25+ Best Sites to Practice Programming for Beginners: Full Guide!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the 25+ Best Sites to Practice Programming for Beginners, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, let’s start.

Programming has now become a vital aspect of all technological things. From running an automated vehicle to robotics, programming has contributed a lot and is continuing to do so. With its wide use of it and due to its gaining popularity, the urge to learn it has become a craze among individuals.

However, beginners get started using different programming languages, courses, and concepts, or by following different YouTube channels. But where they lack is in their application and practice. But many are unaware that numerous tools for practicing it are available online. All they needed was to search for those, but now that is also not needed. As we have come up with numerous sites which are great for hands-on practice for beginners,

Best Sites to Practice Programming for Beginners

So let’s get complete information about 25+ Best Sites to Practice Programming for Beginners without wasting any time, come on.

Best Sites to Practice Programming for Beginners:

Now I am going to tell you about 25+ websites about Best Sites to Practice Programming for Beginners:

1. HackerEarth

A renowned coding platform that has numerous questions, challenges, and hackathons(an event in which numerous developers participate in collaborative computer programming). Moreover, it allows businesses to engage, assess, interview, and hire developers with ease.

The developers will get the chance to interact, practice, and compete with more than 6 million developers.

A developer evaluation tool is available on the website, and it shows your progress along with how many days are left in contests and tournaments. Businesses may examine your data using analytics and other things.

It has some features such as the availability of basic programming questions,week-long contests for hands-on practice, and solving real-world problems. In addition, Business challenges and numerous data science competitions.

2. HackerRank

Over 2,800+ firms worldwide use the technology hiring site HackerRank as their benchmark for evaluating developer talents. HackerRank assists businesses in finding qualified developers and accelerating innovation by enabling tech recruiters and hiring managers to objectively assess talent at every level of the recruitment process.

They have over 18 million developers who have all contributed to more than 188 million code submissions.

One of the best websites for learning to code. Both the company and the employee may benefit from it. It is widely renowned for connecting developers with outstanding businesses.

3. Exercism

Exercism is a great site for practicing and getting good, thorough guidance. It’s over 3000 practice assignments are available in more than 50 languages. This enables the developer to boost their programming skills and it gets more enhanced with the help of their expert mentors. Moreover, exorcism is absolutely free.

The language tracks in Exercism allow users to select their favorite languages. The mentors available will review your code and offer advice as you go. This makes the platform ideal for complete beginners who wish to grasp a new programming language in more depth.

 With numerous languages, experts for mentorship, and visual guides it aims to provide its user with a skillful and helpful environment to work for. 

4. Sphere Online Judge (SPOJ)

Though a simple one, it includes millions of challenges, which enhance the thinking and creativity of beginners. Moreover, it boosts other skills and helps them build effective algorithms.

With mind-blowing coding challenges and assessments, developers find it difficult to prove their skills. To set a competitive environment, they have a lot of contests also.

SPOJ has a diverse range of programming language contests, algorithm hints, and a dashboard for Developers which shows their rank in the SPOJ community.

5. Programmr

An interactive online platform for anyone, especially beginners, to learn and practice coding. They think that learning independently at your own speed in a self-taught context is the best way to learn. Programmr claims to be the top coding simulator in the world, which enables developers to create and execute any sort of program.

Anyone can include coding elements into websites using Programmr’s incredible B2B API and online coding simulator. By completing Programmr’s coding challenges, you may improve your coding abilities in the most enjoyable way.

Several programming challenges with hands-on projects, conceptual contests, and certificates.

6. TopCoder Competitions

TopCoder has a challenging coding environment. In their own customized code editor, it offers a selection of algorithmic problems for you to solve. If you’re willing, you may always take part in the challenges that are going on on the website. It’s a place where businesses connect with hard-to-find developers.

All the challenges have their own end time and a prize is awarded to the best once the contest ends. You can select your preferred language from the various options available. However, their challenges are for beginners with a good grasp of concepts and logic, not for the very new ones.

