How to Write a Call To Action: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

If you are an advertiser, then I am going to tell you How to Write a Call To Action, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

As you all know, The Call to Action (CTA) is an inviting & warning message for the user to perform a specific purpose.

And you must be seeing and using examples of the most common call to action almost every day. Like, Subscribe, Add to Cart, Buy Now, etc. And you encounter and use CTAs in almost every digital platform, from e-commerce sites to technology.

How to Write a Call To Action

Today’s article focuses on the same,i.e, “How to Write a Call To Action”. The articles entail each bit of information necessary for you to know. 

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3 Reasons why your CTAs are not converting 

According to various studies, around 40% CTAs do not get converted into the desired action. It is necessary to evaluate and analyze why the CTAs are failing. 

Here are three major factors why this happens. 

1. Correct Targeting of the buyer persona

Clickable-CTAs can make a significant impact if used at the correct time. The more you know about your potential and existing clients, the better suited your content will be for them. Please note critical identifiers that are important to each buyer’s personas within all stages of their journeys to purchase. 

Instead of using regular “Learn More” CTAs, you could get a little more creative and use something like “Check It Out” occasionally! Pay close attention to the triggers. They respond best to hitting two birds with one stone – increasing an individual’s willingness to learn more and leading them further down your website.

2. Don’t Oversell 

As a small business owner, always provide valuable educational content to your industry. You’ll want to stay away from direct marketing and stick to developing informative pieces for your audience – because you should never put pressure on your leads or customers with forceful selling.

Make it well known that other issues can be resolved if they can only reach out to you. Ask them what they’re missing out on rather than straightforwardly declaring that you have a solution for their difficulties!

Learnings from market research should give you some idea of how your prospects communicate and take action in their daily lives. If they don’t, it may require a significant revamp, like possibly scrapping the early stages of your product.

3. Creating Urgency is of utmost importance

Guiding your leads is one of the essential parts of any business. When people are looking into buying your product, they need to know everything they can about the different ways it will benefit them. Giving them all the correct information in a way that stimulates action rather than confusion is essential. Always try to nurture their mind into taking action at the right time! If you want to make money, you want to make sure they don’t browse indefinitely and are sold on buying it.

The internet is one extensive library of anything you might dream of. Since there is such a wide variety of options, it becomes more difficult to decide if the outcome you want is what you need. We want to be the clear answer to your problems; we want you to consider us your first choice and let us be your solution.

How to Write a Call To Action:

A landing page is an essential element of any digital marketing campaign. A well-designed landing page aims to bridge the gap between your advertisement and your corresponding website. A compelling landing page consists of a clear and persuasive message that follows the same intent as your ad’s call to action or CTA. 

So how do you know if you have created a quality, convincing landing page? Here are three secrets: 

  • The first thing to keep in mind when creating a convincing CTA is whether or not it corresponds with the branding aspect of your business. 
  • Your logo should be considered when coming up with persuasive headers and illustrations as part of your CTA. 
  • You can also add further brand appeal by including this graphic on your landing page for branding purposes. However, it should only be used if it matches the design of your landing page.

Including a relevant and appealing Call to action is one of the most critical aspects of the entire digital marketing campaign. But while creating the CTAs, there are various things that the Marketers need to keep in mind. 

1. Start the CTA with a strong verb

Offer both clarity and conciseness with your Call to Action Button. You don’t have a lot of space that you can fill with words to carry your point. Set a character limit at 35 characters per line. It’s important to talk straight. Let the audience what you want them to do and don’t beat around the bush.

Think of call-to-action texts that say Download our white paper today. Or Read our ebook today. These are more direct and packed full of information.

2. Use words that provoke emotion or enthusiasm

You can get a strong response from your audience if your CTA reflects the same enthusiasm. If your CTA provides them with a massive benefit shouldn’t they be excited about clicking through and accessing your content?

