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What is Web Designing? And How to Learn.

Friends In this post we will tell you what is Web Designing. Who do Web Designing, and how many types of Web Designing are. If you want to know, keep this post carefully.

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What Is Web Designing?

Friends, when you design your website or any website anyway, that whole process is called Web Designing. Now you must be wondering what is the meaning of any kind? Now you pay attention, here it is being said that whenever any website is designed in any way, it means that you like it. That you design it from Programming Language or design on WordPress etc. But when you do website design, then it will be called Web Design or Website Design. not otherwise?

What Is Web Designing

How many types are Web Designing?

Friends Web Designing is of two types. Front end and back end?

  • Front End is the one who designs in front of any website. That is the design that you see on any website. Those who do Front End do.
  • Let’s talk now. Back End is the work of back end ones, that whenever any person comments on any website, Live Chat or Sign In, Sign Up, etc. So where will you store all that data? And how will the store? This is in the hands of all the Control Back End people.

How to become a Web Designer?

Friends, if you are comfortable designing any kind of website, then you are a Web Designer. And you can also be called. But if you want to make your future in Website Designing, then you have to graduate with Subject like BCA, BSC Computer Science first? And then you can do MCA or MBA IT. After which you will be called a Professional Web Designer. But if you think, that it got something bigger? If you do 10th or 12th after doing the Diploma, you can still become a Web Designer.

What do you want for Web Designing?

If you want to become a Professional Web Designer, then you must learn about this selective programming language such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Bootstrap, and JQuery. And you should also have some graphic designing. That’s because when you do web design, you have to design a logo and poster.

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