7. CodeForces

Coders can engage with great interest on the collaborative platform CodeForces, where there is a time restriction and points are awarded to the winners. For programmers to compete, CodeForces also offers problem sets, contests, and clubs. Programmers looking for enjoyable challenges to hone their talents and join teams that match their needs would love CodeForces. The Gym function, where programmers may practice their abilities in certain tasks and determine their status at the end, is also quite distinctive.

Code Forces have contests, problem sets, groups, and others to provide beginner developers a great ambiance to work with.

8. CodeWars

A well-designed site where users collaborate to develop challenges is called Codewars. The creators who provide permission for kata to teach various tactics, solve kata with approaches that educate others and comment with valuable feedback, and the leaders who will oversee the material and community, are the two groups of individuals that make it work. Coding practices, 1v1 challenges, and many others are some of its skill-boosting features.

In Codewar, where coders develop their talents and compete against one another in Kumite, the challenges are presented in a compelling interface under the name Katas. It’s one of the best sites to learn how to code while still having fun. Developers learn to master code through challenges in code wars.

9. CodeChef

CodeChef is a competitive programming platform, created as a platform to help programmers elevate their skills in the world of algorithms, programming, and contests. They promote a culture of learning and friendly programming with a huge community of problem curators.

One of the most popular competitive programming platforms is CodeChef. They make their platform available to anybody who desires to organize programming competitions. For this, they offer a function called Campus Chapter. Additionally, they hold three contests each month with rewards.

CodeChef has a complete practice set for different programming languages for beginners. It has courses that help coders learn a lot.

10. CodeGym

CodeGym is basically an online programming course that mostly focuses on Java programming. The reason for enlisting it here is its features and wide community. So if you’re a Java beginner, joining this site is worth it.

Java newbies may learn all they need to know with the help of CodeGym’s practical tasks. Additionally, they provide quick solution verification so that errors may be identified right away. With amazing visuals and engaging games, CodeGym also makes use of the most recent training methodologies and regular version updates are there for lag-free working.

It has different courses, tasks, games, chats, and forums with which developers can interact well with each other.

11. CodePen Challenges 

With the help of this online IDE, CodePen, one can create code right in the browser and see the outcome as you go. One can hone their skills by creating content for CodePen challenges. With it, the users are given new tasks to complete each week, and the top pens are chosen among them.

One of the best things about CodePen challenges is that they are a lot of fun, and the community encourages innovation and cooperation. Since there is nothing to lose, there is absolutely no competition, yet you do develop abilities through these trials.

12. CodinGame

The mission of the CodinGame is to enable programmers to continuously develop their coding abilities by tackling the most difficult challenges in the world, learning new ideas, and being inspired by

the top coders.

The best thing about this one is that, with the aid of games, CodinGame enables users to learn how to code while having fun. The developers can also approach mentors for assistance to analyse their codes and compare their solutions.

13. LeetCode

LeetCode has the ideal resources to help one develop their abilities, increase knowledge, and be ready for technical interviews. Thousands of programmers use this for their incredible collection of algorithm techniques from different companies, which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, among others.

This one was selected because of an amazing feature: programmers can go to the next stage of their profession by using the explore feature in LeetCode. They receive technical interview preparation from LeetCode, which also assists businesses in finding top personnel.

14. GeekForGeeks

The website for geeks is called GeeksForGeeks. It contains a tonne of information for algorithms and programming. It also features a section on interviews to aid programmers in landing their ideal positions. Programmers can also solve a fantastic selection of different languages, which includes C and C++ challenges.

The good thing about this one is that there are numerous articles on GeeksforGeeks that include subjects like data structures, algorithms, computer science, and comprehension and knowledge quizzes. It’s a fantastic place to learn about computer science.

15. ProjectEuler

Project Euler is a set of mathematical puzzles designed for individuals interested in combining mathematics and programming to solve problems. To solve these puzzles, one must use both computer programming and mathematics to create algorithms and arrive at effective solutions. With it, the benefit is that mathematics is the underlying basis of algorithms and data structures, and tackling these problems with this one also aids in the development of abilities that are essential for programmers.

16. URI Online Judge

This was created by the Computer Science Department at URI University. The project’s major objective is to share knowledge and offer programming practices. Their website offers an intuitive user interface and 1000+ problems organized into 8 major categories that are all addressed in various different languages.

