What Is Google Task Mate & Get Its Latest Referral Code For Free!

In today’s post, I will tell you that “What Is Google Task Mate“, so if you also want to know about Google’s Task Mate App, then keep reading this post today. Because in this post you are going to get complete information about it.

Friends, you must know about Google Task Mate App. Because its Beta Version has just launched in India. So if you also want to earn good money from Google sitting at home, then this is a very good opportunity for you.

As you all know, Google has started testing the Google Task Mate App in India. By using this app, you just have to complete some simple tasks, instead of which you will get money.

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In today’s time, everyone wants to earn money sitting online. People use new methods for this. But there are many such apps from those who fraud, and they also get less money from them. But friends, Google itself is giving you a chance to earn money sitting at home.

What Is Google Task Mate

As we all know, Google is a very big IT company. There are also many trusted ways to earn money from Google. But for that, you had to have skill. But in Google Task Mate App, you just have to complete the simple and easy tasks, instead of which Google will give you money. Friends, now we get the complete information about Google Task Mate App.

What Is Google Task Mate & Get Its Latest Referral Code For Free!

Google Task Mate is a new online platform launched by Google India. With which you can earn money sitting at home by completing any small task. Which is a fairly easy and trusted platform.

As you may have known by the name of this app, you will have to complete some tasks in it. For which you will get money from Google directly. And you can easily download this Google Task Mate App from the Play Store. But right now only a few people can use this app. Because its testing is going on right now. But very soon you can use this app for Free.

On this app, you have to complete some tasks, such as uploading photos of your nearest shop. Etc. Anything can happen. And on completing these tasks, you get Indian rupees.

There will also be many levels in this app. As you continue to complete the task, your level will increase. You will also get information about how many Tasks you have completed and how your performance has been. With this, you will also know how much money you have earned.

How to make money with Google Task Mate App?

Friends, earning money from Google Task Mate App is very easy. You have to complete some Simple Tasks on this App. These tasks may vary.

In this, you will also be asked some survey questions, which you will have to answer correctly. Or upload a photo of a shop, restaurant or translate the English language into your local or any other language. Etc.

In this app, you can see two types of Category tasks. One will be Sitting Tasks and the other is Field Tasks. In Sitting Tasks, you have to complete the Tasks sitting at home. Such as recording a Sentence or translating it into your Local Language etc.

In Field Tasks you have to go out and complete Tasks. In this, you may have to take a photo of the front of a shop and give information about Mapping. The best thing about this app is that you can complete these tasks at any time, from anywhere.

How to transfer money from Google Task Mate App?

Friends, you can easily transfer the money earned from this app. Because in this you get money in your currency.

You can submit details of any of your E-Wallet or Bank Account. And by completing Tasks, you can easily transfer the money earned to your Bank Account or eWallet.

How to Join Google Task Mate?

By going to the play store, you will search task mate, then you will get this app from Google and if your phone is compatible with this, then you can download it. If you have a Google task mate invitation code, after downloading the app, you can join in this way and then earn money by completing the task.

Step 1. Download the Task mate app.
Step 2. Open the app and select Email.
Step 3. Enter the Invitation code and join.
Step 4. Complete the given task and earn money.

Google Task Mate Latest Referral Code India!

The app cannot be joined without an invitation or referral code and not everyone has come from Google yet. In this case, if you did not work well on Google reward and local guide, then you have sent Google task mate referral code to only a few users in the beta version.

As soon as the test is successfully done and the stable version of Task Mate will come in the market, then all the users can join it and earn money. But till that time you will have to wait because it has come for limited users.


Friends, hope that now you have got complete information about “What Is Google Task Mate” and Task Mate Invitation Code India and if you come in the list of those limited users then you can make money by joining it is. But if you are not, then you have to wait till its stable version comes, when it becomes publicly available then you will get it and if you have any questions or suggestions, then tell about them in the comment.