10+ Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

In today’s article, I am going to tell you about the 10+ Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about this, so let’s start.

The urge or demand for keywords to rank websites has increased so much that nowadays it’s challenging to find the most suitable one. Sometimes it happens, despite selecting the right keyword doesn’t yield the desired output. If this happens either you have to wait or look for some other strategies. One such strategy is the long tail keyword. 

Long Tail Keyword Generator

So let’s get complete information about the 10+ Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool without wasting any time, come on.

10+ Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool:

Long tail keywords are keywords that are a bit longer or they may contain phrases. They are more specific than the generic keywords. Usually, the long-tail keywords get less search traffic but they have a high conversion rate as they are specific to the niche searched. They enable you to get more traffic and be accessible to new visitors. They focus on a particular niche more than the common keywords. 

Long-tail keywords that can enhance rankings can be acquired from a long-tail keywords generator tool. These tools help and suggest you choose the best according to your requirements. Moreover, they allow you to look for the recent search under your niche.

Significance of long-tail keywords :

According to research, around 70% of the searches performed across the internet belong to the long-tail category. This clearly depicts that adding these to your content can boost your visitors to a great extent.

Reason to choose long-tail keywords over common keywords : 

  • Reduced contender/competitors 

Generally, if you go into great detail about keywords, the chances of competing with others get reduced. Have a look at this example to understand it better: “recipe for fried Maggie”  would have less competition than “recipe for Maggie”. 

The more you keep your content natural and conversational at the same time, the more results are great. The reason behind this is reader-friendly content which helps both the publisher in driving visitors and for the audience the ease to read it.

  • Perfect Audience

The more the keyword is in detail, the more results will be limited to that specific keyword. This will ultimately lead to driving audiences more, as they’ll get on your site for whatever they’re looking for.

  • Pricing

Long-tail keywords are quite less expensive for running ads, as they focus on a limited audience. In contrast to this generic keywords are quite costly for ads as they focus on a large number of audiences and it takes a lot of bucks to make generic keywords top-ranked.

Enlisted below are the best long-tail keyword tools, which provide you with a lot of suggestions and what the most ongoing searches with long-tail keywords in your niche :

1. SEMrush (Free and Paid)

SEMrush is One of the most significant and Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools. Because SEMRush finds the most suitable keywords after analyzing your niche and what’s the most searched content ongoing in that niche. 

It comes up with the feature of SEO analysis which allows you to become aware of your competitor’s keywords ranking and what keywords they are using. Whatever keywords SEMRush analyzes you can view its potential and also its regional and global search volume, the difficulty level of keywords, and a lot more. Overall SEMRush provides you with complete details of the long-tail keywords.

It has over 20 billion keywords so you’ll never fall short of suggestions.

SEMRush has three plans :

  • Free plan for newbies in the marketing field
  • Pro freelancers and SMBs
  • Guru plans for large-sized businesses

2. KW Finder (Paid)

KW Finder is another popular Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool. KW Finder is used by a lot of creators like bloggers, Affiliate Marketers, and also by those who are involved in content writing.

With KW Finder you can quickly view the content which your contenders are using to rank their content high via SEOs. All you have to do is, enter their domain and click on next. All the results will be displayed.

It allows you to find keywords with location limitations and you can select from more than 50000+ locations around the globe. Using KW Finder is worth it, it is trusted by big brands like Adidas. 

However, there is no free version of KW Finder but yeah they offer a trial period.

It has two basic plans :

  • Basic $29/month
  • Premium $39/month
  • Agency $79/month

3. Longtail Pro (Paid)

Another best software for long-tail keyword research is Longtail Pro. It enables your site to rank high in Google search results with the help of long-tail keywords. Moreover, it enables you to know keywords profitability which is very helpful.

Longtail Pro comes with SERP analysis which provides around 400 long tail keywords within seconds. It also has a “Rank Tracker” which allows you to check the ranking of your website according to a particular keyword.

Longtail Pro is a paid software for long-tail keywords. It has three paid versions : 

  • Annual Starter which costs users around $297/per year. 
  • Annual Pro charges $ 537 per year from its users.
  • Annual Agency which takes $1177 per year.

However, the pricing is somewhat less when compared to KW Finder. They don’t have a monthly plan which is quite disappointing.

4. Google Keyword planner

A tool provided by Google for researching and generating long-tail keywords. Since its parent company is so great everyone is aware of it.  So it’s genuine that it has a large number of users. Moving onto its features, it’s impressive.

The foremost advantage of Google Keyword Planner is that it’s free for all. Your search isn’t limited to Google Keyword Planner, it provides you with uncountable suggestions once you have entered the niche and searched. Moreover, it enables you to search on the basis of languages and religion too. 