It has problem repositories, Forums, competition, and ranking features. In addition, it holds academic contests.

As the URI was created by college students, it was created from the perspective of a beginner who wants to learn to code for fun. The tasks are also well-organized and segmented appropriately, starting with beginner-friendly categories and moving on to gradually more difficult subjects like computational geometry and graphs.

17. Responding to Challenges

Reply Challenges are a collection of tasks that are organized by replyers and are available to anyone who enjoys using technology and has fun participating in online contests. The Reply Challenges aim at having fun and highlighting abilities in fields including coding, cybersecurity, creativity, and investing.

It has a standard code challenge contest and a teen code challenge contest. Moreover, Cyber Security Challenge is soon going to launch.

18. KickStart

Kick Start is a Google competition that enables programmers from all around the world and gives them the chance to improve their abilities through online competition rounds. To give them a sense of what it’s like to work at Google, each round lasts for a period of three hours and includes algorithmic challenges created by Google engineers.

An advantage of this one is that the best programmers are given the opportunity to interview and may even get a job at Google.

19. Code Jam 

The longest-running international coding contest in Google’s history, Code Jam, challenges programmers of all experience levels. To qualify for the World Finals and a chance to win grand prizes, competitors are required to successfully complete a series of algorithmic puzzles.

The key point here is that four online rounds of Code Jam present challenging algorithmic puzzles for programmers to solve, and the annual Code Jam World Finals are hosted each year in several Google headquarters worldwide. This enormous challenge gives programmers of all skill levels the chance to learn and inspires them to develop their abilities in order to qualify for the finals.

20. Kaggle Learn 

They offer micro-courses on a platform called Kaggle Learn. These are short courses that teach data scientists to use data skills that they may use right away. Kernel, their in-built code editor, is user-friendly and excellent for beginners. It is referred to as the quickest as well as the most enjoyable way to become a data scientist or advance your current abilities. It has numerous tutorials and exercises.

The good thing about the courses is that these short courses break down difficult subjects into their essential parts, making it quick and easy for novices to pick up the essential knowledge.

21. SoloLearn

One of the finest places to learn how to code is SoloLearn, which has more than 1700 classes, millions of students, and over 14,000 quizzes within it. The great advantage of SoloLearn is that it offers all the courses for free, on the website as well as on mobile applications for its users.

A fantastic website with forums and a code playground and a mobile learning application that offers a certificate too.

22. Geektastic

Geektastic is something that becomes different from the competing platforms by providing peer-reviewed take-home tasks that are evaluated by professionals from big and valued businesses like Google and Amazon.

23. The Coding Bat

This one is a free website called CodingBat, which offers live coding challenges for developing Java and Python coding skills. The advantage of CodingBat is its simplicity and focus on creating and exercising little code issues to improve the coding abilities of its users.

Coding Bat contains short problem statements. For any issues, you’ll get immediate feedback in the browser itself.

24. CodeSignal

CodeSignal’s technical interview practice helps the users become ready for technical interviews. Making a personal study plan is the first step, and then it guides you through key concepts by having you respond to real-world-occurring problems. One of the best things about CodingBat is its reliability.

Practice and comprehension of the use of fundamental ideas are required in technical interviews. It recognizes the advantages and disadvantages to determine where you ought to focus the majority of your efforts prior to the interview.

It refreshes the interview knowledge and confirms that you comprehend key abilities and ideas that are regularly used in technical interviews.

25. Edabit

The new coding site Edabit offers interactive JavaScript courses which include Python and C++, as well as challenges in C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, and many more. It’s one of the quickest, simplest, and most known methods of learning at present. It’s good because it’s easy to use and includes a clean interface, and it also has a shuffle feature, which adds fun to the tutorials.

Endless supply of manageable challenges for quickly developing skills. Start off easy and work your way up until you can handle the most difficult obstacles. It uses straightforward game concepts that can make studying engaging and compelling.

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Above enlisted were top sites which beginners can utilize to improve their hold on programming. Almost all of them have contests and challenges which boost the skills greatly. Thanks for browsing till the end, if you like it share it with your known ones.

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