5+ Ways Where Chatbot for Recruitment will help you: Full Guide!

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As you all know, in today’s time every business is going online. And using Chatbot to interact directly with your customers instantly.

But it is not at all that with the help of Chatbot, you can only talk. If you want, Chatbot for Recruitment can also be used.

Chatbot for Recruitment

After all how? If you have the same question, then let’s get complete information about this article “5+ Ways Where Chatbot for Recruitment will help you” without wasting any time.

5+ Ways Where Chatbot for Recruitment will help you!

Building a hiring pipeline isn’t easy today; recruiters need to source, qualify, interview, recruit, and nurture candidates for a job. Especially when you’re facing high volumes of candidates, it can quickly become overwhelming to manually keep track of every candidate individually and stage them in the funnel.

However, highly-scalable features like Recruitment Chatbot in Talent Acquisition Software help recruiters and hiring professionals to engage with candidates effectively and offer them a positive hiring experience.

Recruiting can be made easier with the help of automation, more specific tools like recruitment CRM software, skill assessment software, and chatbots can be a game-changer for your hiring process. But if you are looking for chatbots for Instagram, then you can use these Instagram chatbots.

According to the Randstad Talent Trends survey, nearly 84% of C-suite executives and human capital leaders believe that AI will have an influence on the workplace in the next three to five years.

Automating the repetitive, tedious recruiting processes can save recruiters a lot of time. Besides, there’s always a small room for error and inefficiencies when the process is entirely manual. One of the easiest ways to improve your productivity and enhance the recruitment process is to use a chatbot.

It’s easy to use, efficient and cost-effective. The best part about using a recruitment chatbot is that it can recruit 24/7. So, when you wake up and open your recruitment dashboard, you automatically have data generated by your recruiting chatbot; details about new candidates, automated updates, interview scheduling, and more.

Let’s take a look at how you can use chatbots in your recruitment process.

What are recruitment chatbots?

Chatbots are a great way of automating your routine tasks to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. Recruitment chatbots can ask questions to filter applicants for the screening process, provide automatic responses to frequently asked questions, send updates to candidates, and can also collect necessary information such as their resumes, contact details, etc.

In other words, a recruitment chatbot – also referred to as a “conversational agent” – is an AI tool that mimics human conversations to help source and hire the right candidate for your recruiting process. So, instead of focusing on manual, repetitive tasks, recruiters can focus on what matters more; building and nurturing relationships with candidates.

Benefits of using a recruiting chatbot

As simple as it may seem, it’s a laborious task for recruiters to constantly keep an eye out for great candidates, update candidates who are participating in the recruitment process, and then onboard them.

Recruitment chatbots are a savior, especially for enterprises that are looking to scale and have other important priorities for their recruiters. For example, a recruiter isn’t just responsible for hiring people, but also for establishing the core values and communicating the company’s culture to new recruits, building relationships with people, and maintaining the employer’s brand.

Here are some of the major benefits of using a recruitment chatbot:

  • Saving time spent on tedious tasks,
  • Increasing recruiter productivity,
  • Getting insights into candidate behavior,
  • Increasing conversion rate,
  • Improving the candidate experience,
  • Nurturing relationships with candidates,

How can recruitment chatbots streamline your hiring process?

  1. Sourcing candidates

Chatbots can effectively help recruiters source candidates at scale. Sourcing candidates is often the most herculean task of the hiring process where recruiters need to look out for the best candidates from a pool of several hundred; time-consuming and exhausting. When you integrate a recruitment chatbot within your tech stack, you can source at a much easier and faster pace.

  1. Filtering candidates

More than 40% of resumes received by recruiters are from applicants who lack the required skills or experience. Additionally, 78% of candidates apply for jobs for which they don’t qualify. As a result, recruiters spend a lot of time identifying candidates that match the job description with the right skills and experience. This is where recruitment chatbots come in.

Chatbots help in driving down the time and effort invested in manually sifting through resumes; optimize the filtering process to quickly identify only qualified candidates. They compare applicants’ qualifications, experience, and skillset required for the position to filter candidates that are fit for the job.

  1. Automating pre-screening candidates

Chatbots make a great automated skill assessment tool as they allow recruiters to identify top applicants through various evaluations of their performance in different areas – from analytics to problem-solving, critical thinking, or specific skills like a programming language.

  1. Scheduling interviews

Communication isn’t a cakewalk in the recruitment process because it’s challenging for recruiters to effectively communicate and send updates to applicants as they progress through the hiring pipeline. Chatbots can help set up meetings and schedule interviews with potential candidates, while recruiters focus on the strategic aspects of sourcing and hiring the right talent.

  1. Nurturing relationships

One of the main reasons why recruiters prefer using a chatbot is because of personalized communication. With features like natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) baked into recruitment chatbots, their quality of response is much higher and they can easily carry out contextual conversations. Many advanced chatbots even collect data on user behavior and ask specific questions pertaining to a user’s previous interactions. However, one of the Instagram chatbots built by Botsify has been great in helping your customer clarify all doubts regarding your products and assist your customer 24/7, leading to better customer service.

  1. Enhancing the candidate experience

Chatbots can act as various touchpoints throughout the application process for candidates. For instance, recruitment chatbots are often the first touchpoint after the application process where they may explain the entire hiring process to them. In fact, more than half of candidates don’t receive notifications when they’ve been disqualified, and 61% have zero response two months after applying for a job. To counter this, recruiters can use chatbots that provide real-time feedback to candidates.

  1. Answering FAQs

Conversational recruitment chatbots use natural language processing to understand context and intent. This enables them to have open-ended conversations with applications such as notifying them about the stages of your hiring process in a more natural way. Additionally, chatbots can be configured to share know-how, answer common questions and navigate applicants through the careers website.

Get started with recruitment chatbots for your hiring process.

Having an automated tool that works for both candidates and recruiters can prove to be a turning point for companies. Sophisticated recruitment chatbots can show how many applicants applied for a specific job, the total number of qualified applicants, selections made, and other details that recruiters can use to optimize their hiring process.

Furthermore, chatbots can easily process high-volume repetitive or administrative tasks, allowing recruiters to focus more on things that matter most; building a network, nurturing candidates, scaling the recruiting process, and driving more revenue.

Especially in today’s hectic schedules where recruiters are not only responsible for hiring, but maintaining the company culture, driving values, and building a community, it’s important to have a good tech stack that offers quick and effective solutions.

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