What is Web 2.0 Backlinks & How To Create Web 2.0 Backlinks (For Free)

If you want to boost the ranking of your site. So this article of our “What is Web 2.0 Backlinks & How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks (For Free)” is going to be very helpful for you today. I have told this earlier also. Key backlink is a very important ranking factor to rank a website on Google. That is why what is your web 2.0 site today? And how to make a backlinks from it? I am going to provide information related to this for free.

If your blog is unable to fetch oraganic visitor from search engine. So the only meaning of this is that the post you write is not on the top ranking. And you will also agree that to come in the top position in any search engine,

What is Web 2.0 Backlinks

we have to optimize our blog according to search engine optimization. It also has on-page seo and off-page seo techniques. But, backlinks are the way we can rank from high to high competition. For your information web 2.0 sites it is also very easy to create a backlink. So without losing time, we quickly get complete information about it.

What is Web 2.0 Backlinks?

When a website allows anyone to create a website / web page for free with a subdomain, it is called Web 2.0. And when backlinks are given to any website from these websites and web pages, they are called Web 2.0 Backlinks.

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As yo know, Web 2.0 is a kind of opensource platform. Which any common user can use. With the use of these platforms, any user can create their own webpage.

Simply put, such tools provide the facility to create a webpage for free by creating a subdomain. Such sites or platforms are called web 2.0 websites.

You must have heard the names of platforms like blogspot.com and wordpress.com. They are also known as CMS i.e. content managment system tool. It can also be. Have you ever used these services? This is such a service. On which we can create our webpage through a subdomain.

“Websites that allow us to create free web pages. These are called web 2.0 websites. "

How To Create Web 2.0 Backlinks (For Free)

This is very easy. First of all, you have to like the list given below. Because high PR do-follow web 2.0 list is given in that list. You have to open all those sites. Create a website on them and create a website. Then to publish some post in it. enough! Your work is done. You can add a link to the article of main in those posts. And you can make a high quality backlinks there. Once again, understand the steps in the quick overview.

  1. Take help of the list given below.
  2. Open all the sites one by one.
  3. Sign up by putting your email id and personal information in it.
  4. After signing up, get your own website built. Publish a few posts in it.
  5. Now linking the main site with your focus keyword in all those posts.
  6. In this way you will be able to create unlimited high quality web 2.0 backlinks.

High PR Do-Follow Web 2.0 Backlinks List?

Sr. No. Domain DA
1. sites.google.com 100
2. tumbler.com 100
3. blogger.con 99
4. WordPress.com 94
5. Myspace.com 94
6. Livejournal.com 94
7. soup.io 94
8. issuu.com 94
9. my.opera.com 94
10. angelfire.lycos.com 94
11. wix.com 93
12. pen.io 93
13. goodreads.con 93
14. rediff.com 93
15. storify.com 92

16. academia.com 92
17. xing.com 92
18. weebly.com 92
19. slaon.com 92
20. sfgate.com 92
21. evernote.com 92
22. squidoo.com 92
23. quora.com 92
24. box.com 92
25. posterous.com 92
26. wikidot.com 91
27. yola.com 91
28. webs.com 91
29. hubpages.com 91
30. hatinablog.com 90

31. friendfeed.com 90
32. zimbio.com 90
33. myanimelist.net 89
34. blogsome.com 88
35. spurz.com 88
36. evernote.com 88
37. www.care2.com 87
38. www.zimbio.com 86
39. socialmediatoday.com 86
40. sosblogs.com 86
41. dailystrength.org 85
42. www.purevolume.com 85
43. beep.com 85
44. kinja.com 85
45. strikingly.com 85
46. edublogs.org 85
47. armorgames.com 85
48. articlesbase.com 84
49. authorstream.com 84
50. banggood.com 84
50. bcz.com 84
51. netlog.com 83
52. quizilla.teennick.com 81

Web 2.0 Advantages?

  1. Web 2.0 provides large varieties of information just in one click.
  2. Ability to search data and information appeared recently.
  3. Web 2.0 is easy to handle.
  4. Great varieties of entries is available on the internet.
  5. Easy to search information in various languages.
  6. Allows people to participate in discussion and forums to share their views and ideas,
  7. Social media sites to share things happening around the world.
  8. Web 2.0 allows people to complete and correct wrong information.
  9. Easy and fast method to communicate with people via email and other services.
  10. Ability to share files or documents with friends and family.
  11. Easy and cheap method to promote your business online.
  12. Opportunity to stay in touch with many people by web 2.0
  13. Opportunity to know different people staying around the world.
  14. Easy to share lots of information simply sitting at home.
  15. Good quality of images and video can also be shared.

Web 2.0 Disadvantages?

  1. Sometimes results shown are different from what is asked.
  2. Sometimes Translation of results is not of good quality.
  3. And Sometimes It takes too long to get answer to what is asked.Risk of getting wrong information.
  4. Not able to contact people if you dont know the email address or website address.
  5. Risk of Spamming , Fraud and Virus attack.
  6. Sometimes Lack of privacy.


Is Web 2.0 free?

Yes? web 2.0 is absolutely free

Is Facebook web 2.0?

No? Facebook is not web 2.0!

Is YouTube web 2.0?

No? YouTube is not web 2.0!

Is Instagram web 2.0

No? Instagram is not web 2.0!

Is Amazon web 2.0

No? Amazon is not web 2.0!

So, friends, I told you this way today. Key, What is Web 2.0 Backlinks & How to Create Web 2.0 Backlinks (For Free). Along with this, you should also share a high pr do-follow backlinks list so that you do not have any problem. I hope Today’s article will be very beneficial for you. Thank you!