How To Start Web Hosting Company In India | Full Guide (Step By Step)

In today’s post, I will tell you, “How to start web hosting company in India, kenya etc.” So if you want to know how to be a web hosting company, then keep reading this post today.

In this post of today, you are going to get complete information in this, that as you all know “how to start a web hosting website / business”, in today’s time it is a very big online business. Which is becoming quite popular online.

And let me tell you, you can also do this business sitting at your home. And there is no need to spend too much money in it. In this business you do not have to find the client yourself, but the client comes to you personally. But for this, first you have to start your business. Gotta build a good brand. Will have to do good marketing. And you should also have a business strategy.

How To Start Web Hosting Company In India

But without knowing the time, we quickly get to know how to start a website hosting company / website / business. And what it takes to start it.

How To Start Web Hosting Company?

If you want to start a web hosting company, then we will tell you 20 steps. Which you have to follow. After that you can start your website hosting company. And what is web hosting, when, where and how is it used. You probably know about this, because when you are going to start a company. So hopefully you will know better about this.

1. Business Goals.

If you want to start your web hosting business, then you should have a complete business goal. That you will buy a hosting for how much rupees and sell it again for how many rupees. It depends on you, but to start one of your hosting companies, you can buy “reseller hosting” from any existing hosting company. And you can start your own business.

2. Target Audience.

After this you have to find your target audience. Like which people are you thinking of selling this hosting, like ndividuals, bloggers, web developers, web designers, professionals, startups, small and medium business owners etc. You have to select any category related to it.

3. Analyse Your Competitors.

Now you have your chosen category, ie the hosting brand related to them. You have to analyze them. Such as how much hosting, which plan and how much money they are selling. And how much money you can sell the same type of hosting. You should also have complete knowledge about it.

4. Choose Brand Name.

After all these steps, now you have to choose your brand name. Means to make, or to keep. Like GoDaddy? What will be your brand name from this fold. You have to think that. Are remembering This name should not be omitted, easy, and copyrighted. Do not harm your brand / company later. Along with this, you also have to find the domain and social media url by his name. That no one else is using this name before. Etc. You have to know about it.

5. Build Your Website.

Now you must have chosen your brand name in the previous steps. You have to create a website using that domain. From where all your customers will be able to use the hosting sold by you. And new customers will be able to buy new hosting. And remember, this website is supposed to make you fully dynamic. Not that you create a static website for this, or install cms like wordpress etc. So for this, if you want, you can hire a Website Design & Development Company as well.

6. Features & Software.

So guys, now you have bought reseller hosting. You have to make his packages. In which plan, how much storage, bandwidth, domain, email, function, and control are you going to give. So that you can tell your customers about it. So that he can deside about why he should take your plan.

7. Select Right Reseller Hosting.

Apart from this, when you buy hosting from any reseller hosting provider, before that you should check quality, price, service, feature, and support. Then you deside about reseller hosting purchase.

8. Check for White Label.

white label means your company name? Meaning when your client will buy hosting from you, then your brand name and logo should come in that hosting. So that your trust can be sold by your customer. And people can identify your brand. Sometimes it happens. That is the name of your parent hosting company (reseller hosting company) in your hosting. So talk to them about it. Will it come, or not?

9. Create Hosting Packages.

Now you have bought the reseller hosting plan. You have to make parts of it. Like other hosting providers. In the same way you also have to make. And while making these packages, you can create them according to your (business plan). Which plan you have to sell for how many rupees. And so on.

10. About Your Business.

Now you have to provide complete information about yourself and your business on your website. For which you can create About Us page. Your client has a problem, wants to say something, tell it or ask something. For this, you use live chat. And make a contact that page. Provide information about the function, features, and limitations etc. of your terms, policy and packages. Also your competitor who is using stratigy. You can also use them.

11. Payment Gateway.

In this step you have to choose a Secure payment gateway to receive payment from your client. In which all the features should be available, so that your customer does not have any problem while paying? It is important to have a credit card, debit card, net-banking, Paytm etc. wallet. Because they are used more in India.

12. Billing System.

Now you should have a Billing System, which your client has ordered. His payment has been received or not? Your client has received that service, not. For this, you can use the most popular WHMCS corporate billing system. will make the communication easier and your overall presence would be more professional.

13. Private Name Servers.

Private name servers allow you to easily switch from one hosting provider to another, along with making you professional. You can migrate all the web hosting accounts of your customers without asking them to make any changes from their end. After migrating the data, all you need to do is change the IPs of the nameservers from the old hosting provider to the new IPs offered by the new hosting provider.

14. Install an SSL certificate.

Now you have to install SSL certificate on your website so that your web site can be secure as well as your customer’s information which is available on your survey. Nobody steals it. Therefore, you must install SSL. And in addition to this, SSL has many advantages. That you would know. If not, you can search on google.

15. Provide Technical Support.

Now you have to arrange to provide technical support to your customer. So if you are having a technical problem with the customer? Such as hosting not setup, CMS not being installed, website not migrate, DNS not working, etc.? So you could help him 24/7 In Hindi & English etc. languaage for free. Which makes the customer very happy.

16. Provide Dedicated IP.

It is recommended to purchase a dedicated IP with your reseller hosting and use it for domains hosted under your reseller account. The IP provided to you by your host is used by many resellers for its customers and if anything goes wrong on any of these domains, it will affect your customers’ domains as well. When you provide a dedicated IP to your customers, it helps to use email and gain reputation from the consequences of abuse.

17. Create Marketing Plan.

After this you have to market your hosting plan and brand. Let the people know that you are also a hosting provider. And you provide such hosting. For this, you can use Digital Marketing. And if you are not aware of this, then you can contact Dehradun, India’s most popular and top Digital Marketing Company. You can get information about all marketing services.

18. Create a Buzz.

Buzz is also a type of marketing, which uses more popular brands. Suppose you are going to bring a new plan, then you can make a Landing Page for that. And can put countdown timings in it. So that your customer can buy that plan on that day. As you do with smartphone brands. The phone does not even begin to be made, and people buy it in advance. You also have to make something similar. And then marketing it.

19. Give People a Reason to Buy.

Now you have to tell your upcoming customer the features of your plan. And you also have to compare. That you will get these advantages in our hosting. And it has this feature in it. Etc. to tell

20. Add Trust Seals.

A seal of BBB accredited company Seal, McAfee, PayPal Seal and PCI Company states that you have passed all e-commerce requirements for online sales. In addition, it implies that you are running a company that is active as well as verified. This will help build trust among your customers. At the very least you should have add logo at the bottom of the footer of your website. like this. & Hopefully, you will now know about How to Start Web Hosting Company in India.

trust logo

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So friends, I hope that you have come to know that “How to Start Web Hosting Company in India“, so if you still want to get any information related to this, then you can tell us in the comment box below.

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