How To Generate Leads With Video Marketing | Step By Step

Are you a Business Owner? Want to know more, How To Generate Leads With Video Marketing, so keep reading this post of ours today. Because I am going to tell you the complete information about it step by step.

As you all know, every business needs a customer. And every business can do marketing in many ways to reach its customers. But if your business is digital, then you can get good and quality leads by doing video marketing for your business.

And if I tell you, according to research, explainer videos will generate more leads than other types of video marketing. This is because it is much easier for the customer to understand why, how, and where they can use the respective service/product to hit the business goals. Moreover, explainer videos also play a great role in escalating your content marketing strategy as they can be added on social media, webpages, etc.

How To Generate Leads With Video Marketing

So, without wasting any time, let us quickly know that “How To Generate Leads With Video Marketing.” So let’s get started.

How To Generate Leads With Video Marketing!

Friends, here I am going to tell you 6 ways to get good and quality leads through video marketing. Using which you can get quality business leads through your explainer and promotional videos.

1. Don’t miss adding CTA to Explainer videos

When it comes to explaining something, an explainer video is one of the best ways to do that. But do you know that it can do so much more than just explaining the concept? It can drive audience attention, educate people and even connect you with your potential customers.

But it will only be effective if it has a clear call to action at its end because it entices your viewer to take some sort of next step. This could be in the form of clicking on a link, downloading an ebook, or purchasing a product- whatever you want your viewer to do after watching your video.

2. Share the right type of explainer video 

Explainer videos are a great way to make an idea, service, or product tangible. Through videos, you can share complex information in a visually engaging format. But this is only possible if you share the right style of video with the right target audience.

Whiteboard animation video, testimonial video, etc., are some of the explainer video types that can be chosen to showcase the results. So, before you plan to create a video, make sure you choose the right type of video. Remember, sharing the right video style at the right time with the right customer will surely help you generate leads really fast. 

3. Use Explainer videos in emails

Email is another section where you can utilize explainer videos to generate leads. Almost every business is using emails to capture leads, but many of them are unable to convert visitors into leads. Are you facing a similar issue? If yes, then you should surely utilize explainer videos in emails. 

As per the analysis, it is found that emails having videos have a 300% more click rate. Video emails will not only drive conversions but also improve brand awareness. So, start getting more leads through emails by making the best use of explainer videos. 

4. Share on Quora

If you are from a marketer or from a marketing background, then you might be familiar with the tool named quora and promoting content on the same to build a brand. Writing normal content on quora is something almost everyone is doing. To stand out from the crowd, you can use explainer videos to showcase your content in a much more impressive way. 

The probability of getting traffic to your video content on quora is quite high in comparison to other content. It will help the audience to understand the concept easily and in less time. So, if you want to increase traffic, brand awareness, and sales on quora, then start promoting your brand through explainer videos. 

5. Share on different social platforms

Just like Quora, you can also upload explainer videos on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube, etc. As per the research, it is found that video content on social platforms gets 1200 times more shares than other blogs.

It would not be wrong to say that in today’s era, social media can be a game-changer for your business. If you have a strong social presence, then you can surely see some excellent results in your conversions. So, start sharing videos through right video sharing platforms by keeping your target audience in mind.

6. Incorporate to your website

Last but not least, the website. When it comes to online business, then the website stands at the top. No matter where your visitors come from, ultimately, it will land on your site and make a decision. If your website is both informative and appealing, then surely it will inspire visitors to purchase your products or services. 

Well! That’s where explainer videos come into play. As per the research, websites having explainer videos have the power to generate 88% more traffic in comparison to others. More the traffic to your website, the higher the chances to get more conversions. You can add explainer videos on landing pages to make them more appealing. Thus, start making your business more productive by incorporating explainer videos on it. 

And if you don’t know what is explainer videos, then you should watch this video. and get full information about it.


Many organizations are still on the fence about whether or not they should create an explainer video for their business. But with recent research showing that a majority of consumers would rather watch a video than reading, it’s time to reconsider this marketing strategy. The best part? How videos can be utilized in the best way.

Hopefully, the above list will help you create and use the videos in the best way possible. And now if you want, you can also read this post related to it.

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