10+ Best Online Selling Sites in India: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the 10+ Best Online Selling Sites in India, so if you want to know about them, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

A great change in marketplaces for selling goods showed a steep rise after India had its first own e-commerce platform called Fabmart. However, in recent years, the vast growth of entrepreneurship in India has brought about numerous products for sale in the Indian marketplace.

But now everyone is aware that the online marketplace is a great source to sell goods and build brand awareness and credibility. However, when it comes to making a perfect choice, sellers usually hesitate to answer, because numerous platforms exist with their own advantages, commission rate, audiences, and other features.

In addition, the first name in every seller’s mouth is Amazon. No doubt, Amazon is the biggest marketplace as of now, but there are other platforms too, which offer a great customer base and are widely used.

Best Online Selling Sites in India

Therefore, to make sellers aware of other existing platforms and their features, we have come up with this article which enlists the “10+ Best Online Selling Sites in India. Of course, Amazon owns the top position on our list, followed by others. Before diving into them, let’s first understand what an online marketplace actually is.

What is an online marketplace?

An online marketplace is generally a website or an application that is termed an e-commerce platform. However, our main focus today is on the website.

An online marketplace is basically an e-commerce website that facilitates the exchange of goods and services between consumers and businesses. The proprietor of the website manages all transactions in what is commonly referred to as an electronic marketplace. Anyone may use online marketplaces to interact with people who might be interested in buying their items.

On the website, merchants and suppliers may list their goods together with a value and details about their specifications. Customers may do product searches, contrast costs, and quality, and make direct purchases from sellers.

Why sell on an online marketplace?

Today’s internet markets are expanding. Online selling and eCommerce marketplaces are becoming more and more popular, and as a result, they are always developing fresh strategies for retaining clients. Because of this, most marketplaces will go to great lengths to make selling, marketing, and fulfillment as easy as possible for brands and sellers.

Additionally, they offer great benefits to sellers, which include:

  • All-in-one solution for all types of products
  • A large number of potential customers.
  • A higher number of sales
  • Brand awareness and credibility.
  • Transactions are more secured 

10+ Best Online Selling Sites in India:

Let us talk about these 10+ Best Online Selling Sites in India.


One of the leading online business websites in India that a brand must consider is Amazon. Amazon is one of the most reputable online retail websites, even in India, thanks to its widespread reputation and long history in the industry. On the platform, you can sell everything from little feng shui artifacts to large gadgets.

To list your items on Amazon, you must first build a seller profile that is approved by Amazon. Once approved, you can start selling by listing your items with thorough descriptions and pictures. The advantage is that they allow you the choice to handle fulfillment, and we are all aware of how quickly that happens given their reach.

Depending on the product category, they charge commission fees that begin at 2% of the product’s cost.


  • Payments made on time and securely—are made to your bank account via Automated Clearing House (ACH), which can take up to 5 days to reflect in your account.
  •  Orders are shipped easily without your intervention.
  •  Paid support for any account-related or product-related issues from Amazon-approved third-party officials.
  •  Your brand value is safe.
  •  You can boost your sales or brand visibility by advertising on Amazon. Get a vast customer base from around the globe.
  • Full control is in your hand—easily reply to your customers from anywhere at any given time using the Seller app.


Another well-known online store for selling goods in India is Flipkart. Due to its Indian heritage, this marketplace has gained widespread recognition. Like Amazon, it has sellers selling goods in various product categories, including fashion and clothing, mobile and related accessories, beauty and cosmetics, furniture, and more. It’s also an excellent forum for reselling items like exclusive clothing collections and others.

They also want you to list items in the format they provide after creating a seller profile for verification. Their commission rates change based on the product category and subcategory.

Flipkart also provides shipping services to sellers, although the fees are determined by the product’s weight and pin code.


  • Timely payment
  • Fast customer support service, with 24*7 help available.
  • It provides a superior experience to your customers.
  • Hassle-free & timely delivery with 200+ pickup hubs and 10,000+ delivery personnel.


Starting a business doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive thanks to Shopify’s eCommerce platform. Over a million companies utilize Shopify, which is known for its affordable costs, elegant designs, and astute marketing capabilities.

If you wish to launch a Shopify store, you may choose from more than 100 layouts with built-in functionality. Your shopping website, valid certificates, a blog, and a plethora of additional marketing tools are all yours for the small monthly charge of $29!


  • Intuitive account opening process
  • Reliable and safe.
  • 24-hour customer service
  • SEO tools, so you can rank and promote your products to be on top when searched.
  • It provides numerous chatbots with which you can enhance your customers’ experiences.
  •  Customization is available, so you can make changes whenever required.
  • It’s an easy and fast payment procedure—usually 24–72 hrs. It’ll take after the customer makes the payment, but you have to collect it from your seller account.


Snapdeal, another popular Indian-based online marketplace, Due to its broad target audience and customer base, provides its users a marketplace where they may sell anything as little as a mobile cover or as large as furniture.

You must register your business on Snapdeal and post your items in order to sell on the marketplace. They provide shipping services at an extra cost and also allow you to monitor the orders you have received through their own site.

Depending on the kind of goods you sell, i.e., the category of products and their cost price, their commission charge fluctuates.


  • User-friendly account opening process and is easy to navigate throughout.
  • Give your customers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can use it to build your brand.
  • Your product is connected to a large number of active customers.
  • A shopping hub for all kinds of accessories, from apparel to appliances.


One of India’s top online stores for fashion and leisure items is Myntra. Over 60 million active customers per month have been registered on the site, with India heading the list of those customers.

Only businesses are now permitted to list items on Myntra’s marketplaces. As a result, if you’re a person, you cannot use their platform and must own a legitimately registered business in order to sell on it.

