What is Guest Blogging? And How to Boost Website Traffic With This!

If you have a website & blog, then I will tell you What is Guest Blogging? And How to Boost Website Traffic With This, so if you want to know about it, then keep reading this article. Because I am going to give you complete information about it, so let’s start.

Guest blogging, when done right, is one of the most powerful tools to boost your website traffic. Guest blogging helps many websites get a fresh perspective and topic on their feed to re-generate lost engagement.

Moreover, with the scope of guest blogging, websites can explore numerous writers and experiment with them in order to get a fresh rejuvenation for their website content. 

These refreshed blogs would further help readers to connect with the website motto. It would also increase the website traffic while boosting sales simultaneously. 

In this article, we have curated a go-to quick guide for you to look out for the most suitable bloggers out there who would work well for your brand and generate more website traffic. But first, let’s look at what exactly guest blogging means. 

What is Guest Blogging

So let’s get all the information about What is Guest Blogging And How to Boost Website Traffic With This without wasting any time. Come on.

What is Guest Blogging? 

Guest blogging is the practice of writers from one company or, moreover, freelancers writing and posting content on the websites of a different brand or blog posting company. Blogs that accept or offer guest posts generally feature the author’s credentials and highlight them as contributors who have done the work. 

Moreover, the monetary rewards for writing a guest article differ from one author to another. Some writers might ask for financial compensation for the content they’ve created, while others would be okay with having a link leading to their website or social media page. This relies mainly on the stature and expertise of the blogger. Moreover, the websites on which they would like to get featured.

If the guest writer is a renowned expert in the industry with high eligibility, it is more likely that they will ask for payment for the efforts they will put into curating the piece. Nonetheless, the most significant advantage for the author comes from the organic traffic directed back to their website. By being associated with high-authority websites, the guest blogger makes their name known in the industry. They, in return, help companies to build their website traffic. 

1. Research the audience

Look for blogs or websites that have a similar target audience as you have. Properly research your audience and take note of their age, gender, locations, interests, and demographics and target the website that accepts gusset posts having a similar target audience. 

Look for the active blogs which are niche-specific. Along with researching your competitors’ audience, send out customer development interviews and surveys and ask them what your user base would like to hear from you. This will help in creating a targeted approach for your audience. 

This will give you content ideas, but it will also help you decide which websites you need to target for the guest posts. Ask questions about what kind of blogs or websites they follow, what topics intrigue them, or what relevant content they like to follow. 

Knowing the likes and dislikes of the audience helps the content marketers focus on the topic and the websites they need to target. 

2. Determine your goals 

Before pitching and preparing a list of guest writers for your blog, you need to lay out the primary goals and objectives that you would gain from the guest writing blogs, which would help your website gain more traffic.

The goals would include the kind of topics you want to cover or want to get a fresh perspective on different niches. It is also essential for you to figure out the niche and style of writing you would wish to experiment with or need according to your audience. 

Determining your goals would help you narrow down the scope of difficulty in choosing the right person for your website. It would also help you increase your productivity rate as you would have the right guest bloggers lined up. 

3. Network and build relationships 

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your writing is and how attractive your writing seems to your audience. Sometimes you can gain several high-quality backlinks through good networking. 

A referral is way more effective than the cold outreach that we do for guest posting. Thus, it is good to go out to meet-ups and workshops and communicate with industry professionals and leaders. One never knows which conversation may lead up to opening up new opportunities. 

4. Pitch, test, track, repeat 

You are just getting the backlinks, although guest blogging is never enough. After pitching, if your blog gets approved, you need to test and track it. One needs to understand which blog or website gives the highest traffic and quality backlinks. Additionally, one needs to analyze the domain ranking of the websites to which you are pitching. 

Send cold emails to editors and pitch them. Not all of your blogs and pitches need to get approved. But all you need to ask is to pitch, test, track and repeat to boost your website traffic. 

5. How to pitch suitable bloggers

Depending on the different types of bloggers and their content types. You should thoroughly read and understand the recent pieces written by the blogger. Once you are thorough with the blogger’s niche, it will be easier for you to prepare a pitch. 

While every pitch is different according to different writers and their respective niches, it depends on the type of website, content, and the type of relationship you share with the blogger. It is essential to pitch the writers correctly and mention appropriate elements in your pitch to get them on board with you. 

Some of the must-have elements in your pitch are as follows: 

  • Keep a clear language and tone throughout the email. 
  • Build your credibility in front of the writer by introducing yourself, your website, and your work. 
  • Mention your guest article and what is on your mind regarding the same. 
  • State the perspective and expectations of the guest article in your pitch. It would further make it easier for the writer as well to understand your point of view. 

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