What is Google Rankbrain Algorithm

What is Google Rankbrain Algorithm, (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Friends, do you want to know What Is Google Rankbrain Algorithm, and how it works. Want to know its advantages and disadvantages means pros & cons, so keep reading this post.

Friends, the Goole Search engine matters most to every website owner and blogger. Because there is no better way to put website and blog in front of the world. Apart from this, there are many more Search Engines Avilabe. But Google is the most popular and good search engine.

Apart from this, many services, parts and contents of Google are also avilabe. One of which most people are not aware of. Google RankBrain Algoritham? If you also want to know, what is Google Rankbrain Algorithm. (What Is Google Rankbrain Algorithm) and what are its benefits and disadvantages. So keep reading this post.

As you all know, Google is included in the list of top 10 sites all over the world. It is available in almost every countries. And what is also used for it, because it still has so many features and functionality, that users do not have to face any problem. Due to which millions of crores of people keep searching their query every 1 minute on Google.

What is Google Rankbrain Algorithm

But today we are going to talk about RankBrain Algoritham of google in this post. First of all, let me tell you that Google did not launch this algorithm on 26 October 2015. But many people are still not aware of this, and as you know, the way hummingbird was used in Google, the same has been reLaunch by Google and with Feature. Which is named Rank Brain.

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So friends, if you are a Blogger and Website Owners, then you will be getting very much eager to know about it. Because you must be wondering if this will not affect the ranking of our blog as well? So today we are going to provide you complete information about it in this post.

What is Google Rankbrain Algorithm?

First of all let me tell you, RankBrain is an Algoritham of machine learning-based search engine. Which helps every Google user to provide more information related to the query he has searched on Google.

If told, the real task of Google Rankbrain Algorithm is to provide the correct information to the user. If a user accidentally gives a wrong type to a word, Google’s Rankbrain Algorithm autoCorrect it using its AI. So let us also see a quote from this. Now we will search google “What is Oflox Digital” but we will write “What Is oflox digtl” so you can see that Google RankBrain has autoCorrect it. And you have shown the correct result.

Let me tell you, according to a 2015 survey, every day 15% of queries in Google searches were processed by Google rank brain. Meaning Autocorrect. After which in 2016 google added it to all search queries. Also, let me tell you that Rank Brain is just one part of Google Humming Bird. And as you may be aware, Humming Bird is currently Algorithm of Google. Which is a popular Algoritham.

Also, let me tell you, Google Rank Brain helps in increasing the ranking of any website and blog. In fact, google has even said that this is the third largest ranking factor of Google Ranking Factor.

How Rank Brain helps In SEO!

Friends, as you all must know, Google always likes Quality, Original and different content. Since RankBrain is also a property of Google, currently a simple formula to optimize it is that you always publish high quality, original and different content in your blog. By which RankBrain will increase the authority of your site. But I am going to give you full information about Google RankBrain in detail below.

  1. Whenever you write a post in your blog, look at it from the point of view of a reader. So that Reader can understand it easily. Because what information you provide in it, that proves to be good and helpful for the readers. That is why you should always write for your readers and according to them, not to rank on the search engine. Because when you blog readers will understand and like this post then definitely the search engine will also understand it. And will also rank.
  2. Often you must have seen many people use big and heavy words in their websites and blogs. Which is very harmful for google search engine and your blog reader. So that’s why use normal language while writing Post. So that Google and your users could easily use those words.
  3. Often you must have seen many people use one of the Keyword many times continuously to rank their post on Google. Which is known as keyword stuff. This sometimes makes your post rank. And sometimes it is not. But Google has decided to do this. And must be agreed. Because it is very harmful for your Blog Readers and Google Search Ranking.
  4. And Apart from this, you must have seen that many people make huge URLs of their posts and pages. Who doesn’t understand Google RankBrain quickly. Due to which he is not ranked on Google. So you must have always seen many people make their URL’s unprecedented. That is why they cook. Because they know about it. And they are taking advantage of it. So if you have to pick up too, start using short URL’s from today.

So friends, I hope that you now know what Is Google Rankbrain Algorithm, and how it works. Would have known about it. And if you still have any questions and suggestions, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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