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Ten Secrets About Free Website That Nobody Will Tell You.

Hey, Today I’ll tell you Ten Secrets About Free Website That Nobody Will Tell You. And what are this Ten Secrets of the Free Website? If you want to know, then keep reading this post.

And Guys, today I am going to tell you the Ten Secrets of Free Website Company, this Ten Secrets will not tell you any. Nor could anyone know? So let’s get to know first.

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First of all, let me tell you, these ten Secrets are some such Secrets. Which is used by almost all free website providing companies?

Ten Secrets About Free Website That Nobody Will Tell You

So friends, without losing time, we get to know these Secrets of those who give free websites.

Ten Secrets About Free Website That Nobody Will Tell You.

And before telling these Secrets, let me tell you that this post is not for doing evil of any company providing the free website. That is why you should not misuse these secrets.

  1. These companies give you this type of website URL []. Which makes your branding work and that company’s branding more.
  2. And this company gives you storage and bandwidth according to a limit. And after that, you have to take Paid Plan.
  3. This company never gives you a Cpanel Login ID and Backup Option. Which you cannot go anywhere else.
  4. And on these free websites, you cannot add your custom domain.
  5. Or if your website becomes a bit famous, then it keeps recurring to take Paid Plan again and again. And he also puts ads in it without asking. For which you can never refuse them.
  6. Apart from this, your free website also opens a bit late. Because a lot of websites have been created on that server. That is why your website takes time to open.
  7. You can not upload your Custom Template and Theme at any time in your Free Website. Neither can design.
  8. Or you can never use google analytics and Google AdSense on a free website.
  9. You can not remove their Watermark anytime. Which is some type of? Proudly Powered By Oflox.
  10. And free website people never get good support.

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