What Is FAUG Game, Release Date, & Download Link (All Details)

In today’s post, I will tell you that “What Is FAUG Game, Release Date, faug launch date, & faug game download APK Link” If you want to know, keep reading this post to.

Right now you saw that a poster on the internet is going viral with a rapid pace, which is being told that World’s most popular game is an alternative to PUBG and its name is FAUG. We will get the same information here that what is FAUG? And when will this game launch?

Bollywood star Akshay kumar shared a poster on twitter, after this it has become the most viral topic. Somebody is talking about it well, someone is funny and more.

What is FAUG Game

PUBG has been banned, people have other better options as well, but why is there so much shock on social media about this? You will know all about this in detail but first let’s have a little overview first,

What is FAUG Game?

The full name of the FAUG Game is Fearless And United Guards. Which is the short form of this FAUG. This is an action game. As you may have found out by seeing the poster and PUBG has been banned in India, you can also consider it as a PUBG alternative game.

faug game release date

Since the poster of FAUG game, Akashy Kumar has shared on his Twitter account, after that you will be seeing most of the posts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Akshay Kumar has also mentioned in his tweet that 20% of the earnings from this game will go to the Veer of India, where the families of the martyred soldiers get help.

It is believed that a company named nORE Games is making FAUG game and you can soon see it on Playstore and other app store. Right now the FAUG game is not available for download and play. Hopefully it can come in the market soon.

What kind of game is FAUG?

According to News18 printed news, it will be an action war game (there is no information about whether it will be like PUBG or not) which is being built on the Indian Security Forces. This game will have levels in which you will have to play war game with national and international threats.

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It is believed that this FAUG game is completely based on different operations of Indian force, which will be seen in different levels. But now a question arises?

As the information about this game has been published in the news and what will come out after the FAUG game release date, there is no proper information about it yet. So far, only one poster of the FAUG game has been revealed and there is no more information about it, but we cannot consider it as an alternative to PUBG, because the information about it is not as per PUBG or according to what is told in News18. This is going to be an Action war game. Which will be very different from PUBG.

FAUG Game Download Link?

Many people are searching about this, how to download FAU-G game? And is this released? I have already told about it that it has not been launched yet nor is it available at the play store.

A lot of people are searching about it, in such a situation, many companies have created a game on its name, which will be found on the playstore, or any other store site, such as from Fauji Na or by some other name like it. Not all real FAUG games yet. As it will come in the market, you will get information but right now you do not download any other game in its circle.

More news about it is becoming popular on social media about its poster because people did not like the poster because the reason it is not original design is that it was downloaded by editing from an image store and people tagged Akshay Kumar by tagging this Sharing different versions of poster.

faug game download apk

India’s market is an opportunity based market for Indian businesses. Meaning if such a company is very popular in India and it suddenly gets banned, then they want to take advantage of this opportunity in any way.

Just a few days ago TikTok ban was all surrounded the market and now it is the turn of PUBG and everyone wants to take advantage of this opportunity. That is why the owner of FAUG would have thought that he would first book the market and then make the game and for this reason he hurriedly released a poster.

Friends, here we have told what is FAUG Game? And how can you download it? When it will launch and now we will get FAUG game release date and the company will publish it on the playstore till we have to wait and if you have any information then you must tell about it in the comment.

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