5. Keywords Everywhere

Not actually a long-tail keywords generator tool but yeah it has the features to generate. Here is all about it.

Basically, Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension, used mostly for Chrome and Firefox. But in its premium version, you can access the Longtail keyword generator, which has all the plans like other tools and is useful.

However, Longtail keyword research is the subpart of its main purpose of building so your experience may not be up to that extent. Moreover, it doesn’t have a free plan but yeah with the paid plan you’ll get both a decent Longtail keyword research tool and Chrome extensions.

6. Answer the public

It is a long-tail keyword research tool but works in quite a different way. It has an autocomplete tool that it uses with Google and once it’s displayed it quickly picks the best and useful phrases out of them. All this is done keeping your niche in mind so don’t worry about it.

Answer the Public ensures that the keyword researched has the capability to grab traffic. Moreover, it has a special feature which keeps you updated about the questions asked by people all over. You can enable this feature if you have a pro plan by setting up Search Listening Alerts.

7. Google Trends

Used widely and the tool is offered by Google, with no security problems. Google Trends is a long-tail keyword research tool that gives a lot of suggestions on the basis of search activities going around the globe. Of Course, it has the option and you can search under that particular niche.

Google Trends is totally free, you don’t have to pay single bucks. The searches are great and they provide you with a full analysis of the same.

8. Hit tail

One of the best long-tail keyword research tools whose results are great and is trusted by many. It provides you with the most suitable keywords keeping in view your current audiences.

It’s easy to work with HitTail. It quickly analyses the websites in detail and then displays the most suitable keywords among billions of keywords. Additionally, it has the feature of an SEO checker which fixes your site issues easily.

HitTail lacks a free plan but it has four paid plans. First is the Personal Plan which costs around $10/month and provides limited keywords but with real-time reporting. The other three are Pro, Business, and Agency Plans which have their own features and pricing, it’s not possible to mention all that here.

9. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool’s free plan is quite impressive. It allows free research for more than 700 long-tail keywords. Results are great and they provide the most suitable keyword research for your niche.

Moreover, it is user-friendly without any registration or sign-in you can work effectively with the free plan. Using keyword tools is too easy. All you need to do is enter any word in the search bar and within seconds it provides you with thousands of Long Tail keywords. This is done with the help of Google autocomplete.

10. Google auto suggestion tool

Again a free tool for long-tail keywords. Allows you to search for  Long Tail keywords in any niche and displays them on the basis of popularity and other analysis. It simply displays the keywords options by auto-suggestion after you have entered any text related to your niche in the search bar.

After this one can use SEO tools like Agrefs, Ubersuggest, and others to analyze the keywords and get complete details about whether they are worth it or not.

Note that if you’re not getting satisfying results you can try changing the keyword to singular or plural form. The results are different. Moreover, type slowly one by one to get a different set of predictions.

11. Word tracker

Great Longtail keyword research tool. Results by Word tracker are great and drive a lot of traffic to the website. It has a wide user base. It provides other important features like ongoing search analysis, KIAAT, and Keyword effectiveness index.

With a free registered account, you can get up to 100 results which is okay, as it’s free. Moreover, if you want to purchase their pro plan you can have their trial plan of 7 days to go through the features in depth.

12. SECockpit

This tool is mostly compared to Long-tail Pro because they have a lot of similar features. For instance: Both SECockpit and Longtail Pro use other platforms to analyze ranking and filtering options.

What makes SECockpit different is its SEO personalized tool which enhances better results. With the suggestions provided, you can include them by using their synonyms. Note that all these results appear beside contender data for comparison. It offers agency-level plans.

13. Ubersuggest

Most popular among Long Tail Keyword Generator & research tools. Acquired by renowned persons like Neil Patel. It now has an overview feature that provides info about competitors’ analysis of which keywords they are using to enhance sales, backlink checking, and other content-related searches.

Ubersuggest suggests keywords on the basis of SERP and Google Ads services which is helpful in a lot of ways. The SERP analysis provides the top 100 sites that rank for a particular keyword and it also has data search volume data of the last 12 months. 

It is a free tool, though results are limited but it’s great. You can take their trial plan benefits and use the advanced features for days and after that move on with the subscription charges.

Ranking through Search Engine Optimization is really a competitive task, and Long Tail keywords enhance your ranking to be in pace with others. As they carry more specificness than common keywords. Moreover, their audience target is focused so it helps a lot to drive sales and rank up in Google search results. Use the long-tail keywords tool and get your ranking up. Above mentioned were the best long-tail keyword research tools. All are great for their specific features, so choose the best among them as per your requirements.

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