to be a turning point in my success to win a phone from your side.
  • I love the aesthetics of the channel, and thanks for the wonderful giveaway dear.
  • Glad to see you growing so.
  • The last month has virtually been tough for me to procrastinate about your giveaway present.
  • Fantastic journey, man!!
  • This is soothing. I can’t get over it, anything secret for me.
  • Wow, your videos are so peaceful and so your giveaways presents are.
  • I just found this channel and am surprised at the first-class content.
  • I really wish your video has never-ending situations. 
  • I have seen your very first video the content is enhanced a lot. Great work.
  • The content is so amazing, that one can easily fall for it.
  • Glad to be a subscriber of your channel. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.
  • All I could think about is your channel for new content including the giveaways. 
  • I truly love each and every content.
  • Keep going; you’ll rule someday.
  • I’ve just realized that I’ve been watching your videos for a long time without getting bored.
  • What a splendid creator you’re!! It always helps me a lot.
  • I hope your channel never ends and continues spreading lovely content.
  • Whoever is making this, the content is great.
  • I really wait every single time for the content you post.
  • Such an inspirational video you publish, I can’t get over it easily.
  • I feel so peaceful and positive after watching your videos. 
  • Thank you! I’ve been taking note of this track for a long time and nonetheless haven’t stopped.
  • With any such tremendous video like this, you are making my day and that reflects your efforts truly.
  • Keep up the great work, the YouTube is in need of content creators like you.
  • Changed into feeling lost in existence, glad that there are creators like you.
  • I’m able to thank you enough for posting this video; it changed my views about creators, outstanding!!
  • I always share all your videos with my pals and known ones. You’re awesome.

Hope you must have read about Best Comment for YouTube Giveaway, and you can watch the above video to know about How To Giveaway On Your Channel.


Above mentioned comments were a complete summary that may increase your chances of winning a giveaway, though no assurance can be provided. We have tried to summarise some recent winner comments too, you can get an overall understanding of what syllabus and wordings are to be used. 

Note that these comments are predictions. Also, all the theory parts,i.e, the guidelines, policies, and ideas are mentioned after researching, and complying with that can help you a lot. Hope you liked the overall info.

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