5+ Video Platforms Like YouTube: A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

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Video content has become an integral part of our lives. It allows learning new skills, sharing creations, community engagement, etc. Businesses and entertainment houses have also identified this. Being a free platform, YouTube serves a large user base and offers private video hosting too.

Video Platforms Like YouTube

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5+ Video Platforms Like YouTube

However, some may not be comfortable with user data tracking by YouTube (Google). So, here are 7 online video platforms like YouTube to try when looking for an alternative.

1. Dailymotion


First on our list is Dailymotion, an online video platform like YouTube that collects over 110 million views every month. With usability similar to YouTube, it divides videos into different categories on the homepage for user convenience. 

You can create an account and upload content with a size not exceeding 4 GB. The maximum video length allowed is 20 min. Irrespective of these, all features are similar to YouTube, such as a search bar, categories, and a straightforward interface.  

2. Vimeo


Vimeo is an excellent alternative for creators looking to upload high-quality videos (4K UHD, to be precise). YouTube supports 4K UHD, but the render quality is better on Vimeo. Filmmakers, videographers, musicians, and photographers avidly use this secure video sharing platform. You can upload 360-degree videos and also find popular tv-series here. 

Completely ad-free, it provides a clean interface to browse. Moreover, communities allow interactions with creators to share their content through social media. With Vimeo’s advanced selling options, one can set subscriptions (SVOD), advertisements (AVOD), and one-time purchases (TVOD) for on-demand content. 

3. DTube


When concerned with privacy, choosing DTube is the alternative. Unlike YouTube, which stores all of its data in a central server, DTube uses blockchain to store user content. 

DTube is decentralized, with almost 0% possibility of hacking. Content creators, as well as users, will enjoy its ad-free and clean interface. Moreover, creators can earn crypto coins as revenue from DTube or Decentralised Tube.

4. VideosHub


Another attractive platform to watch videos online is VideosHub. Here, you get different types of video content in short form. VideosHub has a simple user interface featuring multiple categories.

You also get a dedicated “Most Viewed” section. Moreover, videos of reviews, how-to, music clips, events, movies, news, etc., are available just like on YouTube. 

It is one of the most popular video platforms reporting more than 11 million unique views monthly.

5. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

It may not be a dedicated repository of videos, but Facebook Watch has almost every other video on YouTube. It lets you watch trending videos based on your interests. Many Facebook pages share popular videos, memes, how-to’s, funny clips, movie scenes, news, etc., found on YouTube. 

Although finding the exact video on Facebook is not easy, its algorithm efficiently provides you with related videos. Also, you can only share videos up to 1080p, with 4 GB in size.

6. IGTV (Instagram Video)

Instagram Video

Instagram is the home to most social media influencers. Their by-product Instagram TV is a viable tool for providing content on mobile devices. 

Additionally, creators have identified it as a place to share their content. Some features like reels, carousels, stories, shops, etc., enable creators to take their content to their audience. 

Its mobile-friendliness has flooded traffic into the platform, with its popularity growing daily. 

7. Twitch


Exclusively for gamers, Twitch is a one-of-a-kind video platform. It is the most significant online streaming platform gamers use to showcase gaming skills, chat online, share content, etc.

Since its release in 2011, Twitch’s popularity has only increased in trending amongst gamers. So, check out this platform if you are only looking for gaming content. Additionally, you get securely protected video streaming for your content. 


Google tracks and collects data, which then leads to personalized ads. So, quality alternatives are available if you want to avoid these privacy issues. As discussed, they offer somewhat similar features minus privacy issues. 

Also, check out Vdocipher, an excellent and secure video hosting platform providing a 7-day free trial and 5 GB space. 

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