Although Myntra does not charge registration fees for sellers, they do charge depending on the product category and brand, which varies from 4% to 5% of the cost price for customers.


  • Almost every type of product is listed and sold widely.
  • Secured returns even if sales are not good
  • It allows full customization, including the product.
  • Advertise your product to rank it on top, giving you more time for branding.
  • Holds a large number of customers for apparel and lifestyle.


With more than 10 million people registered on the site, IndiaMart is one of the top online markets in India. When it comes to selling through online marketplaces in India, it has been stated that they have a firm grasp on the market, which accounts for about half of the total.

IndiaMart is a one-stop platform for all online business types, regardless of whether you sell to consumers or enterprises. In the marketplace, you may offer anything from basic supplies like animal food, or you can sell clothes or other accessories, packaging, fabric, and more. It’s a terrific place to resell things you aren’t in need of or sell stuff you found at a local shop.

Before you can put your items for sale on IndiaMart, you must first create a seller profile that is validated. At least three items or services must be listed on your online listing page. On the sales you make, they don’t impose any charges or transaction costs.


  • A large number of leads daily to boost your sales.
  • Good customer base with over 10 million installs.
  • Secured payments
  • Protect your brands from competitors by only reviewing products after a transaction with the seller.
  • It allows you to easily interact with your customers after they raise a query.


Despite the fact that eBay is not a well-known online business platform in India, data shows that more than 30% of sellers sell to its over 3 million customers each year.

You must register for a seller or company account on the website in order to sell on eBay. Following verification, you must list your items in the format they provide. On the market, you may sell apparel, works of art, and even used goods.

There is no charge for the first 250 listings you submit each month; there is a $0.35 listing fee for each additional listing. As soon as your item sells through their marketplace, they additionally take 10-15% of the final value.


  • It allows you to customize the color of your store and make a logo for your eBay identity.
  • Different product categories are available to list your product accordingly.
  • Affordably priced listing fee
  • A high number of customers if your product gets listed on the eBay Shop directory.
  • Integrations with other shops in related products sections at a very low cost.


Another Indian online marketplace that companies may use to list their items is Shopclues. Their marketplace claims to have enabled over 80,000 merchants to sell more than 10 million products. It offers businesses the chance to connect with clients in India’s most outlying regions because of its large user base.

Once more, the market is perfectly adapted to offer any kind of good; there is a space for enterprises of all stripes to operate, whether they are selling kitchenware, clothing, or furniture.

You must sign up for a seller account on the marketplace before you can sell on Shopclues, and then your account will need to be verified. After that, you may put your desired items on the site together with complete descriptions and prices.

They charge when you sell. Their commission payments change depending on the product you sell. Depending on the product category, it may be 6–10% or even more.


  • ShopClues Ads Manager is available to help you increase your sales.
  • It provides a detailed seller report for your sales and analytics at any given time.
  • This allows you to connect with your customers at ease.
  • It provides tutorials to enhance your sales on ShopClues.
  • Commissions depend on the product with additional service tax — so you can have margin on low-cost products too.


Meesho, a relatively new and best online selling sites in India, has an additional location you can visit to sell a wide variety of goods. They have companies selling electronics, footwear, home goods, kitchenware, clothing, and other things in the market, allowing even private sellers to reach a larger audience.

Currently, they don’t charge commission fees for any purchases you make through their online store. However, the procedure does call for you to create your seller profile and use official documentation to confirm your account.


  • Get in touch with over 100 million customers.
  • Seller Account opening and product listing is absolutely free of charge.
  • Commissions levied are minimal.
  • It handles shipment and delivery free of charge.
  • Responds quickly to your queries.
  • It provides a full guide for selling via Meesho Business Academy.


LimeRoad is also an online business platform that allows multiple sellers to sell their goods while splitting a percentage of the sale price. Although they permit businesses from a variety of sectors and categories to advertise items on their marketplace, it is mostly renowned for its user base in the fashion and clothing industry.

You need to register as a seller on the marketplace in order to sell on LimeRoad. Before allowing you to list things on the marketplace, they put you through a verification procedure.

The fee charged by LimeRoad varies based on the goods you sell and ranges from 2-20% of the transaction you’re making through LimeRoad.


  • Large women’s customer base—helpful if your product is related to women.
  • Manager support to help you with problems associated with the seller account.
  • Safety first — you can sell products here after meeting certain conditions.


In India, there are more than 97 million users of Paytm. Suppose if half of them engage in shopping, a good customer base is found. Due to the widespread usage of the payments app for everyday transactions, a marketplace named Paytm Mall was established to allow businesses to advertise to their consumers.

You must have a confirmed Paytm account in order to begin your journey as a seller on Paytm. Following that, you may list the goods you wish to sell along with any freebies you want to provide Paytm consumers.

Depending on the products you offer, Paytm may levy a small fee on any sales you make through their platform.


  • Top-notch Safety & Security
  • A good number of customers visit daily.
  • All types of products are sold, but mostly clothes, footwear, books, and other cosmetic or general products.

I hope, you must have known about these 10+ Best Online Selling Sites in India, so now if you want to know about how to sell on Paytm mall, then you can watch the video given above.


To conclude, there are numerous other websites for online businesses for sale in India but the above enlisted were the best ones. All this has been compiled after thorough research and comparing their number of sellers, users, performance, shipping, payments, support, and all other bits which help businesses and sellers to sell their products. 

The online marketplace has been great for selling goods. We have compiled the best out of them. Go through them to choose your preferred website for selling your goods. If you have any queries drop them in the comment box below, we will definitely help you out.

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