How To Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugin?

Guys, today I will tell you How To Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugin. What are these tips, and how do they work. If you want to know So keep reading this post.

Often you have seen when we redirect to a website while searching anything on Google. And then if that website opens late. So we close that website.

This is because your website is not opening fast. And why is that fast not happening? What is the problem with that? Today I am going to tell you about them only. Using which you can increase the speed of your website without any plugin etc.

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So friends, what are those tips? So to know the speed increase of our website, you keep reading this post.

How To Increase WordPress Website Speed Without Plugin?

Friends, who are you going to tell me in the tips? First of all, go to your website and analyze them. And then solve them. After which I hope that the speed of your website will be greatly increased.

  • You should never use crack themes, scripts, templates and designs in your website.
  • Do not install an excess plugin on your website.
  • Do not use custom CSS and custom HTML in your WordPress website.
  • Use high pixel graphics & Images with compression.
  • Never add custom video, for this, you use YouTube, etc.
  • Do not use custom social profile and social media counters.
  • Do not show more than 10 posts on the home page.
  • Find all Broken links and reconnect.
  • Add Expires Handers in your website.
  • Add the logo and favicon on your website.
  • Use all Custom HTML CSS and Java files with minify.
  • If possible, use SSL [Secure Socket Layer] with CDN.

So I hope that by using these tips, you too will speed up the speed of your website. And if you have any problem with this, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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