5+ Chess tactics every aspiring Vishwanathan Anand must Know!

In today’s post I will tell you about 5+ Chess Tactics Every Aspiring Vishwanathan Anand Must Know” So if you want to know, then keep reading this post.

As you all know, Chess is a board game played between two players. It is sometimes called Western chess, or international chess to distinguish it from related games such as xiangqi.

Chess tactics

If you have always been a part of the chess ecosphere and loved this game, then this blog is made for you. However, with the coronavirus pandemic surrounding us, it has become impossible to play offline tournaments or partake in matches. This is the reason why you should switch to online chess matches.

If you have always been into the game of chess, then you must aspire to be Vishwanathan Anand and follow him regularly. The genius in the chess world – the name everyone abides by – always has something amazing to share with fellow chess lovers or aspirants.

In most online chess games, you can challenge anyone sitting on the other side of the screen. You can even invite your friends and family members through links, and you can enjoy a round or two of games regularly. This game can be a quick escapade during these challenging times when people are trying to find out alternative ways to keep themselves engaged.

Chess can help you improve your focus, enhance your skills, and develop perspective. The game also elevates creativity and boosts planning skills. Chess increases self-awareness as well as helps in fighting ADHD.

You can encounter highly skilled opponents in the game, and you can exchange or gather ideas from them. But while playing the game, we would suggest keeping some of the best-attacking chess moves in mind. It would be best if you had to know the tricks/tactics, the strategies, the moves, and the right manoeuvres. 

The following 3 manoeuvres will help you improve the placement of a piece and apply pressure on the opponent’s weaknesses. There are various opening moves that you must absorb if you want to play chess and win big money online.

Chess tactics that every gamer must know:

So let’s get complete information about these 5+ Chess Tactics without wasting any time. Which will probably give you a lot of benefit while playing the game.

1. Improving a Piece’s Placement:

One of the key tips that you should keep in mind is that a bad move in chess can cost you a lot. This is why you should focus on a piece’s placement. Dr Tarrasch proclaimed that “If one piece stands badly, the whole game stands badly.” Thus, you must make the most of every piece and use them in the best way. Take your time while placing the pieces so that you do not regret them later.

Even a simple yet strategically effective move can turn the game in your favour. At the same time, a simple mistake can lead to losing the game. Know more here.

2. Applying Pressure on the Weakness of Your Opponent:

You have to observe the people whom you challenge very carefully. Whether it is a random person on the platform or someone you know, please pay attention to the game and identify their weaknesses.

You should not just address the weakness of your opponent but make the most of the scenario. Attack directly and blatantly so that their weak point comes to the surface. You can block the square that is present in front of their next solid move.

There are various kinds of players present across the globe – while there are gamers who are not good in defense, there are others who are not good at attack. You should exploit accordingly and keep an eye on every move of your opposite partner. 

3. Aiding Your Attack:

You can even do some sacrificial attack to win a game of chess. In this case, you have to sacrifice a piece for the bigger goal. There has been a very well-known sacrifice attack, also known as “Lay Down Sacrifice.”

It could be on the king, or the attack could be on the pieces surrounding the king. It becomes easier for you to attack the king when you attack and break the circle surrounding it.

4. Attacking the Opponent with Your Opening Moves:

As mentioned before, opening moves are extremely crucial in chess. If you use them as attacking moves, it allows you to control the center squares of the chessboard. 

To do that, create tricky situations for the other player. Move any of your knights, bishops, and central pawns so that you can achieve the same. Once you have your pieces occupy the central position of the board, you have the upper hand at the game. Be sure you have the most important squares and attack accordingly.

5. Attacking More Pieces all at Once:

You can also attack many of the pieces of your opponent simultaneously. They won’t protect them all, and it could be a very difficult situation for the player. However, prevent all your important pieces with your skills.

6. Being Patient:

Last but not the least, you should be calm and focused when it comes to the game. If you panic and end up taking up a wrong move, you will lose the game.

Final Thoughts🙂

To wrap it up, you should keep the discussed pointers in mind so that you can win a game or two of chess. Play regularly so that you can become a master at the game regularly.

The idea is to trick your opponent and make them spend a lot of time reacting to your attacks. If you follow V Anand, then you already know this trick. You can easily win at online chess by controlling the center, being patient, developing the minor pieces, and keeping silly mistakes at bay.

Do not move the same piece twice at the beginning of the game. Also, do not bring your Queen out at the start of the game.

Spend your time on online chess because it will also flex your brain muscles. The pandemic has given us enough free time to try our hands at new games. Click on this Forbes blog to know more about the surge during the pandemic.

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So I hope, by now you must have come to know about these 5+ Chess Tactics. And these will benefit you while playing the game. So if you still have any questions and suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below. And thank you very much for reading this Chess tactics post.