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Are you a blogger and SEO expert? Then you will definitely like this NoFollow Link HTML Code Generator Tool. So if you want to know about it, how it can help, then you keep reading this article completely. Because I am going to give you complete information about this.

If you are in the SEO industry, then you must have heard about NoFollow Link and DoFollow Link. And maybe these backlinks will be taken and given.

And if you use WordPress, then there you get the option while adding the link. Using which you can create any link you want. But if you have to give NoFollow through custom HTML code, it doesn’t make sense. How to make this link

NoFollow Link HTML

So we have created NoFollow Link HTML Code Generator Tool for your same problem. Which will help in making your NoFollow Link. So let’s know about this tool quickly. How it can help you.

Friends, this tool of ours is very simple and professional NoFollow Link HTML Code Generator Tool and I do not think that any such tool will be present on the internet at present. Because even this problem had no solution.

That’s why we have created this tool. Which I hope you like. Creating HTML code for NoFollow Link is quite easy with this tool. First of all, you have to type your url in the link blocks.

And then you have to type the text from which you want to give NoFollow Link. After that you click on convert button. On clicking, you will get the HTML code of your link. After that you can copy it and use it.

A do-follow link is an HTML attribute of the link tag, which specifies search engine bots to count the link as an inbound link.

The number of do-follow links on your page is the primary contributor to the search engine results page (SERP). Below is an example of the HTML code of a do-follow link.

<a href=“”>oflox</a>

One of the most important things to remember is that in the case of do-follow links, quality matters more than quantity. One inbound link of Times of India is very important as compared to 50 links of small and unpopular blogs.

Initially, when search engines like Google started using inbound links in their algorithm for SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Many so called bloggers started spamming their links in the comments of other blogs to get the follow link. Even people started posting links in the reference section of Wikipedia. These black-hat practices seem to affect Google’s search results.

In the year 2005, Matt Cutts and Jason Shelan of Google solved this issue by introducing the ‘no-follow’ attribute.

The no-follow attribute orders the search engine bot not to count the link as an inbound link.

HTML syntax for no-follow links

<a href=“” rel=”nofollow”>oflox</a>

Now, Google counts links to the comments section under the no-follow attribute. Even Wikipedia marks all reference article links under the ‘no-follow’ attribute. Normally, all paid links are marked under the no-follow attribute.

Difference between DoFollow and NoFollow:

It is by default.• You need to mark the no-follow attribute.
• It boosts up the website’s credibility.• It does not boost up website’s credibility
• It automatically ensures that the target site will be crawled.• It does not automatically ensure that the target site will not be crawled.
<a href=””>oflox</a><a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>oflox</a>

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