15+ Best Content Writing Tools for SEO: The Beginner’s Guide!

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Ranking on the Google SERP isn’t easy. Google employs a sophisticated algorithm with numerous criteria to index and rank websites in accordance with their relevance to a specific term. Empirical testing is a method that digital marketers use to learn about Google’s algorithm and comprehend how to produce content that ranks.

They develop and adhere to best practices for generating content that is more likely to rank highly in Google search results based on this understanding. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the procedure, and it’s a crucial component for anyone looking to rank their websites on SERP.

There are several factors that determine the SERP rank. One of those is the content you’re publishing. Producing SEO-optimized content can be a time-consuming effort without the appropriate tools for content writing.

Content Writing Tools for SEO

Our list of the top content writing tools for SEO will assist you in saving a tonne of time and effort. These technologies are useful at various phases of the content creation process. Each of them has its own advantage and stands out in some way or another. For sure, each one can have a beneficial effect on your site by reducing your workload and increasing reader engagement.

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “15+ Best Content Writing Tools for SEO”. The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know. 

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Why are Content Writing Tools important for SEO?

Digital marketers must make statistically proven judgments on the keywords to target, the length of each blog post, and the content to be included. The target audience must be able to browse, trust, and discover the content in addition to spelling and grammar. That entails optimizing elements like meta tags and URLs.

Digital marketers may automate many of these needs with the appropriate content authoring tools for SEO. In other situations, SEO tools can drastically reduce the time needed to complete optimization work.

15+ Best Content Writing Tools for SEO:

Here is our list of the best-fit tools, as well as examples of how you can use them to create content.

1. The Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a service created by Google that can help you improve your position in search engine results. The dashboard has options for measuring your website’s performance, including page load times that affect SEO. You can keep track of where your website stands in the Google search results, as well as which of your pages are displayed for particular keywords. In the SERP, you can also check the impressions and clicks your site or a particular article has received.

For many website owners, Google Search Console is an essential tool. It offers much-needed insight into the performance of your pages and can assist in deciding whether the content needs to be optimized or which keywords you should focus on next.


  • No cost to website owners.

2. Keyword Planner by Google

For keyword research, the majority of digital marketers either use the Google Keyword Planner or a more expensive version with more functionality. Even so, there are among the greatest free resources for conducting simple keyword targeting research. There are two major components of the keyword planner:

Find new or similar keywords: By typing in a term, you may get a list of related keywords, along with information about their search volume and other relevant data. Finding fresh keywords to target for SEO is made simple by this.

Get search volume and predictions: You may keep an eye on trends to spot keywords or search terms that are rising in popularity.


  • It’s absolutely free, just a Google Ads account is required for access.

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool for preparing and optimizing content that may help you raise your search engine optimization rankings and boost the possibility of your article ranking.

One of the greatest tools for content planning and strategy is Surfer, which offers a variety of tools for finding keyword ideas and converting them into material with high search engine ranking potential.

Based on a single phrase, Surfer will provide a tonne of related search words and divide them into useful categories, allowing you to target several search terms in a single piece of content. Additionally, it will shed light on search volume and purpose.

The AI-powered brief tool can then be used to quickly and easily fill out an SEO-optimized brief for your articles.

Additionally, Surfer has a content editor tool that rates authors’ work as they create it and keeps track of the frequency with which pertinent search phrases have been used. The Surfer audit tool may also be used to alter and improve already-existing material on your website.


  • Surfer plans begin at $49 per month when paid in full yearly.

4. WordStream

An easy-to-use, free alternative to Google’s keyword planner is provided by WordStream. Simply enter your desired term, your preferred industry, and your location. When you press the large orange button, you will be presented with a list of keywords, their search volumes on Google and Bing, as well as the typical CPC for each phrase across all ad networks.


  • There is no charge to utilize WordStream’s keyword research tool.

5. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most well-liked, widely used, and effective tools for all types of digital marketers. They provide 40 different tools as part of their monthly membership package to assist with managing social media, PPC, and SEO. SEMrush is a tool that marketers may use to study keywords, evaluate backlinks, monitor the performance and traffic of their own websites or those of their rivals, and find new markets, niches, and possibilities. Another tool that can assist with some of the more technical facets of website SEO is a site audit tool.


  • Some services are free, and monthly premium memberships begin at $99.95.

6. Frase

Frase is an AI-powered content writing tool. You may get assistance from it at every stage of the content production process.

Use Frase to help with keyword research, content creation, and SEO optimization. It’s a terrific option for newcomers and solopreneurs because of how quickly and easily the procedure can be completed thanks to AI-powered technologies.

You may quickly develop optimized content briefs with Frase. Simply choose a target search term, and Frase will create a brief based on the top outcomes for that term. In order to assist you in quickly and simply creating highly optimized content, it will then provide you with information such as primary keywords to target, heading distribution, and more.

The automated paraphrasing and rewriting tool is another feature you may use to raise the caliber of your writing. Frase is a fantastic all-in-one choice since it offers a tonne of functions that may help you improve and evaluate your material.


  • Plans for Frase begin at $39.99 when paid yearly.

7. BuzzSumo

With the use of the analytics tool BuzzSumo, marketers may learn what sort of content is being shared across several channels. You may enter a website and quickly determine which of its contents is most popular. Trends from the previous day, month, or year may all be examined. To assist you in getting the information you need, Buzz Sumo offers author and platform filters as well as negative keyword support.

BuzzSumo assists you in effectively analyzing and comparing your content to that of your competitors while keeping up with emerging trends. 


  • The BuzzSumo plan starts at $79 per month with an unlimited number of searches.

8. Answer the Public

You may enter any term into this free online tool to receive a comprehensive depiction of queries others have searched for with that phrase. Snippets, one of the most significant new improvements to the Google search results pages, are connected to this tool.

