What are Rich Snippets? A-to-Z Guide for Beginners!

Are you a website owner and blogger, then I am going to tell you complete information about What are Rich Snippets, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article completely? Because I am going to provide you complete information about this. So let’s get started.

As you all know, we also know Rich Snippets as Rich Results. And every normal search engine result is slightly different. And it proves to be very helpful in increasing the CTR of the website on the search engines.

There are many types of Rich Snippets. And it can be different for every page, post, product, and website. So today I will give you complete information about it.

Rich Snippets

So without wasting any time let us quickly know what are Rich Snippets and how it is used. And how and where is it created. Get complete information about it.

What are Rich Snippets?

The additional metadata shown in the results that appear on the search engines are called rich snippets. And it is of many types. Due to this, it is also visible in many ways. And a normal search result is like this.

oflox digital

The above screenshot is of a normal search result. And the screenshot given below is of the search result with Snippets.


So by looking at the above screenshot, you can get an idea about Snippets. So now we know about all types of Rich Snippets.

Types of Rich Snippets?

Friends Snippets are of many types. which is as follows.

1. Reviews

Reviews Rich Snippets

In Reviews Rich Snippets, you get to know how many reviews this company/website/page has got. And which user has given.

2. Recipes

Recipes Rich Snippets

In these Snippets, you see the time of Reviews and Recipes. Anyone can guess this by looking at it. In how much time these Recipes will be seen and read.

3. Music

Music Rich Snippets

From Music, Snippets is visible which is the artist, release date, film, and album of this song.

4. Product Markup

Product Markup Snippets
Through Product Markup Snippets, the price of the product and its availability is known. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

5. Events

Events Markup Snippets

The last date of events and other information can be shown through Events Markup Snippets. And you can see the above screenshot for example.

6. Organization

organization snippets

It helps Google understand key information on an organization (like a business), including address, logo, and contact information).

7. Top Stories

Top Stories

This allows a site to appear in the “Top Stories” box in search results. Applies only to Google News-approved websites.

8. Video

Video snippets

As you all know, search engines cannot “watch” the videos on your page. That’s why video markup helps search engines understand what your video content is about.

How to Generate Rich Snippets?

1. WrodPress

rich snippets wordpress plugin

If your website is on WordPress, then you will be able to easily add all these snippets using the rich snippets WordPress plugin.

1. Custom

But if your website is custom designed and developed. So you can easily generate all these snippets for free through technicalseo.com.

How to Generate Rich Snippets

And when you generate Rich Snippets ie schema from here and copy its JSON file, then paste it under the <head> part of your website. and save it.

And now if you want to find out that your Rich Snippets have been set. Or not? So you can use the Structured Data Testing Tool to find out.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Now you can test your rich results here through both these tools. And can find out whether it has been generated or not.

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