For someone who wants to do travel booking, an enthusiastic CTA might be: Plan your dream vacation with this. A small element like adding exclamation marks can support your CTA further.

For example, take inspiration from OptinMonster. They use actionable words like getting OptinMonster now to lead their CTA.

optin monster

3. Give people a reason to take the action

Tell others what’s in it for them. A greek myth tells us the story of a lake that started weeping when the person who came daily to check his beauty stopped coming. Turns out, in the eyes of that person the lake gazed at her own beauty. Your clients, like you, are self-centered. That’s not a bad thing. That tells us what we must do to attract their interest. 

Will your CTA help them lose weight, make them do their jobs easily, help them save money, or lose weight? If you’re leading people to an education video after the CTA explains how watching the video is going to be helpful.

Your unique selling proposition is one of the most important ways to acquire new leads. So use a great CTA to increase clicks.

TrustPulse uses an action-driven CTA but also gives an option for people to read the features and then decide on an action course.

trust pulse

4. Use FOMO

This is another huge tactic for creating a successful CTA. 

FOMO is short for fear of missing out. It motivates people to act otherwise they may miss out on a golden opportunity.

FOMO is great for targeting leads during a sale or when running a promotion. You will definitely get such emails all the time. It’s tough to ignore such promotions. To effectively use FOMO, you must train your staff to use the idea. Use mentoring software to help with this.

The messaging will say Sales end today. Sales last only for the next five days. The fear of missing out can get you additional clicks.

5. Optimize for mobile and other devices

Once you create a call to action, always remember that most people are accessing the site on mobile or tablet. Or both. That’s why people need optimized CTAs. Also, those who are visiting your site on mobile showcase a different user behavior compared to people searching from desktops. This is the same reason why course websites use a different approach to promote mobile learning. They know users on mobile behave differently.

Users looking for something on desktops are doing more research. They’re not yet ready to buy. Often people looking for something on mobile phones look for instant gratification. They want to buy.

Someone moving down the street will search for the product before it vanishes from their brain.

This search will result in the desired action. 

  • On Google, you can set the mobile preference for your ads. That means the ads will appear slightly different when searching on mobile devices.
  • Use call extensions: This displays your phone number along with ads. Google adjusts the call extensions as displayed on mobile searches.
  • The click-to-call function will be enabled on your ads.

6. Be creative

Keep your CTAs. One thing you can do is conduct an A/B test to identify which CTAs are going to bring your clicks. Tried and tested calls-to-action are always great to use. You don’t know which will perform when you use them.

PPC or driving clicks to call to action often results in frustration. You can only know if it works when you actually try the CTA with your audience. Your target audience may respond well to one kind of CTA and not to another.

7. Use numbers in your CTA

Consumers respond really well to pricing, discounts, promotions, and incentives. It helps us see whether these items are worth spending on. This is the same strategy Upflow follows for marketing its AR dashboard.

When the opportunity comes up, try to appeal to your target audience with the help of numbers and discounts.

Always use pricing information in your ad copy or landing page copy. If you use pricing information in your ad and go to your site, you will know they’re interested in your offer. They’re all valuable clicks.

Without pricing information, someone may decide not to click through. This leads to wasted spending on your account and nobody wants that.

Ultimately, if you’re not sure of what to do with your CTAs, do website feedback and ask users what excites and inspires them the most.

Once you’re website feedback in place, communicate the same to your remote team and ask them to incorporate the feedback place.


No matter how enticing your call to action may be or how well-crafted your landing page may otherwise be, there is no guarantee that it will inspire site visitors to convert. The interaction between a landing page and its ultimate customers depends on several factors – such as the medium used to deliver your message. 

For example, text can easily communicate your offer’s benefits – but it isn’t as likely to support an immediate buying action as a video. So when deciding on which format best suits your offer’s end goal, bear in mind that you’re looking for one that supports your CTA’s mission: turning site visitors into loyal customers who frequently shop with you and refer their network throughout the year.

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