Snippets are now displayed by Google on various search results pages. A snippet is a tab at the top of the page that draws attention to a frequently asked query associated with the target term. When a user clicks on the snippet, Google directs them to a website that provides an explicit response to their query. Being included in a snippet, which always appears towards the top of the page, is a fantastic approach to increasing organic traffic.

With Answer, the Public, marketers can create incredibly focused content that answers queries they are aware are being entered into search engines. This increases the likelihood that Google Snippets will include their content.


  • Three searches every day are free, but limitless searches are available starting at $99 per month.

9. Jasper.ai

The AI content writing tool, Jasper.ai, formerly known as Jarvis.ai, makes it incredibly easy to write content for blogs, social media, and much more. Jasper is made to undertake the writing job; all you need to do is offer it some information about what you want it to create.

The Jasper team claims that the AI engine has read around 10% of all online material and uses this data to produce original and impactful content in only a few clicks. Without the need for a writer, it considers elements like tone of voice, content purpose, and more to produce captivating content.

Jasper is a fantastic concept and might be quite helpful for producing short pieces such as social media updates and more. However, since it doesn’t always produce material that fits your site, the content still has to be edited, checked, and overseen by a person.


  • Plans start at $29/month and go up depending on how many words are needed.

10. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plug-in that brings valuable analysis while you use WordPress to improve your blog posts. For each blog post you produce, the plug-in functions as a built-in checklist tool, prompting you to fulfill the on-page SEO requirements. When performing on-page SEO with WordPress, Yoast SEO assists you in keeping track of all the details, offers ideas for improvement, and gives feedback on your page optimizations in real time.


  • Yoast SEO’s basic plan is free from any kind of charge. Yoast SEO Premium has a monthly starting price of $89 for a license for a single website, but you may save money by getting numerous licenses for several sites at once.

11. The Keyword Density Checker

In order to rank web pages, search engines like Google take keyword density into consideration. Digital marketers are aware that while determining the relevancy of each piece of content, the Google Search algorithm also considers the keyword density. It is crucial to make sure the target keyword is referenced inside the content a suitable number of times for each blog post. The use of the keyword too frequently is advised to be avoided.

The Keyword Density Checker checks the frequency of each keyword mentioned in your post. You may put the text of the articles into the box to the right to get a list of the most common one-word, two-word, and three-word keywords within. In the majority of content items, digital marketers aim for a keyword density of 2 to 5% for the target term.


  • The PrePostSEO team offers more than 75 free SEO tools, including a keyword density checker. 500 inquiries can be made by website visitors per month using all available technologies. For more searches, users have to buy their premium plan which costs $50/year and allows a total of 50,000 searches for the whole year.

12. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive SEO software solution. You may utilize its various tools to create content that ranks well by downloading it for free.

For producing content, the integrated Website Auditor tool is extremely helpful. You may optimize your content for on-page ranking variables using its content analysis ability. Additionally, you may use the LinkAssistant tool to develop links that will help your content rank; the Rank Tracker for keyword research to find keywords to guide your content strategy, and the SEO SpyGlass tool to investigate competitors and backlinks.

Even though you cannot save projects in the free version, it is still quite useful. Additionally, the premium plans are really reasonable.


  • Downloading SEO PowerSuite is cost-free. A license costs $299 per year, and it may be used to access premium features.

13. Grammarly Premium

Google crawling doesn’t only look for unique content, besides this, it also checks the grammatical and spelling errors. It’s a fact that a website’s ranking will hamper search engines if its content contains numerous spelling mistakes. Grammarly makes it simple to write content that is both spell-checked and grammar-checked. The application may be added to your browser and used to create blog posts, social networking updates, and emails.


  • A one-year membership to Grammarly Premium costs just $11.66 per month. To assist in guaranteeing your material is genuinely original, the premium version features additional edits and an anti-plagiarism function.

14. Read-Able

Readable is a helpful tool for making sure that your content is available to your intended audience. When you enter a text into Readable, it employs a secret algorithm to determine the grade level it should be given based on how simple it is to read and comprehend.

If the average North American, who reads at a level roughly equivalent to the eighth grade, is your intended audience, Read-Able will assist you in creating clear, short sentences that are simpler for a variety of readers to comprehend. It’s OK to use lengthier words and complicated phrases to communicate meaning if your intended audience is educated above high school. To provide readers with the greatest experience possible, Read-Able is all about matching the reading level of your target audience with the quality of your content.


  • Read-able provides a free version of their program that evaluates spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension. The PRO edition has features like edit recommendations, mistake flagging, more reports, and the capacity to grade emails and various file types, and it costs $4 per month as of now.

15. Hemingway

One of the greatest available free SEO writing tools is the Hemingway App. It is a readability analyzer and a totally free text editor. It might help you ensure that your writing is brief and clear.

Regarding web articles, readability is crucial. Online readers have limited viewing time; they don’t have time to read through long, difficult-to-understand phrases or technical words.

The user experience may be improved by creating clear, well-written information. You have the greatest chance of ranking well for your target keywords by doing this, which is recognized by search engines. This is made easier with the Hemingway Editor. It examines your writing and looks for problems with readability, including long sentences, difficult-to-read clauses, passive voice, and overuse of adverbs.

Each entry is given an overall mark in the sidebar, and the editor highlights and color-codes problematic sentences so you can see what needs to be addressed.


  • Using Hemingway Editor online is absolutely free of charge. However, the app’s PC version installation is available for $19.9.


To wrap up, I would say the top five best-suited content writing tools enlisted above cover every phase of content development, from keyword research to grammar and spelling checks. We really hope that some of these resources will help you create content to discover more quickly and efficiently.

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