GeneratePress Theme Review 2022: Why is this #1 WordPress Theme?

Are you a WordPress blogger? And thinking of using the GeneratePress theme. And wants to read a full GeneratePress Theme Review about it. So keep reading this post of today.

As you all know, in today’s time everyone is making a blog. In such a situation, he chooses a good blogging platform but is not able to choose a good WordPress theme. And then later keep thinking about the bad speed of his blog.

And due to poor speed, your blog’s user experience is poor. That user is immediately back from your website. Due to which the “Bounce Rate” of your website increases. And Google considers it as invalid traffic and decreases your search ranking. And then after a few days, your AdSense account becomes either disabled. Or there is an ads limit in your Adsense account.

GeneratePress Theme Review

So if you want to increase the speed of your blog. And along with the user experience, they want to increase their search engine ranking. And for this we want to use GeneratePress Theme, so let’s get full information about it.

GeneratePress Theme Review!

Guess we will now get complete information about GeneratePress Theme step by step. So let’s start this review about GeneratePress Theme.

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a free WordPress theme that focuses on speed and usability. In addition to the free themes, they provide a premium plugin that expands the theme, allowing you to add more options to help make your website more attractive and professional.

Name GeneratePress
AuthorTom Usborne
Active Installations300,000+
Happy Customers80,000+

GeneratePress Free vs Premium

You can get generate press for free and in premium. The complete information about which is here.

GeneratePress Free!

GeneratePress is a fast-loading
free parent theme for
WordPress websites and blogs.
GeneratePress Free
Typography & Font EditingNo
Custom CSSNo
powered by GeneratePress copyrightNon-removable
import/export functionalityNo
Site LibraryNO
Colors OptionsNO

GeneratePress Premium!

GP Premium is a paid addon
for the parent theme that adds
extra functions and modules.
GeneratePress Premium
Typography & Font EditingYes
Custom CSSYes
powered by GeneratePress copyrightremovable
import/export functionalityYes
Site Library30+
Colors Options60+
Page HeaderYes
Add or remove backgroundYes
Mega Menu PlusYes

How do I set up GeneratePress?

Now if you have downloaded, or bought generatepress theme. Then you will be able to easily install the setup by looking at the steps mentioned in this video.

I hope Seeing these steps in this video, you will be able to use this Fastest WordPress Blog Theme i.e. GeneratePress Theme.


Guys, if you want to use GeneratePress WordPress Theme free and premium in any way, then some questions must be arising in your mind? So let us take some such popular questions – answer them.

is generatepress free?

Yes? generatepress is a free theme. But you will not be able to use more features and more features in it. You will need the paid version.

is generatepress responsive?

Yes? Of course generatepress is a responsive and fastest WordPress theme. You can use it without hesitation.

how fast is generatepress?

generatepress is a very fast and top blogging WordPress theme. Which is also used on

Is GeneratePress easy to use?

Yes? GeneratePress is an easy to use WordPress theme.

Is GeneratePress mobile friendly?

Yes? GeneratePress is an already by default mobile-friendly theme.

Is generate press good for SEO?

Yes? Of course generatepress is a good and SEO friendly theme. And by using it, your website also ranks highly on search engines.

Is GeneratePress good for Woocommerce?

Hmm? GeneratePress Is good for Woocommerce Store & Website?

Does generate press work with Elementor?

Of course, the GeneratePress theme also works with the Elementor plugin. You will be able to use it easily.

How do I set up GeneratePress?

Will you be able to setup the GeneratePress theme in your website by watching our video? Also you will be able to get information about all the features.

how to remove built with generatepress?

To remove the footer credit “built with generate press” of the generate press theme, you have to use its paid version. Otherwise, you will not be able to remove it.

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